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2022 NBA Finals Betting Guide – How and Where to Bet

| May 31, 2022 7:41 am PDT
NBA logo, trophy with Finals stamped, Jayson Tatum, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Jaylen Brown

We’ve had a competitive NBA playoff, but now, the real fun starts. The Golden State Warriors will make their sixth NBA Finals appearance in eight seasons. They’ll take on the Boston Celtics, making their first appearance since 2010.

Boston had to fight their way here, winning a pair of seven-game series over the last two Eastern Conference Champions. Golden State knocked out the Dallas Mavericks in five games.

The 2022 NBA Finals odds should be interesting, considering one team doesn’t stand out over the other. We’ll check those out and more in the 2022 NBA Finals betting guide.

Latest 2022 NBA Finals Odds

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BetOnline (+140) (-160) 60% up to $1,000 Visit BetOnline
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MyBookie (+126) (-155) 100% up to $1,000 Visit MyBookie

It’s important to determine which betting site gives you the best opportunity to bet on the 2022 NBA Finals. Luckily, we have multiple sites for the 2022 NBA Finals betting odds.

These sites wasted no time releasing odds to win the 2022 NBA Finals. I’d encourage bettors to visit each site to find the best value for their wager. It’s good to do it ahead of time if there are any issues with creating an account or signing in.

The 2022 NBA Finals series odds have the Golden State Warriors as the favorite. Golden State has looked better in the postseason, with only one series going past five games. They’ve also had a few days to rest.

How will the Boston Celtics look after a seven-game series? They’ll be the road team, but that hasn’t stopped them in the postseason.

Let’s continue the 2022 NBA Finals betting preview with a breakdown of the Warriors and Celtics.

Why the Golden State Warriors Will Win

The Golden State Warriors will make their sixth NBA Finals appearance in eight years. That stretch includes one of the best NBA Finals since 2000. Golden State hopes for a better result than their 2016 defeat.

For years, we saw the Warriors dominate opponents with their offense. This season, their defense has been one of the best in the NBA. And they accomplished that with Draymond Green and Klay Thompson missing significant time.

The 2022 NBA Finals odds are in Golden State’s favor because of their playoff experience.

Golden State Warriors logo
  • Stephen Curry: 128 games
  • Klay Thompson: 139 games
  • Draymond Green: 139 games
  • Andre Iguodala: 173 games

Andre Iguodala may not play in the NBA Finals, but his veteran leadership is vital. Green, Thompson, and Stephen Curry have been with the Warriors for their six NBA Finals appearances.

The playoff experience is important, but the NBA Finals are what sets them apart. It’s a different atmosphere when you transition to that stage. The Boston Celtics will do their best to calm their nerves, but it’ll be tough against an experienced Warriors team.

I briefly touched on it earlier, but extra rest could also give the Warriors the upper hand.

Why the Warriors Won’t Win

We know Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will garner much attention for their scoring prowess. Golden State’s offense has been scoring at a high clip, but I’m a little worried about their defense.

Golden State allowed the third-fewest points in the regular season. We’ve seen the Warriors’ defense show flashes of brilliance in the postseason, but they haven’t played up to expectation.

They allowed 119+ points once in each of their three-playoff series. That includes an embarrassing performance in Game 5 of the Conference Semifinals.

Overall, the Warriors are eighth in the playoffs, with 109.1 points per game allowed. Their offense bailed them out against the Dallas Mavericks because they struggled on the defensive end.

Golden State will have a big boost with the potential return of Gary Payton II. Payton fractured his elbow in the Conference Semifinals, but it sounds like he’ll return for the NBA Finals. That’s significant for the NBA Finals winner prediction.

The Warriors will have a tougher matchup with the Boston Celtics instead of the Miami Heat. Boston has a pair of superstars in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. This is the first time they’ll face a team with two stars in the playoffs.

Why the Boston Celtics Will Win

The Boston Celtics completed an impressive turnaround to rise to the top of the Eastern Conference. Boston was 10th in the Eastern Conference with a 23-24 record in January. They closed the season 28-7 to earn the No. 2 seed.

Now, they’re in the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010. The NBA Finals series odds might have them as the underdog, but no one should underestimate the Celtics. They defeated a trio of great teams to make the NBA Finals.

They didn’t have an issue with the Brooklyn Nets, but they played a seven-game series against the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat. Some might say that’s a disadvantage because of the wear and tear, but I believe it gives them the advantage.

Boston has played in three win-or-go-home games in the playoffs. They’ve had the mindset of a team playing in the NBA Finals. That’s something to consider for your 2022 NBA Finals prediction.

The latest 2022 NBA Finals MVP odds have Jayson Tatum as a top contender. Everyone knows Tatum can produce great numbers. The Golden State Warriors will have their hands full with him and Jaylen Brown.

Why the Celtics Won’t Win

We know the 2022 NBA Finals betting odds have the Boston Celtics as the underdog. Their lack of NBA Finals experience compared to the Golden State Warriors doesn’t help their chances.

My biggest issue with the Celtics is their stars not showing up. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have been great in the postseason, but we’ve seen each player struggle. Boston got away with a rough performance by Brown in Game 4 of the Conference Finals, but it wasn’t the same with Tatum.

Jayson Tatum
  • 10 points
  • 3-14 field goal shooting
  • 1-7 three-point shooting
  • 6 turnovers

Tatum also had a 10-point game in the Conference Semifinals. I hate to say it’s the equivalent of throwing away a game, but you can’t expect to win when your best player scores 10 points.

Boston can’t afford a bad game from Tatum or Brown against Golden State. You have to play your best basketball to knock them off. A big reason they won the Western Conference Finals was Luka Doncic didn’t have help.

It’ll take more than Tatum to win the 2022 NBA Finals. Can he and Brown avoid the down games?

Best Bets for the 2022 NBA Finals

The 2022 NBA Finals betting guide can’t solely focus on the winner of the NBA Finals. Let’s check out the NBA Finals best bets. The wagers are available at BetOnline.

Series Total Games: 7 Games (+185)

Following the Conference Semifinals, the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics became the favorites to represent their conference in the NBA Finals. It’s always great when the two best teams make the NBA Finals.

Golden State has only had one series advance past five games, but Boston will be their toughest opponent. We talked about the Celtics beating a trio of great teams to make the NBA Finals. This has the looks of a seven-game series.

Warriors fans aren’t too fond of the last Game 7 in the NBA Finals. They lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals.

The Warriors have home-court advantage, but the Celtics haven’t had an issue winning on the road. Their 7-2 road record is the best in the playoffs. They won Game 6 of the Conference Semifinals and Game 7 of the Conference Finals on the road.

It’ll be interesting to see if they can knock off the Warriors at Chase Center. Golden State is only 3-4 on the road, but a 9-0 home record makes them tough to beat. Ultimately, I believe each team will have at least one road victory.

The best NBA sports betting sites give you odds for the NBA Finals series length.

Draymond Green to Win Finals MVP (+1800)

Stephen Curry has won three NBA Finals and could go down as the best point guard in NBA history. An NBA Finals MVP award is the only thing missing from his resume. He’ll be a strong contender, but he doesn’t present much value. Instead, I’m pivoting to Draymond Green.

Green doesn’t typically produce big numbers, but he impacts all facets of the game. There’s a good chance Green will win the 2022 NBA Finals MVP if the Warriors win the title.

The NBA suspended him for Game 5, but he had a career performance in Game 7.

Draymond Green
  • 32 points
  • 15 rebounds
  • 9 assists
  • 2 steals
  • 11-15 field goal shooting
  • 6-8 three-point shooting

Green had 28 points and seven rebounds in Game 2. We haven’t seen those performances in the 2022 playoffs, but the potential is enough to justify the wager.

He’s coming off his best game of the playoffs. Green had 17 points, nine assists, and six rebounds in Game 5 of the Conference Finals. Will he be the one to deny Curry another Finals MVP?

First, you’ll have to determine who will win the 2022 NBA Finals.

NBA Finals Betting Strategy for 2022

The NBA Finals is a popular event for bettors. Knowing the best course of action before wagering on the Golden State Warriors or Boston Celtics is important.

Check out my top betting tips for the 2022 NBA Finals.

Don’t Worry About Regular Season Numbers

The Golden State Warriors will face the Boston Celtics for the first time since March 16. Boston picked up a 22-point victory in that matchup, while Golden State scored an 11-point victory in November.

I’d highly advise against valuing those games for the 2022 NBA Finals. The playoff performance will give you a much better indication of the 2022 NBA Finals winner.

For the sake of it, let’s compare the scoring numbers for each team in the regular season and playoffs.

Team Points Per Game (Regular Season) Opponent Points Per Game (Regular Season) Points Per Game (Playoffs) Opponent Points Per Game (Playoffs)
Boston Celtics 111.8 104.5 107.1 101.0
Golden State Warriors 111.0 105.5 114.5 109.1

The teams were nearly even in the regular season, but you see the difference in the playoffs. Boston has looked even better on defense, but Golden State has taken their offense to another level.

Base Your Finals MVP on the Winning Team

The NBA Finals MVP should go to the best player in the NBA Finals. Theoretically, that player should be from the winning team because the championship is more valuable than stats.

This might seem like an obvious betting tip, but we’ve seen a player win NBA Finals MVP on the losing team.

Jerry West won the 1969 NBA Finals MVP, despite the Los Angeles Lakers losing to the Boston Celtics. There is an asterisk with this award because it was the inaugural NBA Finals MVP. It’s the only time someone from the losing team won the award.

If you believe the Golden State Warriors will win the 2022 NBA Finals, it makes much more sense to wager on Kevon Looney than Jayson Tatum. Tatum should produce better numbers, but he won’t win on a losing team.

From there, you can start looking for value.

Prediction for Who Will Win the 2022 NBA Finals

We’re seeing a lot of hype surrounding the 2022 NBA Finals. We have a Golden State Warriors team with plenty of playoff experience vs. a Boston Celtics team with the best record since the All-Star break.

I’m going with the Golden State Warriors to win their fourth championship in eight years. The 2022 NBA Finals odds are in Golden State’s favor. They’re the better team with more playoff experience. Ultimately, their offense gives them the edge.

That wraps my 2022 NBA Finals betting preview. Feel free to check out the top apps to bet on NBA games.

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