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How and Where to Bet on the 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee

| May 20, 2022 1:10 pm PDT
2022 Scripps Spelling Bee logo, Scripps Spelling Bee background (stage, podium, etc.) with odds and money

The biggest spelling bee of the year is back in action. The 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee event will see America’s smartest kids attempt to spell the trickiest words that most adults can’t spell.

Events like these help us put faith in our future with these bright students leading the way. This koinonia, if you will, will put the spotlight on the young minds of our country, but who will be the champion?

If you have a strong feeling about who can pull off the win, you should know that Scripps Spelling Bee betting will be available this year. Read on to find out more about the contest and ways to bet.

Where to Bet on the 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee

Bovada graphic

Before getting into our Scripps Spelling Bee preview, you should know how to place bets on it this year. The best entertainment betting sites always offer unique props for various events like the 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Creating an account is quick and easy. You will want to create an account with these specific sites to participate in the safest form of betting.

First, you will want to grab your personal information and preferred payment method. Your social security number and ID are pieces of information needed to participate in the safest way of gambling.

Once you have those ready, you will want to choose a site. Different sites offer various things. Some offer bigger welcome bonuses, while others offer unique props or a better site layout.

For example, Bovada offers a 50% bonus on your deposit up to $250. That means you can start your account off with $375 just by depositing $250.

Bovada will also offer prop bets on the 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee, while other sites just stick to your usual sports and casino games.

With that being said, let’s get right into our Scripps Spelling Bee guide for this year.

Event Details for the 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee

Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Maryland

This will be the 94th annual national spelling bee competition. We are coming up on 100 years of countless words spelled with great memories. Some of the competition’s previous winners have done some tremendous things, and I’m sure this batch will do the same.

Merriam-Webster and Scripps Spelling Bee have partnered to promote unique and meaningful words while promoting literacy in our country.

“Our purpose is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.”

This year’s competition will be held in the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. The preliminaries will start on May 31st at 9 a.m ET.

The 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee will be making its debut on the ION network, so you can watch the finals live (June 2nd, 8 p.m. ET). You can also live stream every round on ION Plus, Bounce XL, Bounce, Laff, and TrueReal.

Each kid will be trying to grab the first-place prize of $52,900 in total, among other great gifts. Here’s the entire payout structure for the top contestants.

  • 1st – $52,900
  • 2nd – $25,000
  • 3rd – $15,000
  • 4th – $10,000
  • 5th – $5,000
  • 6th – $2,500
  • Miss in first Round of the Finals through to 7th place – $2,000

These huge prizes are up for grabs and will set these kids up very well for their bright futures.

Who Won the Last Scripps Spelling Bee?

The 2021 winner of the Scripps Spelling Bee was none other than Zaila Avant-garde. She’s an incredibly ambitious person and will do something big in her life. Avant-garde took home the $50,000 cash prize by spelling tough words like Murraya and solidungulate.

Her talent doesn’t stop at word-spelling either; she is in the Guinness World Records book for most bounce juggles in a minute.

There’s nothing this girl can’t do! Zailia is a perfect example of the young and bright minds in the national spelling bee.

Past 10 Winners of the Scripps Spelling Bee

Year Winners Competition-Ending Word
2021 Zaila Avant-garde Murraya
2019 Rohan Raja
Christopher Serrao
Abhijay Kodali
Sohum Sukhatankar
Shruthika Padhy
Saketh Sundar
Erin Howard
Rishik Gandhasri
2018 Karthik Nemmani Koinonia
2017 Ananya Vinay Marocain
2016 Nihar Saireddy Janga
Jairam Hathwar
2015 Gokul Venkatachalam
Vanya Shivashankar
2014 Ansun Sujoe
Sriram J. Hathwar
2013 Arvind Mahankali Knaidel
2012 Snigdha Nandipati Guetapens
2011 Sukanya Roy Cymotrichous


Zaila Avant-garde

The year before Zailia won, there were an astounding eight co-winners of the spelling bee. That’s the most in any of the 93 total years of competition. The judges can put in a spell-off, which would give each contestant 90 seconds to spell as many words on the predetermined spell-off list.

So, with that rule existing, it makes it even more remarkable to have such a high number of joint winners.

Some of the previous national spelling bee winners have lived exciting lives. For example, Barrie Trinkle was the winner in 1973 and worked in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and as an editor at Amazon after going to school at MIT.

2002’s winner, Pratyush Buddiga, became a professional poker player.

This competition highlights young people with incredible levels of intelligence for their age. It’s no surprise to see them do big things in their lives after winning the national spelling bee.

Types of Scripps Spelling Bee Bets to Target

  • Number of Letters in Winning Word
  • Will the Winner Be Wearing Glasses/Braces?
  • Will the Winner Be Male or Female?
  • How Old Will the Winner Be?

Betting on the outright winner of the 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee might be possible, but these props are much simpler. They don’t have any rhyme or reason to them but make the spelling bee much more fun to watch.

The number of the final winning word is usually set around 8 to 9 letters. As you can understand, typically, the larger words will be in the later, more challenging rounds.

Matthew Lee

Typically, it’s a larger word that wins the competition, but words like knaidel, nunatak, and odylic were the words to win in the last ten years. If the odds become available for this prop, betting on the option north of 8 letters should be reasonable.

Another interesting prop has to do with braces or glasses. Many people know the struggles of growing up with either, but this would be a way to root for the unfortunate growing pains.

You can also make it as simple as a boy or girl who wins the competition. The number of girls in the spelling bee’s history is higher than most would think. It’s a relatively even number of winners since the competition began in 1925, so you can go with your gut here.

There are also kids as young as seven years old in this year’s event. Matthew Yi and Nam Nguyen will be some of the funniest contestants to watch this year.

There could be even more unique props for Scripps Spelling Bee betting, so prepare for everything.

Scripps National Spelling Bee Betting Strategy

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when betting on the 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Just because it’s a unique way of betting doesn’t mean we shy away from our ground rules.

You need to keep in mind two things when betting on the 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee.

Compare Odds for Each Prop

Comparing the odds is always important for any type of betting. That stays true for the national spelling bee, as we always need to be comparing odds across the best Scripps Spelling Bee betting sites.


If certain sites are offering different odds for the same prop, that’s something you can take advantage of. There could be a lot of value here since there are many other things that you can bet on.

If you see the odds for a male to win at (-175) and the odds for a female to win at (+150) on one site, you would want to bet on the female option. As we already established, neither option has a huge number of wins over the other, so the odds should be even for this prop.

Bet on Value Over Probability

Since this is such a unique betting experience, you will want to take advantage of all props that have plus money. There’s not a true way to predict a winner here, as we don’t know exactly how talented these kids are precisely at spelling.

There could be many boys in the spelling bee field, but the best possible speller could be a girl. That would be the only thing you need to cash your bet after all.

Glasses wearers are in the minority, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pull it off. You don’t necessarily have to have a good vision to be good at spelling.

The bottom line is that if there’s a prop with plus odds, heavily consider it. It’s such a unique event that they could be offering plus odds-on things that have no reason to be in plus odds.

For more help, check out our entertainment betting tips and strategies below. Entertainment Betting Tips & Strategies

Betting on the 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee

Scripps Spelling Bee Graphic

The 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee will be a great display of the youth’s knowledge and how they can spell these enormous words. It’s quite an accomplishment for them at their age.

If you think about what you were doing in your middle school years, it probably wasn’t as impressive as this.

You wouldn’t be alone there, but you can make up for it by betting on the Scripps Spelling Bee now. Maybe cashing a big bet would be a way to capitalize on being smart as an adult.

Either way, be sure to bet on who will win the 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee and any other unique props that will become available in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for even more unique betting opportunities, here are some to help get you started.

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