12 Poker Rooms You Should Visit in the United States Before You Die

By Randy Ray
Published on March 18, 2017
12 Poker Rooms to Visit Before you Die

Poker is one of the most popular card games all over the world. It’s become so popular in the United States that most casinos have included rooms that are solely for the many different versions of the game to be played by large numbers of people.

These rooms usually have a large number of different tables that are decked out with all the things any player could ask for. They also come with great promotions and in some cases even special rates on rooms at the casino.

Having all this available for players brings the casinos more business and recognition. Some of the best poker rooms can be found in the most well-known cities like Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City.

Each of these rooms is different and offer many different versions of poker. Some of the most popular forms of poker such as Texas Holdem, Stud, Omaha, and 5 card draw can all be found in these rooms. Some rooms have great no limit action while others are famous for their legendary tournaments.

As you read, I show you some of the rooms with the most tables, best promotions, and special service, available in the United States. I’ve broken the rooms down by the city so if you’re taking a trip to one of these cities you can get all the information you need about the poker room’s right here.

Las Vegas Poker Rooms

Bellagio Poker Room

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is one of the most well-known casinos in the world. It has been featured in a number of gambling movies but the one that really showcased its style and elegance was Ocean’s Eleven.

The Bellagio has extended its elegance into its poker room. The room opened in 1998 and has a total of 36 tables with many different games and limits being played at all times. The room itself has the games No Limit versions of Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Stud poker being played all at the same time.

The room is set up with a management system that helps track the waiting list for all the games and for those already playing it tracks; it keeps track of the comps they receive while at the tables. The room is adorned with comfortable seating, warm leather, and dark wood to increase the overall experience.

One thing that sets the Bellagio’s Poker Room apart from those found in other casinos is that it has a room included that’s used for high stake games only. This room is known as “Bobby’s Room” and is set up to serve the players who are willing to spend large sums of money. This room was named after Bobby Baldwin who won the WSOP tournament in 1978. At any given time there are famous poker players that can be found enjoying the games at the two available tables in Bobby’s room.

The games in this room often have buy-in amounts set to $20,000 or more. The room is open 24 hours a day and offers the highest limit poker action in the entire world. If you make it into the room you can take advantage of the complimentary beverage or table side dining while you play.

When you play at the Bellagio Poker Room you can choose from games like 1-3 No Limit Holdem, 2-5 No Limit Holdem, 4-8 Limit Holdem, 1-3 Pot Limit Omaha, 2-5 Pot Limit Omaha, 20-40 7 Card Stud, and a variety of mixed games.

One of the best features of this room is the comp rate. Most casinos offer their poker players special comp rates while they’re at the table and the Bellagio is no different. At the Bellagio, your comps accumulate on your M Life card from the minute you swipe it at the table. At $2 an hour, you can really rack up the comps which can be used either at the table or elsewhere in the resort.

The Venetian Poker Room

Another of Las Vegas’s famous casinos, The Venetian is home to a poker room that covers 11,000 square feet. The room has 39 tables in the main playing area and 7 in a special high stakes section. The casino has joined the new more healthy form of poker rooms by making the rooms completely smoke free.

The tables at the Venetian are primarily Holdem tables but other versions of poker can still be found in a limited number. You can find all forms of Holdem being played with the minimum buy-ins ranging from $4- $8.

Each day the Venetian Poker rooms host tournaments. These games take place at 12 pm and then again at 8 pm. On Saturday the tournament is only offered for the 12 pm game. For the tournaments held Sunday- Thursday the buy-in for the 12 pm games is a freeze out that cost you $340 and the 8 pm tournament has a $110 + 15 buy-in. These tournaments allow a one time rebuy at a cost to you of $50.

The Friday and Saturday Tournaments have an increase in buy-in amounts due to the increasing number of players in the casino. This buy-in amounts to $550 for the 12 pm games and $200 for the 8 pm game on Friday.

The Wynn

The Wynn is known as one of the fanciest hotels and casinos found on the Vegas strip. This reputation has spread to the poker room. When you’re playing in the poker room you get a smoke free experience and can join games at any one of the 26 tables available.

Each of the 26 tables has an automatic shuffler to gain the players trust. The games that the tables offers vary but the majority of the tables are for Holdem both limit and no limit. Some of the games offered in this room include $1/3 no limit game for $100 minimum and $10/20 Omaha or H.O.R.S.E games, along with Chinese Poker.

Like most of the rooms in the U.S., the waiting list for a place at any of the tables can be long at times. The Wynn understands that players don’t want to just sit around and wait or have to go through a bunch of work to be put on a waiting list. That’s why they offer an electronic queue system at the front desk for the players to add themselves to any list they wish.

If the game has an open seat you’re direct to join the game but if not you add your initials and your name is called as soon as a seat opens up. For those who are staying at the Wynn, you can track the list from the poker channel in the comfort of your room.

The Mirage

The Mirage that has all kinds of attractions from the flames to the tigers you’ll be entertained from the minute you walk through the doors. Once you get past all the other attractions, you should give the poker room a try. One thing you must know first is that although the poker room itself is smoke-free the surrounding area is not, so you may still find a good bit of second-hand smoke gets into the room.

The room is in a high traffic area which for some players can cause some distraction. Most of the people who play at The Mirage like to enjoy themselves while playing their favorite version of poker and tend to be lively.

The poker room at The Mirage is a room that has 30 tables available. Most of the tables spread Texas Holdem in both the limit and no limit versions. These games run $3/6 to $20/40 for limit games and $1/2 for no limit games. Other tables spread Omaha and 7 card stud. Higher limits can be spread if the demand is there.

The Mirage has tournaments during most days during the week. Monday – Thursday no limit holdem tournaments take place at 7 pm with a buy-in of $230. Sundays the stakes go up and the buy in is $430 with the tournament start time being 5 pm.

The Mirage has sit and go’s with buy-ins ranging from $70 up to $175. These tournaments only get started once enough players have joined.

Reno Nevada Poker Rooms

Peppermill Poker Room

At Peppermill you’ll feel like a king or queen when you join a game at their new luxury poker room. The room is one of the hottest 24/7 poker rooms in the city. It offers 19 poker tables surrounded with plush seating and custom designed 9 hand lighted poker tables.

The lush leather seats will keep you comfortable while you play and you can relax and watch your favorite sports team play on the 36” Hi-def. screens that are displayed around the room.

The Peppermill also keeps the luxuries coming in the form of a smoke-free fresh air ventilation system, and exclusive restrooms for the players in the room. You also have access to a self-serve beverage station, and soup and sandwich area within the poker room.

The Peppermill offers daily tournaments as well as games from $2/$4 to No Limit. These tournaments are held in a special enclosed tournament room that brings you the highest level of luxury you’ll find in any poker room.

Peppermill also offers its poker players many different promotions and special services. Some of these include bonuses on registrations, on-time tournament bonuses, bonus chips for live play, and re-entries and re-buys for $20.

Harvey’s on Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe’s best poker room can be found at Harvey’s. This 16 table poker room boasts of tables with automatic shufflers and chairs with fixed legs for the stability of the player during the game. The room opens at 10 am Monday thru Friday and 9 am on the weekends.

Harvey’s has a smoke free atmosphere in the semi-enclosed room. This offers the players a less stressful atmosphere and gives you the ability to have a clear view of what’s going on in the room and at your table.

The games being played at the tables are mostly limit and no limit Texas Holdem along with a number of other limit games. Each morning Harvey’s offers a $40 buy-in for their most popular fast action Morning Turbo tournament. With the $40 buy-in, you receive 1,500 chips to start the fast action game.

Other tournaments offered can be entered for $3-6 and up to $40.


The Eldorado has a poker room that not only has some of the finest in comfort amenities but some of the best giveaways and bonuses in Reno. When you come to the Eldorado poker room you can take a seat at one of the 11 tables available.

The tables at the Eldorado have games running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The room has games being played like Seven Card Stud, and both limit and no limit Texas Holdem. All these games also have a Bad Beat Jackpot attached to it for the players to win.

When you become a player at any of the poker tables at the Eldorado you also make yourself eligible for daily cash giveaways and daily and weekly tournaments. At the present time, Eldorado’s poker room is offering $1-$5 Seven Card Stud and 3/$6 Limit Texas Holdem.

The No limit Holdem comes in $1/$2, $1/$3, and $3/$5. These games come with an extra bonus paid daily. Royal Flush, Straight Flush, and Four of a Kind hands can win you a cash bonus when you play in one of these games.

The poker room also has many different ways to increase your wins and earn comps. By playing in the poker room you’ll earn $2 per hour in comps which can be used in many of the best restaurants in Reno. You also have a chance to win in the Monday Madness cash giveaways, Texas Holdem High Hand Payouts, Easy Way Jackpots, and High Hand Seven Card Stud giveaways.

Eldorado holds tournaments both daily and weekly; these tournaments are all Texas Holdem games. The daily tournaments start at 10 am for No Limit Holdem with Bounties. Then on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6 pm, you can join the No Limit Holdem Deepstack with Bounties tournament. The First Friday of every month is a special No Limit Holdem Deepstack $2,000 freeroll and $500 in Bounties tournament that starts at 6 pm.


The poker room at the Atlantis casino offers a large variety of games and promotions that make your time at the tables lucrative and enjoyable. The room is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the benefit of its players

When you play in the poker room you get to indulge in tableside dining, state of the art flat screen TVs, and a self-serve beverage bar to make your experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

You can play any number of games in the Atlantis poker room but they’re most well-known for their daily $40 No Limit Texas Holdem Tournaments. Registration for these games starts at 9 am in the poker room. The tournaments start at 11 am and have added bonus prizes available.

Atlantis loves to stand out and one way they continue to do so with the poker room is the promotions available to the players. These promotions include $4 per hour comps, progressive bonus hands, prize wheel spin bonus, Lucky 13, EZ Way Bad Beat jackpots, and discounted meals for live game players.

Players who are staying at the Atlantis can also receive Poker Appreciation room rates with a minimum of 5 hours played each night you stay. If you’re an even more avid player and play for at least 10 hours you could receive a complimentary hotel stay. These specials are only available Sunday thru Thursday.

Atlantic City Poker Rooms

Borgata Poker Room

In Atlantic City, the poker room to be at can be found at The Borgata Casino. This poker room is the best found in Atlantic City. The room at the Borgata has a wide variety of games to choose from that run on a daily basis.

The room is set up to not only cater to the poker lover but also the sports enthusiast with the large TV’s hanging all over the room with all the live sporting events going on at the time. You would think this would be a distraction but many players find it comforting to have the background noise.

The games that run on a daily basis include 1/2 and 2/5 No Limit Holdem games, and 5/10 No Limit cash games. The Borgata also offers tournaments on a weekly basis with buy-ins that range from $60 up to $300. If you’re looking to play in a tournament, Wednesday may be a good day for you to play.

Wednesday’s at the Borgata you can choose from two No Limit Holdem tournaments with a buy-in of $120 with a $15,000 guarantee. These tournaments can be played at 11 am and 7 pm. Friday is another great tournament day at the Borgata. On Friday can get a chance at a $30,000 guarantee.

The Borgata also offers poker opens in the spring, fall, summer, and winter that can last for a month and include as many as 20 tournaments.

Harrah’s Poker Room

Harrah’s poker room takes a close second to the Borgata in Atlantic City. This poker room isn’t as grand as it once was but it still offers some great action to poker players who find their way in the doors.

The games at Harrah’s have a comfortable setting that brings back many regular players. At some tables, you’ll find the young players and at the other tables might be old timers that have many stories to tell. Either way, you can find great games with either set of players.

The cash games at Harrah’s include 1 /2 No Limit and 2 / 5 No Limit Holdem games. Harrah also has a PLO Hi/Lo game that runs every day known as the pink chip game and this is where you usually find your old timers.

One thing you’ll notice about the games at Harrah’s is that the Bad Beat Jackpot is regularly higher here than anywhere else. The jackpot at Harrah’s usually runs around $300,000 or more and doesn’t get hit on a regular basis. If the jackpot does get hit and you’re at the table with the winner, you receive a piece of the prize.

Harrah’s also offers weekly tournaments and also is home to some circuit action throughout the year. The tournaments at Harrah’s doesn’t usually draw too many players and the buy-ins tend to be much smaller than at other poker rooms so if you’re low on funds this might be the place to come if you want to play.

The Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget has a poker room that has made many changes to make it better and more comfortable for the players. The nugget promotions give it a great boost in bringing in players. One of the promotions that have brought in the most players was the $500 cash prize to the player who had the most hours in the room each month. This along with many others and the new and improved room setup, the Nuggets poker room is one of the up and coming sites to play poker in Atlantic City.

Since the Nugget was once part of a rundown casino, this new and improved poker room has helped bring in a new foundation of players. The room has many games of holdem and other varieties of poker going on at the same time. You can choose which game you want to and with the great atmosphere and wonderful promotions, you just might win big.

Bally’s Poker Room

Bally’s Poker room is set up different than many of the other rooms found in Atlantic City based on the games it offers. Bally’s is known for having strange limit games going on that you don’t usually see in poker rooms.

Bally’s has games such as 1/1 No limit cash games with a $150 maximum buy-in and 1/3 No limit cash game with a $500 max buy-in. These games bring in a variety of players and at times this can be good for you because the players that end up in the poker room have plenty of money to spend which causes the games to grow much larger here than in other poker rooms.

Bally’s also offers great extras that can make your time in Bally’s Poker room enjoyable.


The rooms I’ve told you about are some of the best rooms in the United States. These rooms all have different features that make them great, and even if you’re not a poker fan you should go in and check out a game. You might find that these rooms make it all worth playing.

Casinos are famous for the treatment that their customers receive while they play the games. Poker has become such a huge part of their revenues that they all tend to take extra special care of those who spend their time in the poker rooms.

The special treatment extends outside these rooms as well so once you’re done playing your game you might find yourself with a better room rate or that you’ve earned quite a bit in comps.

One thing we can say about each one of these facilities is that when you’re in the poker rooms you won’t ever find yourself uncomfortable. From the cushiony seats at the table to the way the tables are set up to accommodate players and allow them to have their own space, the player is truly holding a place of importance.

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One poker room you should visit if have never been there is Commerce Casino in the Los Angeles area. It is like no other. The largest in the world with well over 200 tables.
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