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Betting Preview for the 2022 Tony Awards with Odds and Picks

| June 6, 2022 9:47 am PDT
Actors behind a red curtain on stage

If you’re a fan of Broadway theater, you are probably aware that the 2022 Tony Awards are coming soon. The year’s biggest awards will be awarded, honoring some genuinely amazing performances by actors, producers, and more.

Maybe you aren’t a huge fan of the theater, but everybody should be interested in the potential to make money.

Betting on awards shows and other forms of entertainment may not have been something you were aware of. Our Tony Awards betting preview will be a great way for you to find out the best path to winning big off the awards show.

We will break down the top sites and best prop bets and finish with our 2022 Tony Awards predictions. Let’s get right into our Tony Awards guide for this year.

Where to Bet on the 2022 Tony Awards

Before we get into our predictions for who will win at the 2022 Tony Awards, we must know where to bet. These will be the best online gambling sites that will or are currently offering Tony Awards betting odds.

These sites offer a lot of great things when it comes to gambling. They are great for your traditional online casino games and sportsbooks, but entertainment betting sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

Not only do they offer Tony Awards betting odds, but they also offer tons of other amazing entertainment props on things like TV shows, movies, other awards shows, and more.

Signing up for one of these sites is quick and easy. All you need to sign up is your personal information (ID, SSN) and preferred payment option to get your account started. After that, you can browse through the sites you like the most and see which one you want to sign up for.

That can be anything from their site layout, cashout option time, or welcome bonuses. Once you’ve decided, go ahead, and hit the sign-up button. You’ll enter your personal information and the payment option you should have ready.

The best part about the payment options is that they offer basically everything. You can even use your crypto as a form of currency! Check out our top crypto gambling sites if you’re interested to learn more.

Once you have your account set up, you’ll want to look for the 2022 Tony Awards odds. We will be using the odds from MyBookie, but the other sites should have the odds available soon.

These sites will be where to bet on the 2022 Tony Awards, so set up an account and place your bets!

Tony Awards Overview for 2022

Ariana Debose

The next thing we want to break down in our Tony Awards preview for this year is the event details. The 75th Tony Awards will be on June 12th at Radio City Music Hall this year and available on Paramount+ and CBS.

An hour-long preshow will also start at 7:00 p.m. ET called “The Tony Awards: Act One.” The main ceremony will take place directly after that.

Actor, singer, and songwriter Darren Criss will host the pre-show with dancer, actress, and singer Julianne Hough. After that, 2018 Best Featured Actress in a Musical nominee Ariana DeBose will host the main ceremony.

It’s set up to be an exciting show with lots of outstanding awards up for grabs. Let’s look at the top 10 acts with the most nominations for this year.

  • A Strange Loop (11)
  • MJ the Musical (10)
  • Paradise Square (10)
  • Company (9)
  • The Lehman Trilogy (8)
  • Six (8)
  • For Colored Girls (7)
  • Girl from the North Country (7)
  • The Music Man (6)
  • The Skin of Our Teeth (6)

By looking at the most nominated acts, you can start to form your Tony Awards picks if a certain act has a very high number of nominations, that usually means that it was very well done. It also means it should have a very high chance of winning many awards.

For this year, the nominee leader is none other than the musical “A Strange Loop,” with a leading 11 nominations. However, it has strong competition with three more acts within just two nominations.

Will those 1-2 more nominations be enough to give them the win in major categories? Let’s take a look at the 2022 Tony Awards odds, to see.

2022 Tony Awards Odds

Now that we have broken down the general details of the Tony Awards let’s get right into the odds to see what our 2022 Tony Awards predictions should be.

Like I said earlier, these odds are currently available on MyBookie, but other sites should start offering odds as we inch closer to the event. Here are the 2022 Tony Awards odds for some of the major categories.

Best Play

  • The Lehman Trilogy (-400)
  • Hangmen (+300)
  • The Minutes (+800)
  • Clyde’s (+1000)
  • Skeleton Crew (+1200)

For our first category on our Tony Awards betting guide, we have five nominees up for Best Play. The Lehman Trilogy has a strong lead in the odds, which means they have a very high chance of winning this one.

Their play was called “captivating” and relied heavily on acting instead of props, visuals, etc. It worked to perfection, it seems, as it was the story of the Lehman Brothers, who were a financial powerhouse for about 164 years until their collapse.

The Lehman Trilogy may have a strong lead on the odds, but they might not be worth betting on, considering how heavily favored they are to win. That leaves Hangmen (+300) the next best option, while the other three are creeping into longshot range.

Best Musical

  • A Strange Loop (-300)
  • Six (+350)
  • MJ the Musical (+650)
  • Girl from the North Country (+1000)
  • Paradise Square (+1200)
  • Saturday Night (+1500)

We have another strong leader in the odds for Best Musical as well, with “A Strange Loop” leading the charge. This musical had the most nominations out of any other play/musical for this year’s Tony Awards.

That makes it a bit odd that it’s not as heavy of a favorite that The Lehman Trilogy is, so it might be better to bet on. A Strange Loop was said to be a “raw and unflinching interrogation of identity,” which is high praise.

Six was about the story of King Henry VIII’s wives and was a very upbeat and optimistic story. It’s the only real competitor to A Strange Loop, but it could still have a chance to win.

Best Actor in a Musical

  • Jaquel Spivey (-300)
  • Hugh Jackman (+350)
  • Myles Frost (+400)
  • Billy Crystal (+1000)
  • Rob McClure (+1400)
Hugh Jackman

Typically, when you have a highly praised show, the lead actors play a major role in the success. Jaquel Spivey played the lead role as Usher in A Strange Loop, so it’s no surprise to see him as the favorite here.

With that said, awards shows would seem a bit boring if they just gave every award to one of the shows. That could mean the possibility of some value in the odds. Spivey should have a good chance of winning this one, but it would make sense to bet on an underdog here.

Hugh Jackman and Myles Frost are the next closest options behind Spivey. Jackman played the lead role of Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man. Hill is a trickster con artist who is very charismatic.

Myles Frost played the beloved Michael Jackson in MJ the Musical. It averaged over a million dollars each week on Broadway.

Best Actress in a Musical

  • Sharon D. Clark (-200)
  • Juaquina Kalukango (+250)
  • Mare Winningham (+650)
  • Sutton Foster (+800)
  • Carmen Cusack (+1200)

Sharon D. Clark got raging reviews for her performance in Caroline, or Change. That has given her the best chance to win the award for Best Actress in a Musical. She will be tough to beat, but Juaquina Kalukango’s performance in Paradise Square is another strong one.

Paradise Square got the second-most nominations out of all acts with 10 (tied with MJ the Musical), so it makes sense to see some of the roles high on the odds list. Kalukango played the lead role as Nelly O’Brien, but the show’s reviewers have said that it ran out of steam.

That could make Sharon D. Clark even more likely to win and her favored odds aren’t in negative territory by too much. Winningham, Foster, and Cusack were in Girl from the North Country, The Music Man, and Flying Over Sunset, respectively.

They are all in heavy longshot range, though.

Best Actor in a Play

  • David Morse (-150)
  • Simon Russell Beale (+200)
  • Sam Rockwell (+400)
  • Ruben Santiago-Hudson (+800)
  • Adrian Lester (+1000)
  • Adam Godley (+1000)
  • David Threlfall (+1400)

The Best Actor in a Play prop has many options to choose from, with 7 in total. In How I Learned to Drive, David Morse’s role has him the favorite to win the award. With that being said, a couple of other options aren’t too far behind him.

Simon Russell Beale’s role in The Lehman Trilogy should be able to have him within range to win this one, and his odds are in plus territory.

Sam Rockwell as Teach has him a little behind Beale as well.

The rest of the options here don’t have a high chance of winning. That said, awards ceremonies are often full of surprises. If you have a hunch about who might win this award, take advantage of the value in the later options here.

Best Actress in a Play

  • Mary-Louise Parker (-300)
  • Ruth Negga (+300)
  • Deidre O’Connell (+550)
  • Lachanze (+1000)
  • Gabby Beans (+1400)

The next prop available on Tony Awards betting sites is Best Actress in a Play. Thanks to her stellar performance in How I Learned to Drive, Mary-Louise Parker has a good lead on the leads.

Both of the lead roles in that play are favored to win their awards, but Parker has a better chance than Morse. That could be due to the fewer betting options that are available or just because she did a little better in her performance.

Ruth Negga played in the Shakespearean tragedy of Macbeth opposite Daniel Craig. Craig is another name that’s popular in entertainment betting. You can bet on who replaces Daniel Craig as the next James Bond in addition to the Tony Awards.

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Best Revival of a Musical

  • Company (-300)
  • Caroline, or Change (+300)
  • The Music Man (+450)

Revivals are always very interesting when it comes to musicals and plays. Some of these ancient stories are too good to let die, so a revival is a good way to keep them alive.

With that being said, doing them correctly and tastefully is very important. It can look like you are insulting the original if you don’t execute it properly. Luckily for the nominations, they did not do that.

Company has a good lead in the odds, while Caroline, Change, and The Music Man aren’t too far behind either. The revival of Company has nine nominations for this year’s Tony Awards, while The Music Man has 6, and Caroline, or Change has 3.

That’s a good representation of how likely each act is to win the award.

Best Revival of a Play

  • Take Me Out (-125)
  • For Colored Girls (-110)
  • How I Learned to Drive (+600)
  • Trouble in Mind (+1000)
  • American Buffalo (+1400)

A couple more options are available for the Best Revival of a Play compared to Musical. Also, two options are in negative odds territory, which means we have a real battle for who might win.

Take Me Out has the slight edge over For Colored Girls in the Tony Awards betting odds at the moment. That’s a bit odd, considering it has four total nominations this year compared to 7 for the second option.

As for the other options, there might not be anything worth targeting unless you think one seriously has a chance of winning. It’s clearly a battle between the top two options, so the rest of the list is in the longshot range.

Tony Awards Predictions for 2022

  • The Lehman Trilogy to Win Best Play (-400)
  • A Strange Loop to Win Best Musical (-300)
  • Hugh Jackman to Win Best Actor in a Musical (+350)
  • Sharon D. Clark to Win Best Actress in a Musical (-200)
  • Simon Russell Beale to Win Best Actor in a Play (+200)
  • Mary-Louise Parker to Win Best Actress in a Play (-300)
  • Company to Win Best Revival of a Musical (-300)
  • For Colored Girls to Win Best Revival of a Play (-110)

These will be my official Tony Awards picks for which nominees win the major awards. There are a lot of interesting scenarios between basically every award that is up for grabs. Some of the favorites should be able to pull through with a win, while others may not be the favorite we think.

I also think that the awards will be handed out to a good variety of actors/actresses and plays/musicals instead of just one dominating performance.

For Example
I think A Strange Loop has an excellent chance of winning the Best Musical award. Jaquel Spivey could very well go on to win Best Actor in a Musical, but I’d rather mix and match my options.

That’s why I think Hugh Jackman should have a good chance to win as an underdog.

Not all of the awards will be mixed and matched, though. For example, The Lehman Trilogy should have a very high chance of winning Best Play. With that being said, a lot of the play relied on great acting with few props.

For it to be such a great show without the extra elements, I think that highlights the acting. That’s why I think it has a great chance to win Best Play, and Simon Russell Beale should have a good opportunity to win Best Actor in a Play.

Feel free to follow along with my 2022 Tony Awards predictions or make your own instead. There are a lot of awards that could have some unexpected twists, so there isn’t a wrong answer here.

Best Bets for the 2022 Tony Awards

  • Simon Russell Beale to Win Best Actor in a Play (+200)
  • Sharon D. Clark to Win Best Actress in a Musical (-200)
  • How I Learned to Drive to Win Best Revival of a Play (+600)

That brings us to our best Tony Awards betting picks for 2022. As I said, many of these awards can be a bit unpredictable, so the best thing to do is look for some value in each option. Not every long shot will win, but you want to make sure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

For example, Simon Russell Beale’s odds of winning Best Actor in a Play have great value. I think he should be looked at as one of the top candidates for this award pretty easily. I was surprised to see his odds in positive odds in the first place, so there’s a lot of value here.

The acting in that play was the biggest seller, so why not highlight the lead role?

Sharon D. Clark is in a similar scenario, but her odds are not as good as Beale’s. I think she’s still a good bet to make because of the lack of competition. Ruth Negga is the closest person in the odds, but Macbeth’s reviews probably don’t help her chance of winning.

Other favorites are priced way more heavily in negative odds territory, so this could be a good chance for us to capitalize.

I also threw in a good longshot bet to win the Best Revival of a Play award. Take Me Out and For Colored Girls have the upper hand, but what if neither of them wow the voters? That could open up the door for others, such as How I Learned to Drive.

How I Learned to Drive’s lead actor/actress are the front runners in the odds to win their respective awards. Why wouldn’t the play itself be in serious contention to win its own award?

Betting on the Tony Awards in 2022

Tony Award

The Tony Awards will be incredible this year and give all of these plays and musicals the attention they deserve. There were so many great acts this year, but only a few can win each award.

For our own 2022 Tony Awards predictions, we took a shot at a couple of value plays but mixed in some favorites as well. These shows were all good enough to at least get nominated, which means they have a chance of winning.

If you think certain options have a good chance of winning with some nice value, go ahead and try to win big on them.

The wager cut-off for this year’s event is June 12th. Be sure to place your best on the best entertainment betting sites before then. Top Entertainment Betting Sites
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