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How to Play Online Bingo

The game of bingo is popular for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that it’s really easy to learn and play. There are very few rules, and they’re about as simple as they could be, and they are no real strategy or tactics to use.

This is a game of pure luck, so you basically just have to hope that it’s on your side.

Playing bingo online is just as simple, if not simpler, than playing the game live. There’s not really much involved at all; it’s largely just a matter of buying your game cards and then marking your numbers off when they get called out. If you get lucky, you win. If you don’t, then you just move onto the next game.

Even if you’re a complete beginner to bingo, you could probably get started without any help at all. Nonetheless, we’ve provided the following step by step guide in case you do want a few pointers.

Join a Bingo Site

Your first step towards playing online bingo is to join a bingo site. This is easy enough, because the sign up process at the vast majority of sites is really straightforward.

All you have to do is fill out the online form with the required details: usually just a bit of personal information such as your name, email address, date of birth, and a username and password. Once you’ve done this you’ll need to deposit some funds and then you’re ready to start playing.

The hardest part of this step is probably choosing which site to use. There are loads of bingo sites on the web, and if you don’t really know what you’re looking for it’s a challenge to work out which one you should join.

This is something we can help with, because we have provided some recommendations of the best places to play.

Choose a Game

Once you’re signed up at a bingo site and funded your account, your next step is to choose which game to play. Again you have lots of choice. Most sites have dozens, if not hundreds, of different games available.

There are several different types of bingo, such as 80 ball and 90 ball, and several games of each type.

There are a few differences between the numerous game variations available, but none of these have a major impact on how they’re played. The differences are just things like the patterns required to win prizes, the size of the prizes on offer, and the game theme.

The difference that you’ll probably want to think about the most is the cost of entry.

When you’re first playing you are best off playing the cheaper games. You’ll find plenty of low cost games, and you might as well start with these while you’re getting used to things.

Once you’ve been playing for a while you can begin to play with higher stakes if you feel comfortable doing so. The games don’t get any harder at higher stakes, they just cost more and there are bigger prizes on offer.

Buy Your Game Cards

After selecting a game to play, you’ll then have to purchase your game cards, and each card you buy will have a certain amount of numbers on it. To win a prize you’ll either have to mark off all the numbers on the card or mark them off in a specified pattern, depending on the exact rules of the game you’ve chosen to play.

Like every other aspect of online bingo, buying your cards is a simple enough process. You’ve got two decisions to make here:

  • How many cards you want to buy
  • Whether you want to choose specific cards or have them chosen at random for you

It doesn’t actually matter whether you choose your own cards or have them selected at random, you’ll still have the same chance of winning.

The number of cards you buy does matter though. By buying multiple cards you improve your chances of winning. You also increase the cost too, so it’s basically up to you how much you want to risk.

Once you’ve purchased your cards, the cost of them will be deducted from your account.

Mark Your Cards

It’s now time to start playing, but things don’t get any more complicated. All you have to do is watch which numbers get called out, and then mark off the corresponding numbers on your cards when they match.

At most sites there’s something called an auto-daub feature, which will mark your numbers off for you.

This feature makes the game even easier to play.

If you’re the first player to mark off all your numbers, or mark off the required pattern, then you’ll win a prize. You might have to click a button to claim your prize, in which case you’ll need to be paying attention or it might be awarded to you automatically.

If you’re using the auto-daub feature, then it will probably be awarded automatically.

That’s basically all there is to bingo. It might seem like the game is boring, but you’d be surprised at just how exciting it can be watching the numbers come out and hoping that they match the numbers on your card.

It’s certainly exciting when you get to the stage where you only need one or two numbers to win, especially if you’re playing for a big prize.

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