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5 Ways to Make Money From Betting on Super Bowl 54

| January 26, 2020 8:02 am PDT
49ers and Chiefs Logos Super Bowl 54

The Super Bowl represents the last stand for two NFL teams each year and typically produces the very best team in pro football.

Going into Super Bowl 54, it appears that via the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, fans get one of the better Super Bowl Sunday matchups in recent memory.

While the 2020 Super Bowl figures to be an instant classic, a lot of people care more about finding ways to profit off of it. From handing out 2020 Super Bowl squares sheets to friends at your Super Bowl bash to literally betting on the game online, there are endless ways to profit from the big game.

For the online aspect, let’s dive into 5 ways to make money from betting on the 2020 Super Bowl.

Play at the Best Super Bowl Betting Sites

You can bet on the big game offline via Super Bowl squares, other Super Bowl games, and of course at an in-person casino. However, the best way to bet on Super Bowl 54 remains doing so online.

Whether it’s at a regular website or through a mobile device, you should have easy access to the best Super Bowl wagers, the most competitive odds, and all kinds of special Super Bowl promotions.

If you’re coursing through the top Super Bowl betting tips, safety and reliability ranks #1. Close behind it in terms of importance, however, are odds, wager types offered, and whatever bonuses and promotions incentivize customer deposits.

I’ll leave it up to you as to where you specifically go to bet on Super Bowl 2020, but the list above is the preferred Rolodex of Super Bowl sportsbooks to start with.

Separating sites can be easy if you look at bonuses.

MyBookie has an awesome $1000 first deposit match bonus (among a litany of awesome promos), Bovada has a $250 welcome bonus, and BetNow hands out a nice 50% sign-up bonus for new users.

There’s always something new cooking up at the best Super Bowl betting sites, and such a big game like this only makes things more interesting.

Bet on Who Will Win Super Bowl 2020

Once you decide where to bet on Super Bowl 2020, you can start focusing on the game itself.

This year’s big game pits the 49ers versus the Chiefs, and just about every sportsbook online pegs Patrick Mahomes and KC as the tentative favorites.

You can learn about San Francisco’s chances with this post on why the 49ers will win Super Bowl 54, while there’s also the other side that debates why the Chiefs will win Super Bowl 2020.

Regardless of which side you plan on taking, the most popular wager going into the big game will be who actually wins. That refers to the moneyline, which assigns a price value for both teams.

Here are moneyline prices over at BetOnline right now.

San Francisco 49ers to Win +105
Kansas City Chiefs to Win -125

If you dive into those Super Bowl prediction posts I have linked above, you’ll quickly see compelling arguments for either side. If you like the Niners, they offer a little more value as the light +105 underdog, but it’s hard to be disgusted with the value the favored Chiefs are offering.

Betting on the straight-up winner isn’t always appetizing. This year’s Super Bowl doesn’t give the bettor much of a choice if they like the 49ers, however, as this game basically sets up as a pick’em.

Some 2020 Super Bowl sportsbooks do offer point spread variations, while others will compete by tweaking the lines ever so slightly. This is what the point spread looks at most of the top Super Bowl betting sites, however.

San Francisco 49ers (+1) -105
Kansas City Chiefs (-1) -125

A team winning by one point would provide a push, while the 49ers would also provide a push if they only lost by one. That makes the Niners bet ATS pretty useless, but if you like the Chiefs, it actually makes more sense to take the spread bet (10 points better).

There are countless ways to approach this game strictly from the two most popular wager options. Feel free to dive into Super Bowl 2020 via this best Super Bowl bets page that breaks down the best overall values going into the big game.

Bet on the Super Bowl 2020 Total

The third major bet to make for any football game — and of course Super Bowl 54 — is betting on the game total.

You can split this into quarters or halves if you want as well, but most sports bettors know that if you’re not totally comfortable with the moneyline or spread, the total is the way to go.

Heading into Super Bowl 2020, here’s where the game total rests at BetOnline.

Over 54 -113
Under 54 -107

This really isn’t that bad of a total when you consider that the Niners ranked second in points per game on the year. That, and the high-powered Chiefs are as explosive as anyone, as evidenced by their 81 total points through two postseason appearances.

If Kansas City has their way, this game will be a shootout, and the Over will be at serious risk. Both teams did see the Over hit in over 52% of their games, too.

How you bet on the game total is up to you, but the odds are fairly friendly, and you have a 50/50 shot at converting this bet.

Try Super Bowl 54 Live Betting

I mentioned that you can also bet on the game total by breaking it down into quarters or halves. That’s something most NFL betting websites will allow before the game even begins, but you will also be able to do it once the game starts.

That, and so much more.

Super Bowl live betting is very much a thing. It’s extremely fluid and a ton of fun. You just have to know what to look for and be careful not to fall for trap wagers.

Your actual betting stance will need to adapt to how the game is playing out, but it does require you to keep an open mind and consider where the value lies.

The options for live Super Bowl betting are not limited. You can bet on changing point spreads, the ultimate winner, and specific game wagers inside each quarter and half.

The list is longer than this, but the point is that you’ll be able to bet on whatever your favorite sportsbooks are offering, well after the game has started, up until it ends.

Game bets, player props, and so much more will be available to you. The trick will be deciding which wagers are advantageous and which could be dicey.

To aid you in this process, brush up on some general live betting advice before placing any wagers.

Take Advantage of Super Bowl 2020 Prop Bets

Betting on the Super Bowl isn’t just about the outcome of the game or making changes via live betting once the game starts.

Truthfully, the most fun part of betting on Super Bowl 54 and all other title games may be the insane amount of prop bets that go along with it.

Super Bowl prop bets know no boundaries. They can range from basic Super Bowl game props to a laundry list of player props and can also include very specific niche props associated with the big game.

In fact, there are even crazy Super Bowl props that arguably have almost nothing to do with the game itself, yet they’re there to add to the entertainment. Oh, and ideally also win you some cash.

Here are the most popular types of Super Bowl props you’ll want to prepare for.

  • Game props
  • Team props
  • Cross-sport props
  • Super Bowl player prop bets
  • National Anthem prop bets
  • Halftime show props
  • Celebrity props
  • Political props
  • Analyst props
  • Betting props
  • Super Bowl commercial props

Forgive me if I’m omitting any Super Bowl props that demand our attention, but there are so many to consider. There are some like game and team props that are usually pretty generic and self-explanatory.

But then you dive into the wild world of player props and all of these other entertainment prop bets. It gets a bit zany rather quickly.

Player props include statistics, when certain players might score, over/under bets, and probably the most alluring Super Bowl prop bet of all — who will win Super Bowl MVP.

Elsewhere, you can bet on what goes down during the National Anthem, wager on the Super Bowl halftime show, and bet on which celebrities will be shown on screen.

The insanity ensues with Super Bowl props that include how much money will be bet on either team, what analysts will do or say during the game, and of course, what we might see during the much-hyped Super Bowl commercials.

It’s impossible to dive into every bet available to you for the 2020 Super Bowl, but it’s beyond clear that the avenues to profiting off of the big game are borderline endless.


There’s a slew of ways to make money betting on Super Bowl 54. The very best ways are pretty subjective, as opinions will pull you in numerous directions.

I personally like the 49ers to win, and I think their defense and running game will control the pace. That call right there will set the tone for most of my Super Bowl betting action, and your exact stance may do the same.

That has me digging the Niners against the spread, San Francisco straight up, and the Under. Naturally, it also has me favoring a 49ers player to win Super Bowl MVP, while I’d probably lean against the Chiefs when it comes to certain player props.

Ultimately, each bettor will have to decide for themselves where they want to bet on the big game, which bets they target, and how much money they risk.

The good news is that they don’t have to worry about a shortage of actual options when it comes to Super Bowl 2020 betting, though.

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