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The Best Bitcoin-Only Gambling Sites in 2022

People buy Bitcoin for all sorts of reasons. For example, some people see Bitcoin as an investment vehicle. They expect it to rise in value over time, which in turn will increase their profit and net worth.

For others, it’s about the perks. Bitcoin comes with perks such as anonymity, lightning-fast transactions, cheaper fees, and avoiding payment issues.

In fact, these are many of the same reasons why people prefer to gamble at Bitcoin-only gambling sites. The good news is that, if you join the right site, you can experience all these benefits and then some.

So, where do you find one of these sites? Well, you can find one on your own, but a much faster approach is to use our recommendations instead. You’ll find our top picks in the table below. Choose a site to get started now.

Our list of recommended Bitcoin-only gambling sites is currently being updated. Please check back soon for our latest recommendations.

Every site we recommend has been vetted for safety, security, and overall quality of experience. We do this to save you time. All you have to do is choose a site, and you can be gambling in a matter of minutes.

Of course, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to know more about gambling with Bitcoin online. Just to be on the safe side.

With that in mind, here’s what you’re going to learn about below.

  • How we choose the sites we recommend
  • The biggest reasons why you should consider gambling with Bitcoin
  • Tips for beginners who haven’t yet invested in cryptocurrency

If that sounds good to you, then jump into the next section and start reading now.

4 Must-Haves in Every Bitcoin Site We Recommend

We don’t recommend every Bitcoin site we come across. It’d be a major disservice to our readers if we did because there’s no way that every single site is worth your time.

But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? How do you know which sites are worth your time?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that. We’ve already done the work for you. The best Bitcoin-only gambling sites are in the table above.

We’ll show you how we chose them, though. That way, you can understand why we feel that these are the best sites you can join in 2022 instead of simply taking our word for it.

With that in mind, the following four things are must-haves in every Bitcoin-only site we recommend.

1Provably Fair

It’s important to us that the sites we recommend offer provably fair games. This is a fun option to play with, for one thing. It’s also a useful tool to ensure that the games you’re playing are fair.

This especially comes in handy if the sites you’re playing at aren’t licensed/regulated and/or if their games aren’t tested for fairness.


If a Bitcoin-only gambling site doesn’t offer anonymity, there’s not much else that distinguishes it from a traditional or hybrid gambling site.

One of the reasons why we invested in Bitcoin in the first place is so that we could keep our information 100% private. Why would we give that up to gamble online, a hobby where people often value their privacy the most?

3Exclusive Bitcoin Games

Another perk to playing at these kinds of sites is that you get to play games traditional casinos simply don’t offer.

For example, you don’t see traditional casinos offering games such as Satoshi Dice or Minesweeper.

You can play these at Bitcoin-only sites, though.

4Improved Fees/Juice/Odds

It doesn’t cost as much to run a Bitcoin gambling site as it does a traditional site. Many sites will pass these savings onto you.

This means that you’ll pay less (or zero) banking fees, sports betting juice, and poker rake. You’ll also get better odds in the casino.

You can’t complain about that, can you?!

These 4 items are important to us. Without them, you might as well play at a “normal” online gambling site. So, we try to make sure that most if not every single site we recommend on this page has these traits.

However, those aren’t the only traits that matter.

55 Other Important Traits You Don’t Want to Ignore

It’d be nice if all we had to worry about are the 4 items above. That’s not the case, though, unless you want an unforgettable experience online…in the worst way possible.

No, there are a few other things we look for when choosing which sites to recommend. Let’s look at each one now.

We prefer to recommend gambling sites that are licensed. It’s a small barrier to entry that weeds out the scumbags. Depending on who the license is from, you might also have options for if/when you have issues with the gambling site that you can’t resolve on your own.
Solid Support
Responsive and helpful support is key since you can’t exactly talk to people in person. We try to recommend sites that offer responsive email and live chat support at the very least. We give sites that offer phone support bonus points.
Variety of Offers
Promotions don’t make your experience but enhance it instead. We look for sites that have at least a couple offers for each gambling product they offer. We give extra credit to gambling sites that offer a VIP program and/or cashback.
Variety of Gambling Offers
We prefer sites that offer everything under one roof. That includes online poker, sports betting, casino games, and online bingo. Many sites nowadays offer 2-3 of these options, which is okay. We also look at each individual product to make sure there’s plenty of variety, too.
Reasonable Terms
Many gambling sites look great on the outside. They have tons of games, betting opportunities, great offers, and more. Then you look at their terms and realize that they have predatory bonus terms or super-low banking limits. We double-check the terms to make sure they’re reasonable for our readers.

In addition to all this research, we also scour the internet and gambling forums to make sure none of the sites we recommend have a shady background or are currently involved in any shenanigans.

Only once we’ve done all this work – and assuming the site even meets our standards – do we feel comfortable recommending them to our readers.

Other Bitcoin Sites We Recommend

All-in-one gambling sites aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you want to join a site specific to what you want to play or bet on.

With that in mind, on the following pages, you’ll find more specific recommendations for sports bettors and casino and poker players.

8 Reasons Why Bitcoin-Only Sites Are Better

Some people that read this will already know that they want to play at a Bitcoin-only gambling site. Maybe they already have an account at one or three of them.

This section isn’t for them.

This section is for those of you that are interested in Bitcoin-only sites but aren’t sure if they’ll be a good fit for you. We’re going to share a few reasons why you should at least consider giving them a shot.

1You Can Claim Larger Offers

One of the many benefits you can enjoy when you use Bitcoin to gamble is larger offers. Now, not every gambling site will have huge offers. You won’t find huge offers for every product a site offers, either.

Usually the largest offers are for the casino. If you’re lucky, you’ll find an offer along the lines of a 100% match up to 1 BTC.

Take full advantage of this offer, and it’s like getting a bonus worth $7,000-$8,000. We challenge you to find a similar or better offer from a hybrid or regular gambling site.

Sometimes gambling sites sweeten the pot even more with free spins. This is all on top of the offers you can claim in their sportsbook and poker room, too.

2Faster Payment Processing

Use traditional payment methods, and it can take a day or more to receive a cash-out. You’re looking at several days for a credit/debit card cash-out and a week or more for bank transfers.

Bitcoin is way better than that. You can often receive payments instantly. If not instantly, then usually within 15-30 minutes or maybe a couple of hours. You won’t wait days for it.

This perk is especially helpful for Americans, as payment processing can be a pain.

3Lower Limits

Another benefit you can enjoy with Bitcoin is lower playing limits. We’ve seen this mostly in casinos, though we have no doubt it’s an option in Bitcoin-only sportsbooks and poker rooms, too.

Bitcoin goes to the 8th decimal place. This is worth $0.000076. While we’ve not seen betting limits that low online, we have seen them far lower than the $1 betting limit or $0.01 machine limit that traditional casinos have in place.

Because of these super-low limits, you might not have to worry about a deposit limit, either. This means that you don’t need to have tons of money in Bitcoin to have a good time gambling online.

4Fees Are Lower Across the Board

Bitcoin sites are cheaper to operate compared to traditional sites. Just look at the payment processing aspect of things, for example. Gambling sites don’t have to pay fees on every single transaction that goes in/out of their door.

Many sites pass these savings onto their customers. This means lower or zero banking fees, rake, juice, and improved odds in the casino.

5Provably Fair Games

Provably fair is an option only available with Bitcoin games. It allows you to check the game/hand after you played it to see if it was fair.

It’s great that you can do this in real time. Traditional sites are tested for fairness, but that’s only every so many months or years. You have to take their word for it that, on a day-to-day basis, their games are fair.

There’s also something to be said about seeing for yourself that the games are fair, as opposed to taking the site’s word for it.


Join a Bitcoin-exclusive gambling site, and another benefit you’ll get to enjoy is anonymity.

There are several sites where all you need to do is punch in a captcha, transfer your funds, and then make your bet.

Some offer the option to create your account, but you don’t have to. Your data is saved to your browser. However, it might be a good idea to create even a basic account if you plan to log out or clear your cookies.

Going this route, no one will know you’re gambling online unless they have access to your computer. Bitcoin gives you an extra layer of privacy that’s difficult to get otherwise.

7Fewer Payment Issues for Americans

One area that’s always been difficult for US gamblers is banking. Thanks to the UIGEA, banks and other financial institutions are prohibited from processing payments to/from gambling sites.

This creates a ton of issues. For one thing, you run the risk of having your payments turned down. Your bank can also pause or close your account.

You can’t really blame them, either. They’re only trying to follow the law.

Bitcoin gives Americans and everyone else a way to fund their accounts without having to deal with 3rd parties. Your bank can’t close your account if they don’t have access to it.

8Play in Bitcoin

An issue with going the hybrid gambling site route is that you can deposit using Bitcoin, but most times, they convert your Bitcoin to dollars (or whatever currency you want/can play in).

This sucks because you now have a currency you didn’t want. You also have to deal with timing things well when you cash out. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting less Bitcoin than you could.

This isn’t an issue with Bitcoin-only sites. You can deposit AND play in Bitcoin, which means you don’t have to worry about exchange rates, fees, or timing the market.

Now, not this or any of the other benefits in this list are guaranteed. They’re available more often than not, though, which is why we recommend that our readers give Bitcoin-only sites a shot to see how they like them.

You need to have some Bitcoin to play with first, though. The next section will help you a little on the investing end of things if you have yet to pull the trigger on investing in cryptocurrencies.

9 Newbies Tips for Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Everyone is jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. Bitcoin and tons of other cryptocurrencies have exploded in value the past couple of years.

It’s not a good investment for everyone. It’s risky. It’s volatile. Some even say it’s not even a legitimate currency (with good reasoning to back it up) and that you’re a fool to “invest” in it.

We don’t know if we’d go that far. Besides, what you do with your money is your business. You’re an adult. You need to do your own homework and decide if Bitcoin is worth buying or not.

While we can’t make that decision for you, what we can do is give you a few tips for investing in it. That way, if you do decide to go this route, you’ll have the information you need to make educated decisions.

Let’s get to it.

1Most Altcoins Will Not Survive

Experts say that the Pareto Principle will be at work here, as it is for most things in life. What that means is that most (80% of) altcoins will not survive.

The same experts say the increase in popularity is akin to the hype we saw during the ‘90s dotcom era. That boom didn’t end well for lots of companies.

Just something to mull over as you go through the rest of these tips.

2Invest in Currencies That Solve a Problem

The same experts from the previous tip suggest that you should only invest in cryptocurrencies that solve problems that society faces today. The bigger the problem, the more stickiness and value whatever currency solves it has.

You could say that cryptocurrency on its own provides banking options to those who don’t have access to traditional forms of banking. That’s a problem that crypto is solving.

However, that’s probably not enough nowadays. There are so many cryptocurrencies that you can invest in nowadays that all solve the “no access” problem. So, we recommend you look for a bigger problem that’s being solved with crypto instead.

3Use a Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are physical storage devices that are similar, if not identical, to portable hard drives or USB sticks.

These are better alternatives to online storage options because no one can hack your hardware wallet if it’s not plugged into anything.

They’re not invulnerable, though. They can still fail, which is why it’s probably a good idea to create a backup or three to be on the safe side.

4Can’t Afford a Hardware Wallet?

Your next-best option is to use a paper wallet instead. Write down the addresses of all your crypto and then store that information in a secure location, such as a safe or safe deposit box.

5Your Goal Isn’t to Be Right 100% of the Time

You read that right. Your objective shouldn’t be to be right with every investment you make. Because it’s possible to be right often, yet not walk away with much profit.

No, it’s much better to focus on making smart bets, take most of your losses on the chin, and then hitting a couple of winners that will make up for all your losses…and then some.

Here’s a great quote we found to further drive our point home.

“I’d rather be right 10% of the time but see 100x returns when I hit than to be correct 80% of the time and see 2x returns. Being right is comforting, but finding disproportionate payoffs on events others are overlooking makes you more money.”

6Market Cap Matters More Than Price

This tip comes from the same person we quoted in the last tip. It’s a really smart way of looking at investments in general.

A lot of people don’t want to invest what they can in Bitcoin because they don’t have enough money to buy an entire coin. Instead, they’d rather buy 200 or 500 of some other cryptocurrency at $0.25 each.

That’s not a good way to look at things, though. Because if the cheaper alternative has a much larger market cap (there are more coins in circulation), it’s going to be worth much less since there’s plenty of supply to meet the demand.

We want the situation to be the other way around. We want less supply which creates more demand. More demand means more worth.

The point – one thing you want to consider in your decision is how many coins (or whatever you’re investing in) will be in circulation. The less there is or will be, the more expensive it will be to buy…but the more it’ll be worth down the road if it takes off.

7Only Risk Money You Can Lose

You’d think this would be common sense. You shouldn’t dump your entire 401k into Bitcoin. It’s also a good idea to pay your mortgage instead of blowing all that money on Bitcoin.

Greed does funny things to people, though. They see “easy” money, and all rationale goes out the door. Then the same people blame others when their investments tank and they have nothing left.

Bitcoin is a risky thing to invest in. You should lean more towards treating it like gambling than investing – for now, at least. This means that you should have a set budget that you allow yourself to invest with and are 100% okay with losing.

Once you hit that limit, you are done for the day/week/month. No exceptions.

8Be Ready for the Swings

It’s interesting – people see that you can make “easy” money with different things (such as cryptocurrency), so they invest and see some success. They sure love seeing the upward swings, too. Who wouldn’t? It means you’re making money.

However, don’t forget that swings go both ways.

That applies tenfold for Bitcoin. The swings can be MASSIVE. We’re talking hundreds or even thousands of dollars PER DAY.

If you can’t handle that, and you’re the type of person to panic when the value drops, you might struggle to do well with Bitcoin.

So, there you have it. A few tips to help you in your journey with investing in Bitcoin. We hope they help.

Play your cards right, and maybe you can end up like Erik Finman. He’s a 19-year-old millionaire who started investing in Bitcoin at the age of 12 with a $1,000 gift from his grandmother. He’s got more than $4.4 million worth of Bitcoin.

With a little bit of investing savvy and good timing, you can make it happen. Just never forget that it can always go the other way, too. When you invest in something as new and volatile as cryptocurrency, you just never really know for sure.


Hopefully by now you see how great Bitcoin can be for gambling online. There are many benefits that you simply don’t get when you gamble with traditional currencies such as the dollar or pound.

Of course, you have to have Bitcoin before you can gamble with it. The previous section provides a few tips to help you do that safely, and preferably without losing your shirt.

Once you do that, the fastest way to get started is to scroll up to the top of this page and choose a site from the table. These sites have already been vetted, so all you have to do is choose the one that sounds like the best fit and then transfer your funds. You’ll be playing your favorite games before you know it.

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