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2020 NFL Schedule Release – 8 Games That Will Become Ageless Gems

| May 8, 2020 9:19 am PDT
2020 NFL Schedule Release Instant Classics

Pro football ruled the day again on Thursday when the league pushed out all of its games with an official 2020 NFL schedule release.

When you have a league with 32 teams, a lot of the NFL schedule ends up being fodder. Just ask anyone who has watched the majority of Thursday Night Football games throughout history.

While there are certainly some 2020 NFL games you won’t want to watch, there are also sure to be some instant classics.

This is all just my opinion, but with some key draft picks, big free agency moves, and star power already residing on certain teams, the 2020 NFL schedule release gave way to some amazing games.

Here are 8 NFL games that will be instant classics after the 2020 NFL schedule release.

Buccaneers @ Saints (September 13th)

Everyone is dying to see what Tom Brady looks like in a Buccaneers uniform. They’ll also want to know what kind of impact he’ll have for a team otherwise forgotten in the NFL.

We’ll get a pretty good idea instantly, as Brady’s first meaningful game comes in New Orleans against a hated rival. That week one matchup also showcases the Brady vs. Brees element that nobody will get sick of anytime soon.

This is a game that could help decide the NFC South, prove whether or not Brady and the Bucs are Super Bowl threats, and also feature a ton of points. Instant classic, check and mate.

Chiefs @ Ravens (September 28th)

Patrick Mahomes vs. Lamar Jackson? Sign me up.

Two of the league’s best quarterbacks lead the way for the 2020 NFL MVP race and will butt heads early in the year, and it will rightfully be featured in Monday Night Football.

Last year’s clash wasn’t everything we hoped for, but this time, we get a tense showdown between two Super Bowl contenders in week three. Factor in the speed on both of these offenses, and this could end up being a high-scoring shootout.

Packers @ Buccaneers (October 18th)

A week three battle between Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees ranks pretty high up there, but we’ve seen those two go to war a few times before.

What we’ve seen only once, however, is A-Rod taking on Tom Brady.

Brady won the only meeting two years ago, but with the shift from New England to Tampa Bay, a rematch is expedited. This could be the first of multiple meetings, both this year and beyond.

Anytime you get Rodgers vs. Brady, you’re looking at a rare NFL moment. Given Green Bay’s 2019 success and the sheer talent on Tampa Bay’s roster, this one could be one of the best games ever.

Packers @ 49ers (November 5th)

Aaron Rodgers is one of the biggest names in football, and the Packers are a storied franchise. After going 13-3 and reaching the NFC title game, they’ll have crazy expectations going into 2020.

There are a lot of Packers games that stand out this year, but the one that may end up meaning the most is in the Bay Area. San Francisco destroyed Green Bay across two meetings in 2019, and if the Packers have any hopes of doing anything of merit, they’ll have to show they can at least hang tight.

If so, the Packers could deliver a huge upset that gives way to another magical year. At the very worst, this gives NFL fans another classic Packers vs. 49ers battle. Let’s just hope this one isn’t a ghastly blowout.

49ers @ Saints (November 15th)

The Niners had an amazing year that ended in a Super Bowl loss, so logic suggests they’ll be out for blood in 2020. It’s possible some regression sets in, but they do appear to be built for another run.

This November showdown with the Saints gives us a rematch of an amazing 2019 battle that saw the two sides total a ridiculous 94 points.

Are we for sure getting that again? No, but meeting number two does come in the dome, and we know what these offenses are capable of.

Chiefs @ Buccaneers (November 29th)

Could we just list the Chiefs 16 times? Probably. Patrick Mahomes and this offense are that good, and everyone will be watching them as they try to defend their title.

Their schedule is surprisingly fairly weak at first glance, though. One of the potentially tough games (and a beauty of a matchup) comes in week 12 when Mahomes and his crew will visit Florida to take on Tom Brady.

By then, we’ll know if the Bucs are legit title threats. If so, this epic meeting between Brady and Mahomes could go down as one of their best showdowns yet.

Cowboys @ Ravens (December 3rd)

Lamar Jackson is must-see TV in just about any sense. I’d bet against Lamar Jackson repeating as NFL MVP, but that doesn’t mean he won’t continue to dazzle for the Ravens.

Late in the year, he’ll get a chance to really impress with a huge home game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Big D is regarded as a potential Super Bowl threat due to the arrival of Mike McCarthy and a stellar 2020 NFL Draft showing, so this December clash could have huge ramifications for all parties involved.

Dallas also lost key defensive bodies and gave up the sixth-most rushing yards to quarterbacks in 2019. Jackson could have a field day, while this game in general could be a back-and-forth affair when the two sides collide in this NFL Network-hosted contest.

Bengals @ Dolphins (December 6th)

I threw up in my mouth a little bit. I know, these two teams were horrendous for much of 2019, but they made major strides this offseason.

Specifically, both teams landed franchise passers in Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa. Assuming they’re both under center at this point (and aren’t awful), we get their first-ever meeting.

That alone makes this a game to circle, but the first showdown between two (potentially) great young quarterbacks obviously has crazy upside.


There is an insane number of good NFL games to eye in 2020, and I’m sure plenty of them will be good to bet on, as well. Before you place any wagers, make sure you’re using the top-rated NFL betting sites available online.

This list is majestic, but I can’t help but wonder how it could be even better. Like, how and why are we not getting a Mike McCarthy return to Green Bay (Cowboys vs. Packers) this year?

My list of qualms is pretty short, though. These games alone look like they can prop the entire 2020 NFL season up, and I’m sure more will impress along the way.

Let’s just hope this season actually happens.

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