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Odds and Prediction for the 2022 PGA Championship

| May 17, 2022 10:09 am PDT
2022 PGA Southern Hills logo, Southern Hills CC course background, Phil Mickelson left, Jon Rahm right

After a couple of smaller tournaments in the last couple of weeks, we finally have reached a bigger event with the PGA Championship so let’s prepare for it.

The winner of the 2021 PGA Championship was none other than Phil Mickelson, with a -6 performance on Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina. It’s a new location this year, so we will see if Mickelson can defend his crown with that in mind.

The course this time around will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is called Southern Hills Country Club. The last time Southern Hills hosted the PGA Championship was back in 2007 when Tiger Woods took home first place.

Let’s get into our 2022 PGA Championship preview to see which golfers and sites we should be betting on.

Best PGA Championship Betting Sites in 2022

Our first stop on our PGA Championship betting guide is for the sites. Choosing the best golf betting site for you is the first step you need to take if you want to bet on the PGA Championship.

You have the freedom to pick whichever site you want. When choosing your preferred betting site, the welcome bonuses, site layout, and payout time are just a few things to look for.

For Example
Bovada is currently offering a $250 welcome bonus for sports bettors, and you can take advantage of that before this week’s tourney goes live.

If you are more interested in the site layout and payment options, feel free to look at each site and what they offer. You can take whichever route you want when choosing from these great golf betting sites.

Now, let’s look at the 2022 PGA Championship odds from Bovada to see which golfers you should consider.

PGA Championship Odds for 2022

We have two golfers coming into this tournament as the odds leaders on Bovada. Jon Rahm is consistently at the top of the list for basically any event, while Scottie Scheffler is right there with him at (+1200).

Neither of these top PGA Championship contenders has won the tournament before, but this could be their year. Jon Rahm is fresh off a win at the Mexico Open and will be looking to gain some serious momentum.

On the other hand, Scottie Scheffler has won tons of events in 2022. He could be the best golfer of the year and prove that in the PGA Championship once more.

Phil Mickelson will be defending his crown from last year’s tournament, but it’s an entirely different course. Tiger Woods may have won the tournament the last time at Southern Hills, but that was also back in 2007.

That creates a lot of diversity for who will win the 2022 PGA Championship.

These 20 options listed above aren’t the only ones available either. You can bet on 150+ golfers that will be participating. The 2022 PGA Championship odds range from Rahm and Scheffler at (+1200) to Zac Oakley at (+200000).

A $50 bet on Oakley to win outright would turn into an incredible $100,000 to paint the picture for you.

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Other Golf Betting Apps to consider

Top Golfers for the 2022 PGA Championship

You can look at the top golfers on the odds list to see who the books think has the best chance of winning this event. The oddsmakers aren’t always right, but they have a great idea of which golfers should have the best chance of winning any tournament.

With that being said, let’s look at which of the top golfers could make the PGA Championship best bets for 2022.

Scottie Scheffler (+1200)

Scottie Scheffler

The first of my top PGA Championship contenders will go to Scottie Scheffler. Scheffler is tied with Jon Rahm odds-wise, but I’m giving the edge to the former. Rahm won the Mexico Open in his last event, but he benefited greatly from easy competition.

He was a (+500) favorite to win outright, which is absurd considering the number of golfers in the field. Rahm did pull through and got the first-place finish, but that’s just his second win in the last two seasons.

Scheffler, on the other hand, has been a mad man. He’s been the hottest golfer over the last few weeks. Not only has he won one of the most prestigious tournaments in golf in the Masters, but he also won 3 other events in the last couple of months.

Scheffler won the WGC-Dell Match Play, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the Waste Management Phoenix Open, and the Masters. He has two attempts in the PGA Championship and was great in both. The 25-year-old placed 8th in 2021 and 4th in 2022.

When comparing the two top options in terms of odds for this year’s PGA Championship, Scheffler should have the edge over Rahm.

Rory McIlroy (+1600)

I would argue that even Rory McIlroy should have the edge over Jon Rahm. McIlroy is another top golfer in any event, and this year’s PGA Championship is no different.

He has tons of experience in this event, but that isn’t easy to gauge considering the number of courses it has been played at. Nonetheless, McIlroy was able to win the 2014 and 2012 events.

Here’s a look at all his performances at the PGA Championship in his career.

  • 2009: 3rd
  • 2010: 3rd
  • 2011: 64th
  • 2012: 1st
  • 2013: 8th
  • 2014: 1st
  • 2015: 17
  • 2016: CUT
  • 2017: 22
  • 2018: 50
  • 2019: 8
  • 2020: 33
  • 2021: 49

Jon Rahm only has five attempts in this event, while Scheffler has just 2. McIlroy’s experience could give him an edge here, despite being on a different course frequently.

He also was on his game in a major way in the Master’s, like Scheffler. McIlroy ended up placing second in that one, following that up with a solid 5th place finish in his last event (Wells Fargo Championship).

The bottom line is that McIlroy is a very talented golfer and could be considered the top option even though he’s tied for 3rd in the odds leaderboard.

Top 2022 PGA Championship Sleepers to Consider

Next up on our PGA Championship betting preview is the sleepers. These golfers are currently being heavily overshadowed by the top options, which could create a ton of value if they can pull off a win.

When looking at sleepers, you want to make sure you are looking at golfers whose pricing could be at a huge discount but could still have a chance at being surprisingly victorious. You want to see if any of these golfers have a lot of experience at a particular course or if they are just simply on a hot streak.

Let’s look at 2 PGA Championship sleepers to consider betting on for 2022.

Brooks Koepka (+3300)

One golfer’s name tends to pop up more than others when looking at the recent PGA Championships over the last couple of years. That’s none other than Brooks Koepka, who won the 2018 and 2019 events. He also placed second in 2021, so he’s been on fire in this tournament.

Brooks Koepka

Dustin Johnson has been a runner-up twice in the last four years, but Koepka’s two first-place finishes give him the edge over Johnson. Johnson is being priced at (+2500), but I would argue that Koepka has a better chance to win and has better odds at (+3300).

Koepka hasn’t had a tournament win since the 2021 Waste Management Phoenix Open, but that could mean he is due for one. He’s been a little sporadic with his finishes in the 2022 season too.

With that being said, he could be on his game in a familiar event. Some golfers enjoy stronger competition because it pushes them more. That could be the case with Koepka and why he’s done so well over the last couple of years.

He has nine total tries in this tournament dating back to 2013. Of those nine tries, he’s won two of them and placed in the top 5 in 3 more. Add in 13th and 15th place finishes for an overall great resume.

Tiger Woods (+6600)

Tiger Woods

How could you possibly not consider one of the greatest golfers ever at his current odds? Tiger Woods returned to golf in the Masters a few weeks ago, and he’s participating in another big event.

For Woods to be at (+6600) seems pretty insane, which could mean a huge day if he’s able to win.

In any event that Tiger participates, he has a great chance of winning. He placed 47th in the Masters, but that was his first event in a long time. Now that he’s got a tournament under his belt in the 2022 season, he could be ready to kick it into high gear.

He was also the last person to win the PGA Championship when it was being held at Southern Hills. That was a long time ago, but it could give Tiger a little head start on the rest of the competition.

Not only did he win that year, but he also won the previous year in 2006. Tiger also has placed second in 2009 and 2018. He’s not in his prime anymore, but he’s still better than most, even in his later years.

Best Bets for the 2022 PGA Championship

  • Tiger Woods 1st Round Top 20 Finish (+130)
  • Scottie Scheffler to Place Top 10 (+140)
  • Brooks Koepka to Place Top 10 (+400)
  • Rory McIlroy 1st Round Top GB & Ireland Player (+450)

That brings us to our PGA Championship props to target for this year. Placing a bet on the outright winner is fun and all, but the odds are very long for a reason. It is tough to predict the winner of any given event, and this one’s no different.

Something you can do to combat that is place PGA Championship prop bets. This is a way for you to get some excellent value still, but it won’t be as difficult as betting on the outright winner.

You can find some unique props across the best PGA Championship betting sites, with Bovada and BetUS providing these ones.

Tiger Woods’ odds of winning are insanely profitable, but you can still find plus odds for him to place in the top 20. It’s a safer way of betting on your favorite golfers and has some nice prices as well.

You can adjust these props if you think they do a little better or worse too. If you think Tiger places within the top 10, you can get (+700) odds for that. Scheffler and Koepka have done well recently, or in recent PGA Championships, so their odds to place top 10 have some serious value.

What if you don’t think McIlroy can pull off the win, but you think he has a good overall performance? How about this unique prop with great odds of being the top GB or Ireland player at (+450) from Bovada?

If you are looking for more recommended golf bets to consider, check out our golf betting picks page.

Betting on the PGA Championship in 2022

As for my own PGA Championship prediction for who wins this year, I will go with Rory McIlroy. He appears to be underrated in the odds list but could still be a top option. The odds for Tiger Woods and Brooks Koepka look too good to pass up on.


If there’s another golfer on the list that you think can pull it off, by all means, place a bet on him and see if your intuition can help you win some big money by the end of this even.

The first-place prize up for grabs is worth $2.16 million, while the top 70 golfers earn $19,600. With a lot of cash on the line for these golfers, they will be playing at the top of their game.

That’s going to wrap up our 2022 PGA Championship preview. If you’re looking for more help regarding golf betting, check out our golf betting strategy guide below to help get you started.

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