Early 2022 Emmys Odds with Analysis and Predictions

By Anthony Haage in Entertainment and Novelty
| June 29, 2022 9:23 am PDT
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It’s that time of the year again when we come together to celebrate our favorite TV programs. Over the past year, there have been many great shows, which has us wondering who will win at the 2022 Emmys.

The 2022 Emmy Awards odds give us the pathway to winning some money at this year’s event. You might not have been aware of betting on these awards shows, but it’s a great way to win some extra cash.

If you have a hunch about which TV shows will win an award at this year’s Emmys, or you want to cheer on your favorites, betting on the odds for the 2022 Emmys presents you with the opportunity to win big if you choose correctly.

Let’s examine which of the best gambling websites offer Emmy Awards 2022 odds.

Where to Bet on the 2022 Emmy Awards

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First things first, we must know where the 2022 Emmy Awards odds are offered. Of course, most popular sites provide the usual sports lines and casino games, but these sites stand out a bit more. They offer tons of great entertainment betting props all year long.

You can do your usual sports or casino gambling, but you could also spice things up with entertainment props such as the Emmy Awards. Everyone knows what it feels like to go through a rough patch in the gambling world, so doing something a little different could be an excellent way to get back on the winning side of things.

One of the best things about signing up with these top entertainment betting sites is that you get a generous welcome bonus by creating an account. For example, BetUS offers a 125% welcome bonus of up to $2,500 in addition to the unique props such as the Emmy Awards.

Creating an account is quick and easy. All you need is your first deposit’s personal information and payment option. You can choose whichever site you like, so take a look around to see what they all offer.

The BetUS sportsbook offers the 2022 Emmys odds as of right now, but more props should be available on the other sites the closer we get to the event if you prefer a site other than BetUS, set up your account.

For a closer look at how BetUs does business, check out our BetUS review.

There’s also no reason you can’t sign up on multiple accounts, whether you choose BetUS or not. Having an account on various sites allows you to compare odds and take advantage of welcome bonuses.

Once you set up your account, head to the “entertainment” betting tab to see the available props. Here’s what the early 2022 Emmys odds are looking like right now.

Odds for Outstanding Comedy Series

Ted Lasso-145
Abbott Elementary+550
Only Murders in the Building+850
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel+1200
Reservation Dogs+1600
What We Do In The Shadows+1800
The Great+2200
Ted Lasso

Starting with the comedy lovers, we have the odds for the Outstanding Comedy Series at this year’s event. These are the top 10 options, but head to BetUS to see the complete list (25 total).

The favorite to win this award is Ted Lasso at (-145), who was actually the 2021 winner. Season 1 was nominated an incredible 20 times that year and won 7 awards.

Critics also enjoyed Season 2 a little bit more, so there’s a chance Jason Sudeikis’ crew is up there to defend his crown.

There is intense competition for this award, though, with Barry right behind Lasso in the odds at (+125). Barry was graded higher than Ted Lasso on Rotten Tomatoes for all three seasons. Season 1 had a 98%, while seasons 2 and 3 were rated at 100%.

This show has been nominated for the Emmy Awards in various categories over the last couple of years. Barry has some serious value, considering it’s in positive odds territory and is highly respected.

After Ted Lasso and Barry, there’s still a good batch of competition here. Hacks and Abbott Elementary aren’t too far behind at (+350) and (+550), respectively. The 5th option is where you get into the serious sleeper range with Only Murders in the Building at (+850).

With Ted Lasso being the reigning winner of this award, they’ve given this comedy gem the title of favorite for this year. However, I would say it would be a little too repetitive to give it to the same show two years in a row, so why not switch it up for more value?

Outstanding Drama Series Odds

Squid Game+150
Better Call Saul+550
Stranger Things+1400

Heading into the Emmy Awards betting odds for Outstanding Drama Series, we have many powerhouses showing up for this one. Succession leads the charge with a decent lead, while Squid Game isn’t too far behind either.

The Breaking Bad spinoff in Better Call Saul follows those two heavy-hitters. Despite Succession having a good lead here, there is a lot of value in the other options.

There are many top-rated shows across the board, including Ozark, Severance, Yellowstone, Stranger Things, Euphoria, and more. If you were to predict the winner of this award correctly, you could be walking away with quite the “dramatic” win yourself.

You also have to remember when certain seasons of these shows are released. I would say, for example, that Season 4 of Stranger Things came out pretty recently, so it might be more fit for a 2023 award.

Succession’s 3rd season and Squid Game were released in late 2021, which aligns better with the timing here. Squid Game’s popularity spanned across the globe and was one of the most insane TV shows in recent memory.

It also has better odds than Succession, so you get a bigger payout if you win here. If you were hoping to see, Stranger Things win this one, hold on until next year. You can check out our predictions for Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 if you are looking for more.

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Who Will Win Outstanding Limited Series?

The White Lotus+150
The Staircase+850
The Dropout+1000
Under the Banner of Heaven+1400
Station Eleven+1600
The First Lady+2200
Moon Knight+3300

The last of the 2022 Emmys odds currently available will be the odds for Outstanding Limited Series. There is a favorite in negative odds territory like the other two props, but this one has the heaviest favorite of them all.

That would be none other than the limited series of Dopesick. The show is incredibly tense as it features the crisis of OxyContin addicts. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 88% score, while the audience score was a bit higher at 93%.

The White Lotus was a notch better at 89%, but the audience wasn’t as thrilled at 77% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Dopesick and The White Lotus are the two main competitors for this one, but there could be room for an outsider here. That said, MAID is next in line at (+650). The story of a single mother is always a roller coaster ride, which might make this a strong bet.

True crime lovers will enjoy The Staircase, but the release date (May 5th, 2022) is the problem here.

The First Lady is something you should steer clear of unless you absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, it had an abysmal 42% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s hard to say if it has any chance of winning here.

Marvel projects always tend to perform great with audiences, and Moon Knight was done very well. Oscar Isaac does an incredible job here, which might make his show one of the better sleeper bets for the Emmys this year.

The competition for this prop isn’t as strong as the drama category, making things more open-ended. Dopesick has the highest chance of winning, but just about any option here makes sense for value reasons.

Best Bets for Betting on the 2022 Emmys Odds

  • Barry to Win Outstanding Comedy Series (+125)
  • Squid Game to Win Outstandings Drama Series (+150)
  • Dopesick to Win Outstanding Limited Series (-200)

We are still in the early stages here, so more 2022 Emmy Awards odds should be offered down the road. As for right now, we can place our bets on these three props and try to capitalize.

The first two Emmys predictions for me have a similar theme. Both options are the second-most favored option to win their award. That allows us to capitalize on the better odds than the first choice if we are correct.

I would say that the top two choices for both props are pretty even across the board. It wouldn’t be a massive surprise if Ted Lasso won the comedy category and Succession won the drama category.

Squid Game

That said, it’s not like those shows are overwhelmingly better than Barry or Squid Game. In fact, you could make an argument that the last shows were slightly better.

As I said earlier, it might be a bit unsatisfying for Ted Lasso to win this award for the second year. However, voters’ fatigue could give an underdog like Barry the best chance to win.

Squid Game was “decisively Netflix’s No. 1 show of all-time with 1.65 billion hours streamed in the first four weeks.” I would say that’s a strong enough argument to win this award and is my favorite Emmy Awards betting pick at this point in time.

As for the limited series category, I think there’s a good chance for an upset, but I am not too impressed by the rest of the field. So, if there is a show you think has a chance to win, go ahead and bet on it.

Dopesick looks like the frontrunner right now for a reason, so it makes the most sense to go with that before the odds fall further into negative territory.

If you have never done any entertainment betting before, take a look at our guide for some extra pointers.

Advice for Betting on the 2022 Emmy Awards

Emmy Award

At the end of the day, the 2022 Emmy Awards odds allow you to become even more invested in your favorite TV shows.

If you absolutely loved a particular show over this past year and want to see it win an Emmy Award, you can end up winning right along with it, so be sure to show your support.

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards will be airing in September (12th) later this year, so there’s still a lot of time until then. That could open the door for other shows to finish up and get their final bids in to win an award.


Placing your bets now is essential, as the odds might worsen over time. For example, if you miss out on Squid Game’s (+150) odds right now, it might not be worth betting on if it falls into negative odds territory.

It’s similar to season-long sports betting. You want to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Nailing your predictions on the Emmy Awards betting odds will be a thrilling experience, and you could end up paying your TV subscription costs for the year.

Be sure to head to the top Emmys online bookmakers to place your bets for this year’s event. Also, if you are looking for more upcoming awards shows to bet on, the 2023 Oscars odds are right up your alley.

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