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11 Early Threats to Win Season 20 of The Voice

| March 27, 2021 9:45 am PDT

Season 20 of The Voice is well underway, with all of the Blind Auditions finally in the books.

That means all four teams are set, and the only changes that come next will arrive as some of your favorite singers begin to get axed from the show.

Next week is the start of The Battles, and that part of the show will extend through April 5th. I could wait to gauge the early contenders to win The Voice season 20, but it could be useful to try to project serious threats now.

At some point soon, the top entertainment betting sites could issue odds for who will win The Voice 2021.

When that happens, bettors need to be ready. Whether based on their own research from watching the show, or advice columns like this, you’ll need to figure out which singers can win The Voice season 20.

It’s a long process, but a few contenders stand out above the rest through the first several weeks. With that, let’s break down the early contenders from the Blind Auditions that could win season 20 of The Voice.

Avery Robinson

Let’s start things off with Avert Robinson, who is a unique talent in two ways. For one, he has an effortless country voice that is basically perfect.

There is a strong, smooth, and effortless tone to work with here. The other thing is this kid does not match his voice at all.

The coaches all fell in love with his voice immediately, and nobody would bat an eye at that. But there’s no doubt they were surprised at the voice attached to his youthful look.

In the end, all four chairs turned, and the country singer landed where he belonged, with Blake Shelton.

With a voice like that, Robinson being teamed up with the most winningest coach in The Voice history makes him a real threat to win season 20.

Pia Renee

The funny thing about The Voice is that it really hasn’t ever been a show that only caters to young singers that need major development.

The coaches want to be needed, but sometimes coaching up a finished product is also good.

Renee is exactly that, as he came in with a perfectly wrapped package of confidence, excellent control, personality, and soul.

There was not a single thing wrong with Renee’s audition. The song choice didn’t blow me away, but she otherwise had a perfect blend of personality, flair, fluidity, tone, and power.

Landing with John Legend was ideal and paired with a musical wizard may give her a real shot at winning in 2021.

Savanna Woods

I don’t know what it is about raspy voices, but I am a fan. I also have a special place in my heart for 1990’s music, so Savanna Woods grabbed me by the throat and never let go.

But tell me I’m biased after seeing her bring the house down with a gritty take on “Zombies”.

Woods seriously has it all. There’s the rasp and grit in a unique tone, she’s an eccentric personality, and she also flashed power and a delicate side.

Kelly Clarkson waited until the very last second to do it. I was a little shocked that more than two coaches didn’t turn their chairs, as this is a vintage rock singer that may have the talent to marry old school music with this modern era.

Anna Grace

One of the best auditions on season 20 of The Voice was easily Anna Grace, who did a little bit of everything in a perfect cover of Billie Eilish’s “My Future”.

Her layered effort got all four coaches to turn their chairs.

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native is the total package, and she offered extra flair in her singing.

John Legend pointed out how nuanced her performance was – and he wasn’t wrong – but she connected more with Kelly Clarkson and joined Team Kelly.

Carolina Rial

When betting on who will win The Voice, it’s often difficult to separate amazing auditions from realistic expectations.

I don’t know if the latter applies to Carolina Rial, but she absolutely smoked her audition, and her twist on Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” was easily one of my favorite moments of the Blinds.

Rial is exceptionally talented, and she put her full arsenal of soft tone, killer power, runs, and personality on display in that one epic performance.

Seriously, this is a combination of Regina Spector and Mariah Carey. The potential is off the charts.

Will Rial ever live up to the hype of this crazy good audition? That remains to be seen, but there’s no denying the talent is there for a dream run.

Ciana Pelekai

I am a sucker for tone, and Ciana Pelekai lures you in immediately with her brilliant take on “Dance Monkey”.

From the jump, she pours her personality into a fun, upbeat performance, while unveiling her special tone and exceptional control.

Pelekai was ultimately paired with John Legend, who will test her skills along the way and get the most out of her talent.

Already blessed with elite stage presence and crazy vocals, the Hawaii native has one of the highest ceilings on this season.

Zae Romeo

You know you’re a solid singer when you get all four coaches interested in guiding you to the top.

That’s what Zae Romeo did when he crushed his take on the Harry Styles song “Falling”.

The 21-year-old Texan has total control of his voice, and he used this song to put his talents on full display. There was real emotion and depth in his vocals, too.

Jonas had nothing but praise as he tried to convince Romeo to pick him as coach.

“The vulnerability of the softer moments. That performance was phenomenal. It touched me. Please, please, please, come to Team Nick”

Romeo ultimately opted to go with Nick Jonas, which should give him a chance to appeal to a younger audience, and tap into his layered talent and versatility.

Kenzie Wheeler

I am personally not a big country music fan, but there are simply some country singers you can’t deny.

Wheeler is one of them, as he unleashed an old school, authentic country voice in his take on “Don’t Close Your Eyes”.

There were other strong country performances, but everything else felt like imitation compared to Wheeler, who was wholly captivating with a perfect tone and immaculate control.

Oddly enough, Blake Shelton got blocked on the strongest, mullet-donning country vocalist of the year. Team Kelly will have to do, but Wheeler has the country chops to make a deep run, no matter who is coaching him.

Gihanna Zoe

I have certain criteria for putting singers into my early contender breakdowns, but the big one is whether or not I get chills from hearing them sing initially.

Gihanna Zoe certainly passed that test, as she changed gears three times – and so effectively – while putting all of her ability on display in a smashing performance of “She Used to Be Mine”.

Zoe has the goods to go the distance. The power, tone, control, and potential is all there, and she’s paired with one of the best powerhouse pop vocalists of all-time in Clarkson.

Corey Ward

Ward is an interesting case for two reasons. First, he was actually here at The Voice last season, but wasn’t voted through.

He was just as awesome with his take on “Way Down We Go” back then, but he put every ounce of his emotion into his second chance.

The first time around, song choice could have tripped Ward up. He seemed to not handle the pace of the song initially and had too many lulls.

In his latest audition, he came in with the heat from the beginning, instantly putting his gravelly tone in your face.

The emotional depth, pain, and power packaged here make Ward a special “rock star” case.

Teamed up with someone who knows power as well as anyone (Clarkson), Ward has a chance to do something special this season.

Connor Christian

Are there other The Voice auditions that could have produced legit contenders? Sure, but I’m just giving my opinion of who I’m high on, that I also think can potentially go all the way.

I’ll cap things off with Connor Christian, who took it to another level with “Bright Lights”.

It’s all about tone with Christian. His audition didn’t floor me in the sense that he didn’t really ask much out of himself, but his tone speaks for itself. It’s instantly memorable, and the technical aspect was rock solid.

And the power he revealed near the end of the song really took it up a notch.

Christian will have to reveal another layer to his game to go the distance, but when you start with raw vocals like that, you’re in the race.

Who Will Win The Voice Season 20?

I’m not here to tell you that any singer not listed here can’t win season 20 of The Voice. There aren’t odds to base anything off of just yet, and it’s tough to rank so many talented singers.

That said, I can certainly assess things based off initial auditions, coach reaction, the coach each singer is paired with, their talent, and the feeling I got when hearing them.

The singers above feel like the best bets to contend for the title this season, while Carolina Rial stands out as the biggest threat.

She just has it all. If you’re looking for someone who has the right amount of star power, tone, power, and ability to raise their ceiling, she really takes the cake.

If I had to predict who will win The Voice season 20, that’d be my bet. Of course, things can change in the blink of an eye.

Keep tabs on how the show progresses and be sure to check the best sites for betting on The Voice for updated odds.

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