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NFL ROY Betting Guide With Odds and Predictions

Professional football is an experienced man’s game, but the league still gets elite talent funneled in through the NFL Draft. Depending on the year, each respective draft class has a chance to make a major impact instantly, and the players that succeed the most get honored with an NFL Rookie of the Year nod.

Last year saw Saquon Barkley narrowly edge out Baker Mayfield for the Offensive Rookie of the Year, while Darius Leonard took home the Defensive Rookie of the Year honors. The two awards are very different but entirely equal as the NFL pays homage to some of the best young talent that continues to help this league grow.

The Rookie of the Year race is often intense, as it’s littered with gaudy statistics that are always impressive for first-year talents. It can be even more engrossing if/when said players help their teams immediately push for a playoff spot.

No matter how the race transpires, keep coming back here for NFL Rookie of the Year odds, analysis, and predictions and picks for both awards.

Latest NFL Rookie of the Year Odds

The top offensive talent will undeniably get most of the recognition when it comes to the chase for NFL Rookie of the Year, but there are two awards that get handed out to honor the very best first-year performers on either side of the ball.

Here’s a look at the latest odds for both the Offensive NFL Rookie of the Year and the Defensive NFL Rookie of the Year.

Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds

Josh Jacobs-700
Kyler Murray+400

Arizona Cardinals dual-threat quarterback Kyler Murray opens the year as the top Offensive Rookie of the Year threat. He’s been atop this group since Rookie of the Year odds came out, and his talent and status suggest he’ll stay there for at least a little while longer.

Josh Jacobs, Darrell Henderson, and Dwayne Haskins round out a very solid group that heads an underrated rookie class. Needless to say, there will be a lot of betting interest in various rookies, while there may be wiggle room for bettors to take some stabs at some NFL Rookie of the Year sleepers as well.

Defensive Rookie of the Year Odds

Defensive Rookie of the Year OddsOFF

The first defensive prospect chosen in the 2019 NFL Draft, pass rusher Nick Bosa is a solid bet to be the Defensive Rookie of the Year this season. Vegas is handing him the best price, but there’s a slew of viable options for this wager.

That gives way to several contenders behind Bosa, while bettors will want to consider tantalizing NFL Rookie of the Year sleepers, as well as longshot bets.

Regardless of how you wager, keep coming back to this Rookie of the Year page for updated odds, analysis, and our picks.

NFL Rookie of the Year Predictions

Supplying the most updated NFL Rookie of the Year odds is half the battle to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed bet. We also have two dedicated NFL writers in Michael Wynn and Noah Davis that offer pro football betting advice at every turn.

That’s no different when it comes to odds for NFL Rookie of the year, whether it be for the offensive or defensive side of the ball. With that, here are Davis and Wynn’s Rookie of the Year picks for 2019, constantly updated as major changes hit the NFL.

2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year Predictions

  • Current Prediction (Michael Wynn): Kyler Murray
  • Last Updated: December 20th

It doesn’t look like Josh Jacobs is going to play in either of the final two games, which could open the door just enough for Kyler Murray to slide in. I don’t expect Arizona to win either of their two remaining road games, but if the Cardinals QB can light up the box score and surpass 25 total touchdowns (currently at 21), then it’s more than feasible that we could see Kyler walk away with this award.

  • Current Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyler Murray
  • Last Updated: December 20th

I refuse to give in to the Josh Jacobs hype just yet. These final two weeks will go a long way in deciding the 2019 NFL Rookie of the Year. Jacobs has been good all season, but his team has fizzled down the stretch. Murray just enjoyed one of his best games ever in a thrashing of the Browns. There’s still time for him to claim this trophy.

Previous Offensive Rookie of the Year Predictions and Analysis

December 5th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Kyler Murray

I’m all aboard capturing the upside attached to Kyler Murray’s odds to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. They’ve ballooned to +325 at Bovada.lv, which is something I think we should all take advantage of. The Raiders have fallen out of the AFC playoff race, for now, and Kyler has a couple of home games coming up in which he can really pad his numbers.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyler Murray

Josh Jacobs is the odds on favorite to win the 2019 NFL Rookie of the Year. I won’t fight the logic, but part of his argument was that he was powering the Raiders to playoff contention. They’re now 6-6 and no longer look like a threat. If things balance out and Kyler Murray can have a nice stretch run, he can return value while still winning this thing.

November 21st

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Josh Jacobs

Noah brings up some valid points, and I understand that Kyler Murray will be the “sexy” pick. Nevertheless, the Cardinals are 3-7-1 while the Raiders are vying for a spot in the AFC Playoffs. Josh Jacobs already has seven touchdowns and he’s on pace to surpass 1,475 yards on the ground. Murray will have to be awful special in the coming weeks in order to surge past Jacobs in this race.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyler Murray

Everyone has Josh Jacobs as the favorite, but take a closer look at his production and you’ll see a lot of his best games came against bad defenses. Yes, Jacobs has been good and has the Raiders dreaming about the playoffs, but Kyler Murray stood tall against the Ravens and nearly took out the 49ers. The numbers are there for an exciting and dynamic player and fortunately for bettors, so is the betting value.

November 7th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Josh Jacobs

So much for my most recent prediction that Gardner Minshew is going to win this award. With Nick Foles set to be re-inserted in Jacksonville, the “mustache mania” is about o finally subside.

However, Josh Jacobs is making a name for himself in Oakland with reliable performances week after week. Ranked fifth in the NFL in rushing yards per game (92.5), Kyler Murray could end up being Jacobs’ only real form of competition.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray had his best game yet in week six and just like that, Arizona is passable at 2-3-1. The Cardinals still aren’t great, but Murray is fun to watch and he’s keeping them relatively competitive. His numbers alone will win him this award, but getting a few W’s doesn’t hurt his case, either.

October 17th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Gardner Minshew

Josh Jacobs has turned up his game, and Kyler Murray has looked better as of late. With that being said, Gardner Minshew looks like the best offensive rookie in the NFL to me, and his stats tend to back that claim up. Even though Kyler has thrown for more yards thus far, Gardner has thrown more TDs and has simply played the position much more efficiently.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray had his best game yet in week six and just like that, Arizona is passable at 2-3-1. The Cardinals still aren’t great, but Murray is fun to watch and he’s keeping them relatively competitive. His numbers alone will win him this award, but getting a few W’s doesn’t hurt his case, either.

October 3rd

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Daniel Jones

Some people are treading lightly with Daniel Jones and all the hype, but not me. Rather than dip my toes into the water, I’m diving in headfirst. The athleticism is off the charts, the leadership qualities are there, and most importantly, the Giants are winning football games.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyler Murray

I’ll wait another week to dive head-first onto the Daniel Jones hype train. Kyler Murray still has the most natural talent of any rookie in 2019 and he’s also in a system that ensures he’ll put up numbers. Admittedly, he probably needs to help the Cardinals win at some point to outlast Jones and the other ROY candidates, however.

September 19th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Kyler Murray

The bottom line is Kyler Murray has been given the opportunity to put up huge numbers in the Kliff Kingsbury regime. It might not amount to very may wins for Arizona, but if he throws for over 4,000 yards and 20 touchdowns, it’ll likely be enough to take home this award.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyler Murray

I still like Josh Jacobs a lot, but Kyler Murray has stood tall through two weeks. Arizona may not win much, but he’ll pile up stats and wow spectators. That might be enough to get the nod here.

September 5th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): David Montgomery

Even if Mike Davis and Tarik Cohen are involved in Matt Nagy’s game plan, it won’t take long for the Bears head coach to realize how special David Montgomery is. He’s elusive and powerful, and he should have an opportunity to shine in the Windy City. When he does, look for him to seize the moment.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyler Murray

David Montgomery and Josh Jacobs could have clear paths to taking home this award, but neither are as sensational of talents as Murray is. Baker Mayfield arguably should have won ROY a year ago and Murray might enjoy a better year than he did. Barring a crazy face-plant, Murray has this in the bag.

July 28th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Marquise Brown

“Hollywood” Brown is an electric speedster who was ultra-productive in a spread offense in Oklahoma. Given the less than adequate wide receiver group in Baltimore, Marquise will have ample opportunities to make an impact. I predict he takes the ball and runs with it.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyler Murray

The #1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft may not dominate the league in year one, but he’s too unpredictable for the league to fully figure out. After all, if Baker Mayfield can go off like he did last year, the more explosive Murray could have a truly special debut season.

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2019 Defensive Rookie of the Year Predictions

  • Current Prediction (Michael Wynn): Nick Bosa
  • Last Updated: December 20th

The reason you can’t find odds for this bet at any of the top NFL betting sites is because Nick Bosa has run away and is hiding from his competition. In fact, the Niners defensive end can actually be found within the first five or six names on the NFL Defensive Player of the Year ballot – that’s how great he has been during his first year as a professional.

  • Current Prediction (Noah Davis): Nick Bosa
  • Last Updated: December 20th

The Niners have one of the best defenses in football and once the dust settles, they very well may be the #1 seed in the NFC. Nick Bosa is a huge part of that and he feels like a lock to win DROY.

Previous Defensive Rookie of the Year Predictions and Analysis

November 21st

  • Current Prediction (Michael Wynn): Nick Bosa

Josh Allen has had a nice year in Jacksonville, and Maxx Crosby is coming on strong for Jon Gruden in Oakland. But when push comes to shove, it’s fairly clear that Nick Bosa has provided the biggest impact out of all of the rookie defenders. Bosa has intercepted a pass, forced and recovered a fumble, and he’s recorded seven sacks. This kid is the total package.

  • Current Prediction (Noah Davis): Nick Bosa

My stance hasn’t changed in the last two weeks. Nick Bosa and that Niners defense have hit a few bumps in the road, but they’re still not a team you want to run into. Bosa is out here doing spot-on Dak Prescott impersonations and chasing down quarterbacks like he’s been doing it for a decade. I’m not seeing a legit second option for NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

November 7th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Nick Bosa

I’m not sure Noah or I have any choice at this point but to deem Nick Bosa as the 2019 DROY. Bosa has 7 sacks and 2 pass deflections, plus he’s already picked off a pass and recovered a fumble.

I should add that it doesn’t hurt that his team is undefeated and that the Niners D is the most potent unit in all of the NFC.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Nick Bosa

I clung to the Darnell Savage pick as long as I could. He’s been great for the Packers and he offered awesome betting value. But Nick Bosa is 10th in sacks and is spearheading a nasty 49ers defense that has yet to lose. He’s like 1000% winning this, no?

October 17th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Brian Burns

Nothing suggests I should back off of my previous pick of Brian Burns at this point in time. I recognize that Nick Bosa is playing well and that the Niners are undefeated, but I am also aware that there are 11 more weeks left in the regular season. For example, Carolina could end up with a better record than San Francisco!

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Darnell Savage

Savage has been a huge part of Green Bay’s rise on defense. He’s banged up at the moment and could start plummeting in terms of actual odds, but I’ll stick with him until that happens.

October 3rd

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Brian Burns

Brian Burns’ development into a premier pass rusher isn’t taking long. The Panthers outside linebacker is wreaking havoc all over the field, including on special teams. Already with 9 QB hits and 2.5 sacks, Burns has a shot at filling up the stat sheet by the time the regular season ends.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Darnell Savage

Savage is looking like a money pick from back in the preseason. He’s been so great in a transformed Packers defense that he is now the favorite to win the award at most NFL betting sites. I won’t back from my call now, as he’ll likely continue to play a huge hand in Green Bay’s playoff push.

September 19th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Devin Bush

I still like Brian Burns in Carolina, and Noah’s prediction (Darnell Savage) makes a ton of sense. If you want a mega sleeper, I like Maxx Crosby in Oakland. But the reality of the situation is Devin Bush already has 18 tackles through two weeks, and he looks like the heart and soul of the Steelers defense.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Darnell Savage

I said Savage could be an elite NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year sleeper if Green Bay’s defense saw a marked improvement. They have and he’s been a big reason why. Now he just needs to keep doing what he’s doing.

September 5th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Brian Burns

An injury to Bruce Irvin has opened the door for Brian Burns to start in Carolina from the outset. The explosive edge rusher out of Florida State turned heads in training camp, and I anticipate he continues that trend throughout the 2019 regular season.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Darnell Savage

I think the DPOY is going to come from a defense that enjoys a huge jump. That looks to be the Green Bay Packers, who were extremely aggressive with upgrades on that side of the ball during the offseason. The athletic Savage was a huge part of their face-lift and has the talent to be a total game-changer.

July 28th

  • Previous Prediction (Michael Wynn): Rock Ya-Sin

This well-tooled corner possesses size, strength, and most importantly, the heart of a lion. Rock’s extreme determination and unique skillset will align perfectly with what Matt Eberflus is trying to accomplish in Indianapolis.

  • Previous Prediction (Noah Davis): Darnell Savage

ROY usually means you’re providing a huge impact and helping your team win, especially for the defensive side of the ball. Savage should compete for a starting gig immediately and has game-changing speed and instincts. If he helps the Green Bay defense take the jump that I think they can, he’ll be more than deserving of the nod.

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Previous NFL Rookie of the Year Winners

The nice thing about the Rookie of the Year award is that fans get two per season. Only one player from either side of the ball is honored, but that still gives two elite players a platform during their first season of professional football.

NFL Rookie of the Year history is interesting to look back on, as some of the debut seasons have been quite impressive. That information can even prove useful in deciding your wagers.

Whether you’re betting on the NFL Rookie of the Year or not, keep in mind the players throughout league history that have secured the hardware.

Recent OROY Winners

  • 2018: Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants
  • 2017: Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints
  • 2016: Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys
  • 2015: Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams
  • 2014: Odell Beckham Jr., WR, New York Giants
  • 2013: Eddie Lacy, RB, Green Bay Packers
  • 2012: Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington Redskins
  • 2011: Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers
  • 2010: Sam Bradford, QB, St. Louis Rams
  • 2009: Percy Harvin, WR, Minnesota Vikings

The Offensive Rookie of the Year award goes to the most prolific rookie with the biggest impact on the game, while it’s also often attached to team success. Perhaps it also stands as a precursor to an ultimately failed career.

Highs in the NFL can be fleeting due to the gruesome nature of the game, and it’s interesting to reflect on this list, with three former OROYs now out of the league. The ROY winner has been largely split in recent memory, regardless, with four running backs, four quarterbacks, and two wide receivers winning over the past ten years.

Recent DROY Winners

  • 2018: Darius Leonard, LB, Indianapolis Colts
  • 2017: Marshon Lattimore, CB, New Orleans Saints
  • 2016: Joey Bosa, DE, San Diego Chargers
  • 2015: Marcus Peters, CB, Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2014: Aaron Donald, DT, St. Louis Rams
  • 2013: Sheldon Richardson, DT, New York Jets
  • 2012: Luke Kuechly, LB, Carolina Panthers
  • 2011: Von Miller, LB, Denver Broncos
  • 2010: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Detroit Lions
  • 2009: Brian Cushing, LB, Houston Texans

The Rookie of the Year winners tend to be elite players that entered the league through the first round of the yearly draft. That was not the case with Leonard last year, who used his second-round draft status to motivate him in 2018.

Leonard became the fourth linebacker to win DROY in the past decade, while two cornerbacks and four defensive linemen occupy the other winning slots.

NFL Rookie Records

It’s one thing to win Rookie of the Year for either side of the ball. It’s something else to set records in the process.

The 2018 season actually produced something special, as Baker Mayfield broke the record for passing touchdowns by a first-year quarterback, yet he still didn’t even take home the hardware.

Mayfield temporarily has a place in NFL history based on his rookie production, but he doesn’t have a Rookie of the Year trophy. Fans can reflect on his glorious season by appreciating his impressive record, as well as many other rookie marks that have been set over the years.

Here’s a list of major NFL rookie records that currently still stand.

  • Pass Touchdowns – 27, Baker Mayfield (2018)
  • Pass Yards – 4,374, Andrew Luck (2012)
  • Rushing Touchdowns – 18, Eric Dickerson (1983)
  • Rushing Yards – 1,808, Eric Dickerson (1983)
  • Receptions – 101, Anquan Boldin (2003)
  • Receiving Touchdowns – 17, Randy Moss (1998)
  • Receiving Yards – 1,473, Bill Groman (1960)
  • Sacks – 14.5, Jevon Kearse (1999)
  • Interceptions – 14, Dick Lane (1952)

While there are other NFL rookie records, these are easily the ones that stand out and are held in high regard. The crazy thing is some of these records have stood the test of time, with some going as far back as the 1960s and 1950s.

That just goes to show how truly special an amazing first-year run is in such a difficult sport like pro football. It’s even better when a brilliant statistical season can be attached to a Rookie of the Year award.

Rookie of the Year Betting Strategy

Soaking up some impressive rookie play and watching rookie records being broken is part of what makes the NFL great. Sure, we tune in for the very best teams and the established stars, but there’s something fun about taking in the young talent that is just scratching the surface of their potential.

What’s just as engaging is watching these players compete for some hardware that — should we predict who wins it correctly — can be quite profitable.

How do bettors get to the winner circle? There isn’t one guaranteed path, but if you look back, there are usually a few signs that indicate who might have a good chance at winning the ROY award.

Here are a few NFL Rookie of the Year tips to help you make some money off of this wager in the future, regardless of which side of the ball your bet lies on.

  • Target running backs
  • Prioritize first-round picks
  • Consider the favorites
  • Roles matter
  • Team success doesn’t
  • Aim for sacks

Historically, quarterbacks and running backs have dominated the Offensive Rookie of the Year ranks. Saquon Barkley won the award in 2018 and was the 34th running back to claim the award. Dak Prescott took home the honors in 2016, becoming the 9th passer to win the award.

Past results aren’t always going to dictate how the future plays out, nor how you should bet on the NFL Rookie of the Year. They also shouldn’t be ignored, however. With that, here’s a quick positional breakdown of the past winners for both Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year since 1967.

  • Running Backs – 34
  • Linebacker – 26
  • Defensive End – 10
  • Quarterbacks – 9
  • Wide Receivers – 9
  • Cornerback – 8
  • Defensive Tackle – 7
  • Safety – 2

What this data tells us is that betting on safeties is probably a waste of time, while defensive tackles and cornerbacks very rarely win. The other positions are a crapshoot, while tight ends have never produced a winner for the league’s official ROY award.

Running backs have dominated this award, and that’s largely due to it being the easiest position to translate to the next level. That doesn’t mean a running back will always win, but it’s usually statistically the better play.

It also may be helpful to both trust Vegas and trust the talent. Saquon Barkley entered 2018 as the favorite to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, for instance, while he was also athletically the most impressive specimen going into last season.

Again, that won’t make for a winner every single season. If it did, everyone would bet everything they had on the top favorite and come away rich.

No matter who you bet on, be sure they either have a strong role starting right away or are good bets to win a key role early on in the year. ROY goes to high-level players who put up big numbers over the course of the season, so playing half the year — even if you’re lighting the world afire — may not cut it.

Don’t get too caught up in team success, either. If a race is relatively tight, that could easily be a tiebreaker, but usually, the best rookies are drafted onto poor teams. They lift them a few weeks during the year, but otherwise, those teams tend to struggle.

The one spot where team success could matter the most is for Defensive Rookie of the Year. It’s much more difficult to accrue impressive numbers as a defensive player, so having a solid stat line while contributing to a playoff contender can boost a player’s case.

When that’s not on the table or a player’s stats aren’t good enough, target sacks and interceptions. The emphasis is greater for sacks, as they’re a more impactful stat, and pass rushers tend to be highlighted more frequently.

Of the two awards, however, it’s fair to say it’s much easier to project the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. It’s still no given, and there are a lot of things to consider, but the top options are a bit clearer, and the talent tends to perform up to expectations.

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