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5 Reasons Why the Chiefs Could Go 20-0 in 2021

| July 21, 2021 5:59 am PDT

The Kansas City Chiefs aim high when it comes to their long-term goals. Despite ending last year on a sour note in a crushing Super Bowl defeat, Patrick Mahomes and co. are thinking about perfection.

It’s only natural, as the NFL moves to its first ever 17-game regular season schedule in 2021, which begs the question; can anyone go 20-0?

That seems like a reach, considering nobody even went 19-0 before. The New England Patriots very nearly finished the job, but in league history, just one team ever ran the table and won a Super Bowl.

Could KC be the first team to go 20-0 in 2021? It remains to be seen, but there certainly is a good amount of evidence to support the “yes” side of it.

They’re Already Talking About Perfection

The fact that the Chiefs – and everyone else – are already talking about 20-0 has to be encouraging. Not refraining from such talk is the mark of a confident champion.

Kansas City is just that, too. They won it all two years ago, they got back to the big game last season, and they’ve appeared in the AFC title game three straight seasons.

That is sheer dominance, while the Chiefs gathered up some reinforcements and will head into 2021 at full strength. They’ll do so with a lofty goal, too.

Except it’s not that lofty when you know who you’re dealing with. This is a team that has lost exactly two playoff games over the last three years.

They also went 14-2 during the regular season last year, and it’s quite arguable they’ve yet to reach the peak of their dominance.

Nobody Has More Talent

Why can the Chiefs go 20-0? Because they’re just that good. Patrick Mahomes has been incredibly tough to defend during his three years as a starter, and he’s been exceptional in the month of September.

He’s literally been perfect. Seriously, look at these numbers.

  • 10-0 W/L record
  • 32 pass TDs
  • 0 INT
  • 4 yards per game

The man is disgusting. He and his KC brethren will admittedly have it tough in the first month of the season in 2021, but his history in September speaks for itself.

But the first month of the season only gets you so far. Kansas City’s stack job of insane talent is what really pushes them over the top and gives them a shot at history.

The names just roll off the tongue. Patrick Mahomes is easily the best quarterback in the NFL right now, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce can be argued as the best players at their respective positions, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire is an emerging young tailback.

Seriously, Mahomes is one part of two of the sickest duos in the league.

Kansas City also has some nasty weapons on defense, giving this loaded team the balance and bite, it needs to do something nobody has ever done before.

Kansas City Could Have Gone Undefeated Last Year

Nobody wants to talk about this, but with a bit more focus and execution, the Chiefs could have gone 16-0 during the regular season in 2020.

Due to their offensive line being in shambles, I think most would agree their run would have ended at 18-1, no matter what.

Still, their meaningless week 17 loss to the Chargers would have been a lot different, while their only other legit loss was a wild shootout against the Raiders.

KC still put up 32 points in that game, so they had their chances.

Already so close to the prize, the Chiefs just need to keep it dialed in and stay healthy, and they just might be able to have an even better season in 2021. One might even say it will be perfect.

The AFC West Isn’t Scary

Everyone keeps talking about the rise of Justin Herbert. I get it, but despite his gaudy rookie numbers, Herbert split the season series with the Chiefs, with that misleading week 17 win as his only lasting dig.

That win came against Chad Henne and the KC scrubs, too. L.A. feels like KC’s only real threat in this division, but they’ve done nothing to prove that they’re ready to get out of their own way and be better than .500.

One look at the AFC West in 2021, and it’s clear this is still Kansas City’s division to lose.

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Are the Chargers talented and potentially on the rise? Sure. Are the Raiders better than people give them credit for? Maybe. Are the Broncos a threat? Not really.

Kansas City has historically owned this division. They’ve literally won it in each of the last five seasons, and during Mahomes’ time with the team as a starter they’ve gone 14-4 against AFC West foes.

The Chiefs need to clean things up a bit. They can’t give up 40 points to the Raiders, or get into defensive slugfests with the Broncos. But the point is they’re easily the best team in this division, and a 6-0 run against their familiar opponents isn’t a reach at all.

They’re Favored to Do Serious Damage

The other reason why the Chiefs can go 20-0 is because the oddsmakers are pricing them as the favorites for just about every major bet they can be targeted in.

Take a look at their odds for some key NFL betting markets for 2021.

Odds to win Super Bowl 56+550
Odds to win the AFC West-250
Odds to have best record+300

Those are the best odds for those categories. All things considered; bettors are getting a pretty nice price for simply backing the best team in football.

On top of that, the Chiefs’ win/loss total is set at 12.5 at BetOnline. They are currently -125 favorites to win 13 or more games in 2021, so everything adds up to make them a rather good bet to at least give this thing a solid try.

Being favored for anything doesn’t signal a guarantee. But being favored for basically everything certainly can’t hurt one’s chances.

Can the Chiefs Go 20-0 in 2021?

There is a lot more that goes into analyzing whether the Chiefs will go 20-0 in 2021.

You can break all my points down even more, should you decide to analyze their regular season schedule, or look at what went into previous attempts (successful or otherwise) to go undefeated.

For me, it all comes back to this if you want to bet on the Chiefs going undefeated this year; they are in a very winnable division, they have an insanely loaded roster, and they’re motivated.

I will, however, stop short of screaming from the mountain tops that this is anything close to a good bet.

The reason I don’t love it? That 17th regular season game.

It was hard enough to go 16-0, and literally one team has ever done it. Last year was a perfect example with that weird loss to Las Vegas, while there were countless other games where KC didn’t perform to their expectations.

Injuries, off games, and scheduling can all play into that. And even if the Chiefs go 19-0, they’d still need to end the year with a win in Super Bowl 56.

The other thing is they can win the title, they can win their division, and they can have the best record in football. They can have all of that and still not be 20-0.

It’s a fun thing to think about – and an alluring bet at the right price – but not one I suggest for KC or any other team in 2021.

Whether you like that bet or not, the Chiefs do look like a fine team to back in general in 2021. To bet on them and all things pro football, head over to the best NFL betting sites.

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