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The Walking Dead Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Series

| October 11, 2020 1:52 am PDT
10 The Walking Dead Characters That Deserve Spin-Offs

The Walking Dead as we know it is nearing an end. Officially, I might add.

The franchise as a greater entity will live on, as Fear the Walking DeadThe Walking Dead Beyond and other branch-off projects are always going to be there.

But the mother ship, as former Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln calls it, signs off in 2022, after 11 seasons.

Many more episodes are yet to come before that happens, and some spin-off series are already being speculated. 

Due to the popularity of this TV show, and the engrossing nature, I figured it’d make sense to take a look at all of the amazing characters this series has given us, and detail which ones deserve their own TV show.

Rick Grimes is getting his movies. Daryl and Carol might be getting their own show, too. And while we don’t yet know how all of the existing characters will meet their end on the show by 2022, it’s worth wondering who could excel on a bigger platform in this universe.

It’s all subjective, but maybe entertainment betting websites will end up offering wagers as to which characters get killed off, or who gets their own show. If not, at least it’s a little bit of fun as die-hard TWD fans mourn the passing of the show’s 10th season.

With that, here’s a look at 10 The Walking Dead characters that deserve their own spin-off series.


Daryl & Carol

Let’s get this one out of the way, and it’s already the main The Walking Dead spin-off series being discussed.

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) basically have had their own TWD franchise lately, as they’re now the longest-running characters on the flagship program.

Still, if the original series has to die, it doesn’t necessarily need to take all of its stars into the grave with it. 

There are talks of a spin-off series featuring these two best buds, and even though both have seen their characters’ arcs closed off numerous times, they keep on kicking.

Did I ever envision Daryl successfully taking over as the face of The Walking Dead? Not really, but he’s proven he can carry a series. A show dedicated more toward just his and Carol’s journey isn’t a sure-fire can’t miss, but it’d be worth checking out.

Both characters are redeemable and badass, while they also have a sense of undying redemption being sought; redemptions that they maybe can find in each other. That, or they’ll just tour the globe in vain, but existing enough to help others along the way.

Believe it or not, there is purpose in pure survival. Daryl and Carol have taught us that, and there’s nothing wrong with them doing it some more in their own show.


If Daryl hasn’t been the face of The Walking Dead franchise in recent years, then it’s impossibly been Negan. 

The guy who terrorized Rick and the other survivors and made his entrance by bashing in the heads of some of our most beloved characters deserves his own TV show, though? Yep, that guy sure does.

It’s still possible the showrunners just kill Negan off before the flagship series comes to an end, of course. It’d only be fitting. Daryl still has reason to get Negan back, and the return of Maggie puts this debate front and center.

Like, are they just supposed to forget what he did?

Exile is another possibility, while forgiveness and everyone collectively moving on is another. Negan did turn a corner eventually, after all, and even played a key role in helping our favorite survivors stay alive.

If Negan lasts through the series finale in 2022, Jeffrey Dean Morgan could jump to another huge project, or he could just keep playing the role of a lifetime in his own TWD series.

Why shouldn’t he? We could pick up where Negan leaves off in The Walking Dead, which would set him forth on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. Maybe he finds a new group to save and/or lead. 

Even better? How about a prequel series. 

We’d get a real deep dive into what made this man the monster he became, and we’d get a large portion of the story of The Saviors. It’d be relatively short-lived, but Better Call Saul showed us how you could make a prequel and crush it.

King Ezekiel

There is a lot of story to tell with King Ezekiel, who is a complex character when you really think about it. I thought it was the opposite, that he was a walking cliche and a bit boring, until that episode where he broke down in realization that he was just “some guy”.

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course.

Ezekiel is a ferocious and tireless fighter, a true warrior, and a remarkable leader. The show kind of makes him gimmicky at times, but he has incredibly strong attributes, and Khary Payton really brings the character to life.

The question is how you tell his story, not whether or not we need to hear it. Obviously everyone is on the table for a death as TWD inches toward the finish line, but who wouldn’t want to watch King Ezekiel venture off to a new world and lead his people?

If we can’t get that – whether he’s killed off or not – how about we go back to when it all started? 

There should be plenty to work with once King Ezekiel officially takes over his group, and leading up to when he first has a run-in with the saviors, when he makes his deal, and ultimately bands with Rick Grimes and our favorite survivors.

You can honestly go back even further, though. We’d get King Ezekiel’s full backstory, the development of an insanely underrated character, and another inside look into the evolution of a world overtaken by zombies.


The same goes for Michonne, who has a ton of untold backstory, and has officially left the flagship series. Her exit set up a potential reunion with Rick Grimes down the road, something we’ll likely see in those long-awaited Rick Grimes movies.

In some fashion, it’s possible we see her again. Maybe she’ll come back for the ending of this series in 2022, too. All we know is just like Christopher Walken needs more cowbell, we could always use some more of the sword-wielding Michonne.

I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription is more Michonne.

Nobody displays controlled fury better than Danai Gurira, who is very much on the rise in Hollywood, and undoubtedly has a lot of other interesting projects coming at her.

She may very well just be done with the franchise that made her a star, but I certainly hope not. We know from the very first time we met her character that her backstory is extremely promising, so the journey to who she has become would be a fun one to take in a prequel series.

Of course, Michonne could just venture out on her own The Walking Dead spin-off show, seeing as she is still very much alive and seemingly on the prowl for Grimes. 

Whether we go back in time and follow her from her beginnings during the world’s fall, or we track her as she looks to reunite with her lost love, this is a story we all would love to see.

Alpha & Beta

These two are all of the dead. They were insanely powerful and ruthless villains, so much so that you almost hated to see them go. Alpha spared no one in her plight for control, while Beta ruled next to her with an iron fist.

They exited about as impressively as they debuted. Nobody will forget Alpha being duped by Negan, only to have her head cut off.


Beta got it even worse, as he got the double stab to the eyes, before getting eaten alive by his zombie pals. These were epic exits, which really were appropriate for how strong these characters were.

The Whisperers faded to black at the end of season 10, but my goodness, could there be an onslaught of episodes detailing the journey of this entire group.

We did get some nice backstory for Alpha, but she has had a long and dark journey to power. From her humble beginnings of just trying to navigate the chaos, to wearing zombie skin, Alpha was the poster child for grit and survival.

Whilst being a total savage, no doubt.

The point is these characters – played flawlessly by Ryan Hurst and Samantha Morton – deserve even more screen time. A spin-off featuring them both in a tale of the rise of The Whisperers? Yes, please!

Abraham Ford

There are a lot of people who died in tragic ways on The Walking Dead, but few took one for the team in such a badass fashion.

Abraham was one of the strongest characters the show has ever seen, and that’s precisely why Negan eeny-meeny-miny-moe’d his way to the top of his head with his barb-wire-laced bat.

Negan knew of all the people kneeling to him, Ford was the one that was never going to truly give in. 

While that moment sparked the end of Abraham (and Glenn Rhee) and will live with us forever, there is merit in going back and telling his story.

If the original series is going to be gone by 2022, it’s going to take some other fun characters with it. Before meeting Rick Grimes and the rest of the group, Ford had a greater purpose of getting Eugene Porter to Washington D.C. in an attempt to save the world.

We know that was a farce now, but Ford’s backstory and the journey that led to his eventual demise is one I wouldn’t mind partaking in.


This was one character death that I never agreed with. I know that actor Tom Payne got an awesome chance to star in his own series (Prodigal Son), so obviously he had to take advantage of his situation and jump on it.

I get why and how he was killed off, too. He was always a pretty big risk-taker, and the show needed a big death to help announce the arrival of The Whisperers. 

Jesus always found a way to get himself out of a jam, and had those been just regular zombies in the fog, we know darn sure he’d have gotten out alive.

But they weren’t, and seeing Jesus go down for the count told us we were in for something really scary.

He’s gone for good in the here and now, but this is another fantastic The Walking Dead prequel opportunity. Jesus really didn’t get enough airtime, as he was a pretty funny personality, and he also had a versatile skill-set.

This series could take us all the way back and give us a great backstory, as well as a few seasons of risk-taking adventures before he meets the Hilltop crew and eventually runs into Rick Grimes.

Maggie Greene

Lastly, we have Maggie, who finally made her much-speculated return in the season 10 finale. She’s been off leading or pillaging, and/or raising her kid, who we assume is who accompanied her in her comeback.

Whatever the case, Lauren Cohan was gone because much like some other people who leave the show, she had her open project going on.

Sadly, Whiskey Cavalier never took off, and now she’s back.

I’m honestly not that interested in a prequel here, so it’s a good thing she’s still alive and kicking. After all, we’re pretty sure she and her dad were just chillin’ with the fam on the farm the whole time.

Not exactly a riveting TV show prior to Rick Grimes and company showing up.

We can hit the ground running from here, of course. Maggie can help the group take things to the next level before The Walking Dead goes away for good in 2022, and then if she’s still alive, she and her kid can enjoy life in their own spin-off series.


This is just my list of 10 The Walking Dead characters that deserve their own spin-off series. I didn’t really intend on keeping it or “forcing” it to get to 10 people, but I don’t hate that it ended that way.

You could argue a few more compelling characters, and hey, if those Rick Grimes movies never happen, I’m all for just rebooting this thing with Andrew Lincoln roaming the woods with a grey beard.

But we can’t let The Walking Dead franchise go away. And I’m not a big believer in just creating new characters left and right that we have zero attachment to.

Let’s dip our toe in the great waters of nostalgia and breathe some life back into these characters, whether it has us going back in time and exploring old passages, or discovering new ones.

Of course, nobody really knows what’s coming. All we know is that TWD is hugely popular, and there’s money to be made in pushing more shows and movies out about it.

At some point, you’ll also be able to bet on what shows get made, which characters die, and so on. When that happens, be sure to hit up the best entertainment betting websites.

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