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2020 XFL Win Total Betting – How Many Wins Will Each Team Get?

| February 6, 2020 3:13 pm PDT
Dallas Renegades, DC Defenders, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, New York Guardians, Seattle Dragons, St. Louis BattleHawks, Tampa Bay Vipers and XFL Logos

There is a lot of hype surrounding the 2020 XFL season. Vince McMahon’s pro football league reboot looks a lot more sustainable the second time around, too, as the league has some solid star power.

With direct ties to DFS and sports betting — not to mention a fully funded league with locked-in TV slates — the XFL may actually have a chance to thrive.

For now, sports bettors can just focus on the here and now. Considering there was positive buzz for the AAF before its abrupt failure just last year, that’s probably best for everyone involved.

One wager to consider at the leading XFL sportsbooks is how many wins each team will get. Bettors need to factor in coaching, team talent, and perhaps even the slim chance this league doesn’t see the end of its first season.

I think it will (and then some), so the approach should be to bet on each team based on the coaching and talent. With that, here are my top bets for XFL team win totals going into the 2020 regular season.

Dallas Renegades Over 6 Wins (-120)

The favorite to win the XFL title this year (+350 odds at BetOnline), Dallas is understandably a pretty good bet to win well over 50% of their games.

Dallas will have ten games during the first XFL season, and if they’re going to come close to meeting expectations, it makes sense that they’d hit this Over.

Bob Stoops is running the show and was an elite, winning coach in college football. I doubt that changes here.

DC Defenders Over 6 Wins (-115)

The Defenders are right up there with the Renegades in terms of XFL title odds. They’ll also be a pretty good bet to win over 50% of their games.

Pep Hamilton runs the show for DC, and he has a really nice tandem for his offense in Cardale Jones and Rashad Ross. Jones specifically could use a successful XFL run to get back into the NFL.

I’ll be shocked if this isn’t one of the better offenses in the XFL in 2020, and it should be a big reason why they rack up a bunch of wins.

Houston Roughnecks Under 6 Wins (-125)

Things start to get tricky here, as this wager calls for “over” six wins. The Roughnecks are probably right on the fence between being a lock and potentially just hitting six exact victories.

That said, I don’t mind aiming high here. June Jones puts together brilliant offenses, and he’s had at least some level of success wherever he’s gone. His quarterback room is a little murky right now, but he has the offensive weapons to do serious damage.

Houston is my favorite XFL betting value if you’re looking to the title winner, so I’ll bet the Over. I just love the offensive upside with this team.

Los Angeles Wildcats Under 4 Wins (-105)

Winston Moss is the only defense-first mind coaching an XFL team this year, so it’ll be very interesting how he fares in what is clearly being pitched as an offensively driven league.

My guess is his lack of head coaching experience and specialty hurts him. I didn’t love the Wildcats in general going into this season, as they just don’t have a lot outside of star quarterback Josh Johnson.

Johnson will get them some points and wins, but this team could struggle as a whole.

New York Guardians Over 4 Wins (-120)

Kevin Gilbride hopes to have his championship success with the New York Giants rub off on his Guardians players in 2020. I don’t know if that’ll be the case, but I like his balanced approach and his defense’s upside.

The coaching is great for New York, and their roster has a lot of substance. If they can maintain a balanced offense like I think they can, they should have a real shot at topping this low win total.

Seattle Dragons Under 3.5 Wins (-115)

The Dragons enter the 2020 XFL season with the worst championship odds. That makes sense, as head coach Jim Zorn hasn’t had a ton of success in the past, and his offensive talent doesn’t blow you away.

Seattle may very well end up being a pretty competitive team, but they’ll need a lot to go right. Trusting in Brandon Silvers to consistently get the job done, in the end, just isn’t something I want to do.

St. Louis BattleHawks Over 3.5 Wins (-120)

The BattleHawks have seen a slight spike in their XFL odds, largely because this team could have a dominant rushing attack spearheaded by 6th overall pick Christine Michael.

While possible, that’s likely the only real route to success for St. Louis. They have major question marks under center and within their coaching staff. That said, I like them more than Seattle, and Michael could be enough to score them four wins.

Tampa Bay Vipers Under 7 Wins (-115)

Marc Trestman is a very good offensive coach and won three titles in the CFL. His offensive concepts work, and he knows how to build a winner.

Trestman isn’t working with scraps in his first season in the XFL, either. The Vipers have a steady quarterback in Aaron Murray and a solid cast of weapons that could present a potent offense.

That said, Tampa Bay’s defense is a question mark, and this is simply a really high mark to hit. Tampa Bay might get six wins, but betting on the Over at seven feels like a gamble.


The actual win totals may not match up perfectly here, but the point isn’t necessarily to go bet on every XFL team win total. Instead, this is my take on which side of each wager makes the most sense.

Dallas, DC, and Tampa Bay look like three of the best teams going into the 2020 XFL season, while I’m high on Houston’s potential. After that, you’re looking at some teams that will either simply be competitive or could flat-out struggle.

You can use that insight to bet on the XFL in numerous capacities in 2020, but this ideally will at least help you pin down your XFL team win total bets.

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