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40th Annual Razzies – Nominations and Early Picks to Win

| February 10, 2020 10:33 am PDT
40th Razzie Awards Nominations

The biggest movie award show is finally coming later this month. Okay, so the Academy Awards just went down. To be fair, that’s really the big film award event everyone cares about.

I’m actually talking about the exact opposite, with the 2020 Razzies highlighting the very worst Hollywood has to offer.

This year’s edition of The Golden Raspberry Awards — the 40th ever, mind you — falls later in February, separating the best of the silver screen from the worst.

Oh, and the 40th Razzies will also be televised for the first time in the award show’s history.

It’s setting things up for a fun night where everyone gets to poke fun at some of the worst acting, directing, and production on the big screen. Bettors can take advantage of the horrors of Hollywood, too, as most of the top entertainment betting sites will offer odds for Worst Picture and other major categories.

For now, we just have the nominations to work with. Here are the major categories and the nominees. We’ll use that info to get this Razzies nominations early preview started.

Worst Picture

  • Cats
  • The Fanatic
  • The Haunting of Sharon Tate
  • A Madea Family Funeral
  • Rambo: Last Blood

Cats leads the way with the most Razzies nominations this year (nine), which is fitting, since this film used up all nine of its lives.


Taylor Swift heads a star-studded cast that should have been able to bring this story to life, but ultimately, probably should have left it for dead.

Of course, Cats is not on its own here.

John Travolta’s The Fanatic is a desperate mess, and Rambo: First Blood is nothing more than gratuitous violence dropped into a blender. A Madea Family Funeral is impossibly worse than every other “Madea” film in existence, and The Haunting of Sharon Tate seemingly goes out of its way to go much too far.

They’re all bad, to be sure. But The Fanatic touches new depths of cringe. John Travolta’s deep dive into an obsessed man’s mind is mildly enjoyable, but the film as a whole has that straight-to-DVD shine.

  • The Fanatic

Worst Actor

  • James Franco – Zeroville
  • David Harbour – Hellboy
  • Matthew McConaughey – Serenity
  • Sylvester Stallone – Rambo: Last Blood
  • John Travolta – The Fanatic & Trading Paint

As noted, I won’t throw Travolta under the bus here. The Fanatic was bad (and Trading Paint wasn’t much better), but it’s tough to really call his performances the worst of the year.

David Harbour had nothing to work with as a miscast Hellboy in a horribly-run reboot, either. I also won’t blame Stallone for being the savage brute we’ve demanded him to be, while James Franco deserves credit for trying something new.

The “win” goes to McConaughey, who is easily the most talented and accomplished actor on this list, but he chose a bad boat to sail in Serenity. This movie restricts him at every turn, but the cheesy lines and outlandish plot aren’t aided one bit by this exercise in forced acting.

I love the guy, but he didn’t do enough to carry this one.

  • Matthew McConaughey

Worst Actress

  • Hilary Duff – The Haunting of Sharon Tate
  • Anne Hathaway – The Hustle & Serenity
  • Francesca Hayward – Cats
  • Tyler Perry (As Madea) – A Madea Family Funeral
  • Rebel Wilson – The Hustle

Oh man, literally everyone was bad here. I have never met a Tyler Perry movie I liked, but I won’t fault him for simply delivering the same role the same way over and over.

I mean, I do as a viewer, but when assessing the winner here, he isn’t doing anything terribly that he hasn’t done terribly before.

Francesca Hayward and Rebel Wilson don’t stand out quite enough on the awful-meter. Anne Hathaway certainly does, as she is McConaughey’s perfectly atrocious balance that helps make Serenity a borderline joke.

Of course, the least talented actress on this list is Duff, and she did nothing to make a disgusting and unforgiving horror show redeemable.

  • Hilary Duff

Worst Supporting Actor

  • James Corden – Cats
  • Tyler Perry – A Madea Family Funeral
  • Seth Rogen – Zeroville
  • Bruce Willis – Glass

Corden wasn’t good in Cats, as his performance felt like a really bad cameo. I wanted to say cameow there, but I held it in. Oh, boy, I guess I technically said it, anyway.

You’re meowcome? Ah, geez.

Anyway, this is the cheesiness Corden and Cats as a whole brings out in me, I suppose. The reality is he just isn’t a good actor in the first place, but it doesn’t help that he’s attached to one of the worst films of the year.

Tyler Perry will forever be up for this award as long as he keeps doing Madea films, while Seth Rogen didn’t win many new fans for his work in Zeroville. The Razzies board needs to bite their tongues on the Bruce Willis nod, however.

You could go a number of directions here, but Cats should have never been made, and Corden should have never been cats. I mean cast. Yikes.

  • James Corden

Worst Supporting Actress

  • Jessica Chastain – Dark Phoenix
  • Cassi Davis – A Madea Family Funeral
  • Judi Dench – Cats
  • Fenessa Pineda – Rambo: Last Blood
  • Rebel Wilson – Cats

Dark Phoenix was a mitigated disaster. It pains me to say that, as I love X-Men films in general, I was excited to see the latest installment, and I honestly like everything this movie tried to do.

Chastain wasn’t purrfect (seriously, I need to stop), but the movie as a whole failed. I can’t hitch its dive into the depths of sadness to her alone.

I won’t do the same to the refined Judi Dench. She was a miscast on a sinking ship to begin with, but Fenessa Pineda really stands out as someone that just brought absolutely nothing to a role.

  • Fenessa Pineda

Worst Director

  • Fred Durst – The Fanatic
  • James Franco – Zeroville
  • Adrian Grunberg – Rambo: First Blood
  • Tom Hooper – Cats
  • Neil Marshall – Hellboy

Lastly, we come to the Worst Director. There is no Sam Mendes or Martin Scorsese here, as none of these directors really stand out as marquee names. The best is easily Franco, who at least gave us The Disaster Artist.

I won’t fault Grunberg for a gory action movie that serves as “just another” installment in a long line of increasingly messy films. I won’t even come down too hard on Neil Marshall, as besting the original Hellboy wasn’t going to come easy.

Tom Hooper is absolutely in the running here for whatever Cats was supposed to be, but The Fanatic gets my vote for Worst Picture due to terrible acting (which has to fall somewhat on Durst) and an incredibly crass and arguably meaningless story that teaches us a whole lot of nothing.

  • Fred Durst


For now, I’m just looking at the 2020 Razzies nominees and offering my best guess as to who will win based on the options and, well, how bad they were.

I’ll admit I have not seen everything on this list — nor should any of us want to — but I’ve seen more than I care to remember. Some of it, oddly enough, has some redeeming qualities to poke at, but for the most part, the Razzies board got it right.

Of course, Serenity was among the early favorites for Worst Picture, and it didn’t make the final cut. I question the logic there, seeing as that disaster of a movie was without a doubt one of the most convoluted messes I have ever seen.

Regardless, we finally have the official nominees for the 2020 Razzies, and before long, we’ll also have Razzies odds at the best novelty betting websites. Until then, this quick rundown of the nominations and my early predictions will have to hold you over.

For other entertainment betting opportunities and updates on all kinds of entertainment markets, check out our constantly updated entertainment betting blog.

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