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5 NFL Teams That Could Shock Everyone and Win Super Bowl 2020

| October 6, 2020 5:55 am PDT
5 Super Bowl 55 Longshots

Before the 2020 NFL season began, everyone made their Super Bowl 55 predictions. Some, like me, didn’t really go outside the box, and picked the Kansas City Chiefs to repeat as champions.

That wasn’t bold, but through the first few weeks of the season, it definitely looks like a promising proclamation.

There are other top contenders that have shown themselves, too. The Green Bay Packers look like one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL, while the likes of the Ravens, Buccaneers, Bills, Patriots, and a few others have stepped up as viable challengers.

It’s early, so it’s still possible some of these would-be title threats bow out before long. It’s also entirely possible that supposed Super Bowl 55 longshots could rise up and make us all look silly for doubting them.

That concept is even more interesting when you look at the latest 2020 Super Bowl odds. With that, here’s a look at the top Super Bowl 55 longshots that aren’t that crazy.

Cleveland Browns (+4000)

Cleveland’s Super Bowl odds are admittedly closer to sleeper territory, but it still doesn’t feel like anyone gives Baker Mayfield and co. much of a chance to get to the promised land.

This, even though the Browns have bounced back after a crushing week one blowout loss, and are now 3-1 for the first time in what seems like forever.

That’s reason for optimism alone, but we should also consider investing in the Browns for a litany of reasons. The biggest may be the fact that this team wants to (and can) dominate with their ground game.

Cleveland’s rushing attack admittedly takes a hit with an injury to Nick Chubb this past week, of course.

Still, that’s why the team held onto elite backup Kareem Hunt. The latter punched in two scores in a clutch win on the road over the Cowboys in week four, and pushing him into a feature role for any amount of time is in no way a bad thing.

Hunt is a piece of the puzzle that should continue to allow the Browns to tire out the opposing defenses, control the clock, and keep their own defense rested.

With the latter happening, Myles Garrett and company can get stronger as the season goes on, while Mayfield and his explosive targets can further develop their chemistry.

Mayfield is still the big question mark here, but if he’s asked to do less, and he’s more efficient with the workload he possesses, the Browns just might have something in 2020.

Aiding their cause? Cleveland gets to face the Bengals twice in 2020, and the AFC has an additional playoff slot ready to be filled this season. If they get in, you just never know what can happen with a team this talented.

Philadelphia Eagles (+5000)

The Eagles are 1-2-1 and just finished up a tough Sunday Night Football affair with the San Francisco 49ers. 

They won, however, so they’re right back in this thing. Suddenly, the sharp Carson Wentz criticism needs to be put on pause, and a still talented (and well-coached) Philly squad has new life.

The reality is Wentz hasn’t been good, but a lot of his mistakes are correctable. There should be optimism in the passing game, too, with top receiver Alshon Jeffery due back soon.

Injuries have been a huge issue in 2020 for this team, of course. DeSean Jackson, Jalen Reagor, and Brandon Brooks are just some of the big-name losses this team has dealt with at different times.

On paper, the Eagles are on life support. They also have a talented offensive line when healthy, Miles Sanders has the makings of a superstar feature running back, and Wentz is as dynamic as quarterbacks come.

The Eagles are built well upfront on defense, too, and if Darius Slay can help patch up a shaky secondary, this can still be a complete squad.

More than anything, of course, the Eagles have the time to get right. 

They hail from a pathetic NFC East division that still doesn’t have a winning team in first place. If the Eagles can get out of their own way and upend Dallas for the second year in a row, they can punch their playoff ticket.

In the name of the Browns, once they’re in, anything can happen.

Minnesota Vikings (+6600)

NFL teams don’t usually go on to do special things after starting 0-3, but Minnesota is still built to do just that. Let’s not forget that this team upset the Saints on the road in the playoffs last year, and proceeded to hang with a superior 49ers team for an entire half in the next round.

The Vikings were always destined for a transition period, too. Nobody really thought their new makeshift defense full of young defensive backs would get bombarded as it has, but growing pains to some extent should have been anticipated.

Mike Zimmer is a better coach than this. He still has a slew of reliable veterans on his roster, too, while Minnesota’s offense features elite playmakers in Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook.

Before long, the Vikes will figure out the perfect combination on offense (although it appeared they began doing that already in week three), and at some point, the talent and coaching will evolve their defense back into one that’s competent.

Their unlikely dream run begins here, as they held firm and scored a nice road upset over the Houston Texans. It wasn’t perfect, but their offense was clicking, and their defense looked very good for almost three quarters.

Minnesota faces an uphill battle to sneak into the playoffs, but they’re actually just one game out from the last wild card spot. If they can turn things around and snag that 7th seed, the talent, and coaching on this team could turn them into a Super Bowl longshot worth betting on.

Carolina Panthers (+12500)

Don’t sleep on the Panthers, who are very quietly a respectable 2-2 despite losing star running back Christian McCaffrey to an ankle injury early in the year.

Carolina is sneaky good on offense, as they rank inside the top-10 min passing, top-15 in rushing, and top-11 in total yards per game. Teddy Bridgewater has lived up to his game manager title, and he also has the weapons to compete in shootouts if need be.

Expected to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this year, Carolina has answered back with four reasonably competitive games and two wins through their first four weeks of action.

Mike Davis is holding down the fort admirably for C-Mac, and this offense as a whole has the balance and explosiveness to grow into something special. The trick is if a talented defense can ever realize its potential before it’s too late.

Right now, the top NFL sportsbooks price the Panthers like a team that doesn’t even have hopes of making the playoffs. In reality, they’re tied for the final wild-card spot in the NFC, and they have the offensive balance you want when you get into postseason play.

Washington Football Team (+50000)

Okay, here’s the mother of all NFL longshots that could win Super Bowl 55. I mean, not really, but we’re here, so let’s just talk about Washington, shall we?

It’s tough to fall in love with a team that is 1-3 after four weeks and going nowhere fast. Much like the Eagles (and everyone else in the abysmal NFC East), however, they play in a division where a .500 record may be good enough to get into the playoffs.

Considering nobody in this division is even 2-2 at the moment, it may not even take that.

Cue Washington, who may finally have reached the last straw with second-year passer Dwayne Haskins. While talented with a big arm, Haskins appears to have regressed in year two. Things aren’t perfect around him, but he also still hasn’t been able to play at a high level and/or elevate his teammates.

Where Haskins is failing, it’s possible veteran quarterback Alex Smith could succeed.

Is it improbable that an aging game manager could storm in and lead this team to the playoffs and (gulp) a championship? Of course, to both things. But it isn’t impossible.

Smith had Washington off to a 6-3 start prior to his horrific leg injury two seasons ago. That was with a less dynamic running game behind him and weaker coaching.

On paper, the Washington Football Team does have enough offensive pieces for Smith to work with, and they can grind out some wins and steal this awful division. We can hope, anyway, as Smith returning to revive Washington en route to the playoffs (and hopefully more) would be the story of the year.


Are any of these Super Bowl longshots really winning the big game in 2020? Probably not. In fact, it’s likely that none of them even reach the NFL playoffs.

They all still have a shot, though, and they also have the pillars of winning teams in place. Well, Washington might not have everything they need just yet, but they could be closer than some would like to think.

Regardless, these look like fun longshot bets. There are interesting narratives here, there exist some obvious path to success, and there’s some serious offense in reference to the Browns, Vikings, Panthers, and Eagles.

Health and luck still play into anything you bet on here, and for the most part, you’re investing most of your time and money into the best teams in football. 

Whatever bets you decide to go with the rest of the way, just make sure you’re using the safest online betting sites.

Noah Davis
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