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2022 EuroLeague Final 4 Betting Odds and Predictions

| May 5, 2022 11:07 am PDT
EuroLeague Final Four logo, basketball background with hoops and hands shooting ball

The 2021-22 EuroLeague grand finale is the Final Four tournament on 19–21 May 2022 at the Štark Arena in Belgrade, Serbia.

That’s the same venue that hosted the Final Four in 2018 when Real Madrid won the championship. Los Blancos have a chance to do it once again, although their EuroLeague odds don’t look that great. The reason? They’re locking horns with Barcelona in the semifinal, who is the #1 favorite to win the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four.

On the other side of the bracket is the reigning EuroLeague champion Anadolu Efes. The champ takes on Olympiacos, who are the biggest longshot of all the teams that have made it to the 2022 Final Four.

2022 EuroLeague Final Four Matchups
Semifinal 1 Semifinal 2
Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Olympiacos vs. Anadolu Efes

The two semifinals are played on Thursday, May 19, with the winners going toe to toe in the EuroLeague Final two days later, on Saturday, May 21. The losers of the two semis will play for the third place the same day, some two hours before the final.

So, which team will we see get ahold of the title? To learn my EuroLeague Final Four prediction, all you have to do is keep reading. I will now analyze the chances of all teams, dissect the odds, and even share some EuroLeague Final Four betting picks. So, let’s start!

Where to Bet on the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four

The EuroLeague Final 4 is the biggest event in European club basketball, and as such, many online sportsbooks cover it. It’s safe to say that a large majority of basketball betting sites already have the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four betting markets on the offer.

If you’re wondering which site to use for Final Four betting, I recommend picking one from the list above. Not only are each of those sportsbooks 100% legit, but you can be sure that the odds they’re giving are as competitive as possible.

Speaking of the EuroLeague Final Four odds, let’s see which teams stand the best chance to get ahold of the 2022 trophy.

Latest Odds for the 2022 EuroLeague Final 4

Anadolu Efes2.90
Real Madrid4.00

Judging by the EuroLeague Final Four odds, Barcelona is the #1 favorite to win the championship. It’s not much of a surprise to anyone following the EuroLeague this season. Barca’s been superb so far, finishing in the #1 spot in the EuroLeague standings in the regular season.

Even before the start of the season, Barcelona was seen as one of the strongest candidates for the title, together with the titleholder, Anadolu Efes.

The betting odds suggest that the most likely scenario for the EuroLeague Final is that those two teams will fight for the title. If that happens, it will be a rematch of the last season’s EuroLeague Final.

Barcelona needs to beat Real Madrid in the semifinal for that to happen. The odds of that happening are somewhere in the ballpark of 1.60. Oddsmakers also think Anadolu Efes is likely to beat Olympiacos, with the odds being 1.62.

If we’re going to witness a rematch of the last season’s final, odds suggest Barcelona might exact its revenge.

Why Barcelona Is Favored to Win It All

Two words – Nikola Mirotic. The Spanish player is the #1 reason Barcelona is favored to win the EuroLeague this season. The former Chicago Bulls power forward is one of the best non-NBA players in the world, if not the very best one.

He’s likely going to win the EuroLeague MVP award, which is no surprise considering that he’s the player with the highest Performance Index Rating (PIR) in the competition.

Apart from Mirotic, Barcelona has a few other amazing players, starting with veteran guard Nick Calathes, whose best assist-maker is this team’s best. Then there’s Nicolas Laprovittola, an Italian three-point maestro.

On top of everything, Barcelona also has a fantastic coach in Šarunas Jasikevičius, who remains one of the best players ever to play in the EuroLeague. In his managerial career, he’s done okay, although he’s still without a major trophy. Perhaps it’s time for that to change on May 21?

Can Anadolu Efes Defend the Title?

Quality-wise, Anadolu Efes isn’t much behind Barcelona. Some may argue that if it weren’t for Mirotic, Barca would be nowhere near Efes.

Sean Larkin and Vasilije Micic have been this team’s top players, and both are still in the competition for the MVP award. On top of those, a few others have been putting on impressive numbers this season, including Adrien Moerman, Tibor Pleiss, and Bryant Dunston.

Efes has been a fantastic coach. The man in question is Ergin Ataman, who won the coach of the year award during Efes’ EuroLeague-winning season. His tactics proved pivotal in many games that season, but especially in the championship game, which his team won against favored Barcelona.

Knowing all this, the Turkish heavyweight looks like a strong candidate for the 2022 title. The only trouble is that Efes hasn’t been very consistent this season.

We saw them lose to some major underdogs while also beating some giants like Olimpia Milano, for example, which is the team they knocked out of the EuroLeague Playoffs after 3-1 in the series.

Should You Bet on Olympiacos?

Even though EuroLeague Final Four odds make Olympiacos the biggest underdog of all the teams still in the game for the 2022 title, there is something you should know about this team. Olympiacos is sensational when playing on its turf, with a 13-1 record at home in the regular season of the EuroLeague 2021-22.

Okay, but the 2022 Final Four isn’t played on Olympiacos’ turf – you may argue. Well, the thing is that this team feels at home when playing in Belgrade.

Not only is the Serbian capital relatively close to Olympiacos’ hometown, but it’s very likely the local crowd will be rooting for the red-and-whites. The thing is that the venue of the 2022 Final Four is the Štark Arena, which is often used by Crvena Zvezda, whose fans have a great relationship with those supporting Olympiacos.

They will have the fans on their side, but how good actually are Olympiacos’ players. The fact that they’ve made it to the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four tells the whole story. They finished the regular season in the #2 spot. Then, in the Playoffs, they defeated Monaco 3-2.

Best Bets for the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four

  • Olympiacos (+4.5) against Anadolu Efes in the semifinal
  • Barcelona (-3.5) against Real Madrid in the semifinal
  • Nikola Mirotic to Win the EuroLeague Final Four MVP

It’s time to talk about EuroLeague Final Four betting. You can see my top EuroLeague Final Four picks in the list above. Below, you can check out my explanation of how I came up with those picks.

Although we will see Barcelona and Anadolu Efes in the Final, I think the reigning EuroLeague champion will have a very difficult job in the semifinal. The last time these two met, Olympiacos won after overtime.

I don’t think the Greeks will win again, but I wouldn’t be much surprised if they did. That said, betting on Olympiacos (+4.5) in the semifinal seems like a good option. This goes especially because the odds on that bet are 1.85.

In the other semifinal, Barcelona should be able to defeat its archrival without any problems. After all, Barca did it in both of their regular-season meetings. One of those games saw Nikola Mirotic score 31 points, breaking his personal EuroLeague record. Speaking of the devil, I think Mirotic is a great bet for the EuroLeague Final 4 MVP.

I think he will win the EuroLeague MVP award, but I also believe he will be crowned the best player in the final tournament. Betting on either of those markets seems like a good option.

2022 EuroLeague Final Four Prediction

  • My Pick to Win the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four: Barcelona (2.65)

I’m confident Barcelona will dominate the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four. They failed to do it last year, but I think they’re not going to let the trophy slip from their hands twice in a row.

Sure, all the teams that have booked the ticket to Belgrade are top-class, but Barca seems to have the star power needed to win titles. By “star power,” I’m thinking of Nikola Mirotic. With him fit and in the mood for playing, I can’t see anyone stopping Barcelona.

If you agree, now is the perfect time to do some EuroLeague Final Four betting. Why? Because the odds are going to change (or should I say, shorten) once the Final Four kicks off.

Interested in betting on the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four, but not sure how to proceed? Check out our EuroLeague betting guide for more information.

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