Betting Preview for the 2022 NFL Preseason

By Nicholas Sterling in NFL
| July 26, 2022 7:18 am PDT
NFL Preseason logo, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, and Arizona Cardinals logos on football field

The NFL offseason always seems like a grueling six months, but we’re moving closer to NFL game action. We still have a month and a half until the regular season, but the preseason begins in August.

It may not be the most exciting action, but it gives fans a glimpse at the future. Most rookies will see the field for the first time. If nothing else, it’s our first chance to bet on NFL games since February.

My 2022 NFL preseason betting guide has you covered for preseason betting. Let’s check it out.

Where to Bet on the 2022 NFL Preseason

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I can understand if this is your first-time betting on the preseason. Thankfully, we know the top NFL betting sites are the place to visit for betting on the 2022 NFL preseason.

These sites have released odds weeks and months ahead of the preseason. They could’ve easily waited until the last minute, but they’ve shown dedication to NFL preseason betting. Bettors should feel comfortable about that.

Will we see any promos or bonuses for the preseason? It’d make sense, considering this is the return to game action. My 2022 NFL preseason betting preview recommends checking out the top bonuses and promos.

NFL Teams to Avoid During the 2022 Preseason

People may view the preseason as random, but we’ve seen good and bad betting trends. Let’s examine two teams that bettors should avoid in 2022.

Los Angeles Rams

Rams logo

Life is good for the Los Angeles Rams. They’re coming off their second Super Bowl in franchise history and made significant upgrades in the offseason. The 2022 NFC Conference odds have them among the top contenders.

Los Angeles should be one of the top teams in the regular season. I emphasize the regular season because we might not see much in the preseason.

The Rams took on a win-now approach, trading many draft picks to acquire high-end talent. Therefore, they don’t have much talent to evaluate in the preseason. They have many veterans on their roster that likely won’t play in the preseason.

  • Matthew Stafford
  • Cam Akers
  • Aaron Donald
  • Troy Hill

Cam Akers is the lone player in that group that isn’t 30 years old, but he won’t play as he recovers from a torn Achilles. Perhaps his injury in training camp last season prompted the Rams to be conservative.

They went 0-3 as none of their key players played. Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and others didn’t see the playing field. Clearly, that formula worked for the Rams.

I know the NFL offseason is long, but the Rams’ 2021 season lasted longer than every team aside from the Cincinnati Bengals. That extra rest could go a long way towards being healthier postseason.

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals surprised everyone with a 7-0 start to the 2021 season. They were a legit Super Bowl contender, but injuries to Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins changed the course of their season.

Speaking of Murray, he recently signed a massive five-year extension. That’s great for the Cardinals’ regular season outlook, but it doesn’t help their preseason hopes.

Murray turns 25 ahead of the 2022 regular season. He clearly wasn’t the same quarterback after his ankle injury. There shouldn’t be lingering effects, but why would the Cardinals risk it by playing him in the preseason?

Hollywood Brown could receive more playing time as this will be his first season with the Cardinals. However, I’m not sure how much they want him on the field without Murray. Hopkins didn’t play in last year’s preseason.

Arizona is among the oldest teams in the NFL. Hopkins, Zach Ertz, A.J. Green, and three offensive line starters are over 30. It’s hard to see any of them playing significant minutes.

I don’t want to spoil my NFL 2022 preseason betting tips, but I’d steer clear of veteran teams. There’s no point in playing anyone with that much wear and tear under their belt.

The Cardinals don’t want another second-half letdown. The best way to avoid that is to limit their players in the preseason. Therefore, I wouldn’t bet on the Cardinals.

2022 NFL Teams to Bet on During the Preseason

The NFL preseason isn’t bad for every team. Some teams take it much more seriously, which shows in their record. My 2022 NFL preseason betting guide highlights a pair of strong preseason teams.

Baltimore Ravens

The preseason is a great time to evaluate players but can also lead to significant injuries. Unfortunately, that happened to the Baltimore Ravens, as JK Dobbins suffered a season-ending ACL tear in the final preseason game.

Dobbins won’t play in the preseason, but how will Baltimore approach their other key injuries? They saw their 2021 season go down the drain with all the injuries.

Personally, I’m not worried about the injuries. The Ravens have been the best preseason team in the John Harbaugh era. Over the last five years, they’re the best preseason team of all time.

Death, taxes, and apparently betting on the Ravens in the preseason. It has been the go-to strategy since 2016. Baltimore went 1-3 in the 2015 preseason, but those are their only losses since 2014.

If you want to know how to bet on the 2022 NFL preseason, just bet on the Ravens. I don’t know how they do it, but their strategy works. I can’t see them changing, despite the many injuries in 2021.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Ravens always have a great draft. They were a big winner in the 2022 draft, so we should see those players on the field. They have a legacy to hold up for the Ravens preseason.

Can the Ravens continue their preseason winning streak? Bettors would love to see it.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have been in uncharted territory lately. The preseason wasn’t an issue before, as they knew Tom Brady would lead them on another deep playoff run. However, they’ve had to reevaluate their approach without Brady.

New England hasn’t won a playoff game since Brady’s departure. Their roster has seen much more turnover in the last two years. That means Bill Belichick needs the preseason to evaluate his players.

The Baltimore Ravens have been the class of the preseason in the last five years, but don’t sleep on the Patriots. Check out their record in the previous five preseasons.

Patriots logo
  • 2016: 3-1
  • 2017: 1-3
  • 2018: 3-1
  • 2019: 3-1
  • 2021: 3-0

New England hasn’t skipped a beat, going 9-2 over the last three preseasons. Will we see another strong performance in 2022?

The Patriots made a few questionable selections in the NFL draft. They should showcase those players to show the NFL they made the right call. I expect to see Mac Jones and DeVante Parker, as the latter begins his first season in New England.

New England is going with a unique strategy in 2022, as they aren’t naming coordinators. That’ll be an intriguing storyline in the preseason.

Do you have faith in the Patriots for the 2022 preseason? Their recent numbers suggest we’ll see a great performance.

NFL Preseason Position Battles for 2022

The most important aspect of the preseason is evaluating young talent and seeing which player will win a position battle. Let’s check out the top position battles for bettors.

Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterbacks

The Pittsburgh Steelers entered the offseason in the quarterback market for the first time in nearly 20 years. Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement left a big void in the most important position.

Pittsburgh made an under-the-radar move, signing Mitchell Trubisky to a two-year deal. Trubisky was inefficient in his four years with the Chicago Bears, but he spent the 2021 season as Josh Allen’s backup.

Trubisky will battle first-round pick, Kenny Pickett. The 2022 NFL draft was historically weak for quarterbacks, as Pickett was the only one in the first two rounds. Check out his senior year numbers at Pittsburgh.

  • 67.2 Completion Percentage
  • 4,319 Passing Yards
  • 42 Touchdowns
  • 7 Interceptions
Kenny Pickett

The preseason will be a big indicator of which player will be the Week 1 starter. Trubisky should have the edge as the more experienced player, but we’ve seen rookies play their way into the starting role.

The 2022 NFL Offensive ROY odds have Pickett as the favorite. They must believe he’ll start the majority of games, or else he wouldn’t be the favorite. Trubisky being the starter would put a dent in Pickett’s ROY hopes.

Pittsburgh has been one of the most successful franchises in the Mike Tomlin era. This is the first time they’ll face adversity at quarterback. How will the 2022 NFL preseason affect the Steelers’ Week 1 starting quarterback?

Buffalo Bills Running Backs

The Buffalo Bills enter the 2022 season as the Super Bowl favorite. They have an elite offense, with Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs leading the way. The only weakness for their offense is the running back position.

Devin Singletary and Zack Moss have seen significant playing time over the last two seasons. Singletary has been the lead back, but Moss carved out a solid role. There’s a third player in the conversation, with rookie James Cook.

Cook is the younger brother of Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook. He had 1,012 scrimmage yards and 11 touchdowns in his final season at Georgia.

This battle should impact betting on the 2022 NFL preseason. Singletary should have the upper hand, but Moss and Cook should see the field as they battle for the RB2 spot. Which player will seize the opportunity?

The Bills may roll with all three running backs. Moss is more of a bruiser, while Cook is a receiving back. Last season was the first time he had more than 50 carries.

It’s fair to wonder how much the running backs will impact betting on the Bills. This team goes through Allen, but it’d help to have a strong run game. You can never have too many great players in the NFL. Who do you have as the Bills’ top running backs?

NFL 2022 Preseason Betting Tips

How does one bet on the NFL preseason? My 2022 NFL preseason betting preview has you covered with the top betting tips.

Factor in Pre-Existing Injuries

The worst part about the NFL preseason is injuries. Most players make it through unscathed, but we’ve seen great players go down in the preseason. We talked about JK Dobbins in last year’s preseason, but he’s far from the only one.

A player like Dobbins won’t play in the preseason because he’s coming off an injury. He won’t be the only player to skip the preseason to recover from an injury.

Our NFL preseason betting tips know that it’s tough to determine the starting lineup and substitutions. One way to help yourself is to identify playing coming off a significant injury.

Sometimes, you won’t hear about an injury until the player has offseason surgery. Jalen Ramsey and Tee Higgins played through injuries in 2021 before receiving offseason surgery. They’re the type of players I wouldn’t expect in the preseason.

Bettors should check the injury report before betting.

Veterans Won’t See Much Playing Time

We know the point of the preseason is evaluating young talent and settling position battles. There’s not much in it for veteran players unless they’re battling for a backup role.

I can’t imagine we’ll see many star veterans in the preseason. Maybe a player that went to a new team, like Von Miller, could play in the preseason. However, I wouldn’t expect the following players to receive much playing time.

Football helmet and ball on field
  • Tom Brady
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Travis Kelce
  • Trent Williams
  • Aaron Donald

Those players would significantly impact betting if they missed time in the regular season. You likely won’t see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Green Bay Packers as a big preseason favorite.

There’s no point in risking an injury for these players. They could use extra rest in the offseason to stay healthier into the postseason.

Betting on the NFL Preseason in 2022

NFL betting graphic

My 2022 NFL preseason 2022 betting preview should give you a better sense of wagering on the preseason. It’s not easy to bet on the NFL preseason, but it can be profitable.

This is your first chance to bet on NFL game action since August. The preseason doesn’t mean much, but who will pass up that opportunity? Hopefully, you feel much better about making NFL preseason bets.

The NFL preseason begins with the Hall of Fame Game on August 4. The top NFL betting apps have you covered for betting on the preseason, regular season, etc.



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