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2017 Blue Rift Rivals Finals: Team Solo-Mid vs Unicorns of Love

By Nathan Reid in Sports
| July 8, 2017 12:00 am PDT
eSports Finals Crowd

2017 Blue Rift Rivals finalists are Team Solo-Mid (North America) and Unicorns of Love (Europe). Finals will be played on Saturday at 12AM EDT to determine which team will become the first Blue Rift Rivals champions. So far the games were best of 1 but finals will be best of 5 and this will introduce a whole new level of strategy. Teams will have more time to prepare for their opponents so we might see some interesting turn of events.

TSM is a superstar team with players like Bjergsen & Doublelift and so far they have been the best preforming team in the 2017 Blue Rift Rivals. On the other side we have Unicorns of Love with an average record of 3-3. Team Solo-Mid and Unicorns of Love will be a true clash of styles. TSM’s slow and steady focus vs UoL’s controlled chaos approach; TSM’s early game vs UOL’s late game; TSM’s individual strength vs UoL’s team fights; TSM’s “one size fits all” strategy vs UoL’s adopting to opponents playstyle. Previous games were nothing but fun so we think we are in for a treat.

Lets start by reviewing group stage when they played each other. In the first game we saw a pretty slow start from both sides. Bjergsen was playing aggressive on mid but not really doing much; bot had a few engages but nothing serious and the junglers were focused on their camps. After 10 minutes of snooze fest, Vizicsacsi UoL’s top laner got a solo kill. From that point on things got interesting.

UoL’s top laner just kept engaging everyone and got 4 kills on Irelia before the 20 minute mark which is a massive lead. Junglers were pretty even & irrelevant in this game. Both used their abilities defensively without doing any real damage. Bot lane on the other hand was a bit of a problem for Unicorns of Love. Hylissang (UoL’s support) got caught multiple times and kept making the same mistakes all the time, giving TSM a huge advantage. It’s pretty safe to say that mid & support lost the first game for Unicorns of Love.

The second game started excellent for Team Solo-Mid. They were very aggressive and it paid off by getting 2 kills on top and bot lane. As the game went on TSM started to pressure UoL into making mistakes, unlike the first game every time TSM tried to make a clean pick UoL would turn the fight into a messy, multi kill, back and forth battle. Every fight Team Solo-Mid took went from bad to worse, ultimately resulting in them losing the game.

Unicorns of Love @ 3.51 (Pinnacle Sports)

It’s pretty obvious that Unicorns of Love are underdogs in this match. So far they played Team Solo-Mid seven times and came out ahead 5 times but with a different roster. In this tournament they are even at a 1-1 record. Second game was super fun. Team Solo-Mid had a great start and they were pushing for a victory but Unicorns of Love kept their cool and managed to win the game by a smart Baron play.

Team Solo-Mid’s game plan is getting ahead in the game early so they can just maintain their lead, play it slowly & finish the game without doing anything risky. On the other hand, Unicorns of Love are the complete opposite. They can play both styles but if the games get sticky, Unicorns of Love have a clear advantage. Team Solo-Mid has to play close to a flawless game to win it, which is pretty hard to do considering you have one of the best teams in the world on the other side of the rift.

Strengths: Unicorns of Love are focusing on team fights and not so much on individual players. TSM is counting on Bjergsen to make a play that will end the game(just like he did in the last game of G2). It will be an easy game for Unicorns of Love if they find a way to make Bjergsen irrelevant.

Weaknesses: They don’t have the talent, money or the experience Team Solo-Mid has.

Team Solo-Mid @ 1.31 (Pinnacle Sports)

Team Solo-Mid had a 5-1 record in group stages and the only team that managed to beat them were Unicorns of Love. It’s fair to say that North American teams looked & played better and the main reason for that is Team Solo-Mid.

Strengths: Looking at players as an individual, Team Solo-Mid has a clear advantage. Top & jungle are pretty even but TSM’s mid and bot lanes are way ahead. Bjergsen won his lane against Perkz in the first 5 minutes of the game. Even though Perkz was still relevant in mid and late game, we clearly saw that Bjergsen was miles ahead in terms of game sense and just keeping the game in check. Bot lane is even better. Doublelift & Biofrost never even came close to losing their lane in the early game. They rely on slow and steady pace without risking too much.

Weaknesses: Team Solo-Mid is just all over the place and they lack consistency. First they look unbeatable and then they look mediocre at best. Their safe playstyle is not much of an advantage. In a game vs G2 they had a massive lead and they still couldn’t finish the game in less than 50 minutes. Against teams like Unicorns of Love that can really hurt them (and we saw that in game 2).

Our pick: Unicorns of Love @ 3.51 (Pinnacle Sports)

Overall TSM is a better team with one of the best midlaner, if not the best foreign midlaner of all time. They played better, their picks were better, they reacted better when things got tough. Okay, but why did you choose Unicorns Of Love? Unicorns of Love are among the top 3 teams in Europe with a 5-1 record in EU LCS Summer Split; they won a game against Team Solo-Mid in group stage; every game they play is on mid-top level without osculations and giving them such a low probability of winning is just wrong. We believe that 3.51 is just too high for a game that could go either way.



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