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NFL Team Power Rankings

Forget about just revealing the opinion of just one NFL writer – that wouldn’t be sufficient. We deliver NFL weekly power rankings from three legitimate sources!

  • MAX (Machine Assisted Expert)
  • Michael Wynn
  • Noah Davis

MAX is our Machine Assisted Expert. Read all about him here.

His computer-generated power rankings are determined using approximately 20 years’ worth of week by week power rankings, allowing him to find the best patterns in rankings over the years. Of course, the more recent years have a much larger weighting factor placed on them since they are more relevant. That data is coupled with match results from each weeks’ games to generate weekly power rankings for all 32 teams.

Michael Wynn is one of our senior NFL writers and loves crunching numbers. He combines complex data along with his intuitiveness to compile his list of rankings each week.

As a distinguished NFL writer for the last 12 years, Noah Davis leaves no stone unturned during his unique process for creating his weekly NFL power rankings.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Wild Card Weekend (Updated 01/02)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Ravens Chiefs Ravens
2 49ers Ravens 49ers
3 Saints Packers Saints
4 Packers Patriots Chiefs
5 Chiefs 49ers Packers
6 Patriots Saints Patriots
7 Seahawks Eagles Seahawks
8 Vikings Seahawks Vikings
9 Bills Bills Bills
10 Texans Vikings Texans
11 Titans Texans Titans
12 Eagles Titans Eagles
13 Rams Bears Cowboys
14 Steelers Rams Rams
15 Cowboys Cowboys Steelers
16 Bears Steelers Bears
17 Colts Falcons Buccaneers
18 Raiders Buccaneers Falcons
19 Falcons Colts Colts
20 Buccaneers Raiders Broncos
21 Broncos Panthers Chargers
22 Jets Broncos Browns
23 Browns Cardinals Raiders
24 Cardinals Chargers Dolphins
25 Chargers Jets Jaguars
26 Jaguars Browns Cardinals
27 Dolphins Jaguars Jets
28 Panthers Dolphins Panthers
29 Giants Giants Lions
30 Lions Lions Giants
31 Redskins Redskins Redskins
32 Bengals Bengals Bengals

The Ravens and 49ers clinched home-field advantage throughout the postseason and are the two favorites to win Super Bowl 54. With that being said, one of our experts actually thinks the Chiefs are the team to beat as we turn the page to 2020 and the NFL Playoffs.

New England could have secured the #2 seed and had a bye during Wild Card weekend, but instead, they lost to Miami at home in Week 17 and will go to battle against the Titans on Saturday. Houston hosts Buffalo in the other AFC WC matchup, while we have a couple of NFC dandies scheduled for Sunday.

Of the 20 teams whose seasons have already ended, the 2020 offseason is already in full swing. 

Washington made news hiring Ron Rivera as their next head coach, while two meetings between Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett apparently wasn’t enough to reach a conclusion on the fate of the Cowboys head coach. The Giants are still searching for their new leader, so it’s safe to assume the NFC East Division is as big of a mess as it’s ever been.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 16 (Updated 12/17)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Ravens Ravens Ravens
2 Saints Chiefs 49ers
3 49ers Saints Saints
4 Seahawks Patriots Chiefs
5 Patriots 49ers Seahawks
6 Chiefs Packers Vikings
7 Packers Bills Patriots
8 Vikings Seahawks Packers
9 Bills Vikings Bills
10 Texans Texans Texans
11 Titans Cowboys Titans
12 Rams Titans Cowboys
13 Steelers Buccaneers Rams
14 Cowboys Eagles Eagles
15 Bears Rams Steelers
16 Eagles Steelers Bears
17 Buccaneers Bears Buccaneers
18 Colts Colts Falcons
19 Browns Falcons Colts
20 Raiders Chargers Chargers
21 Chargers Broncos Browns
22 Falcons Panthers Raiders
23 Panthers Browns Jaguars
24 Broncos Jets Broncos
25 Lions Raiders Cardinals
26 Cardinals Jaguars Panthers
27 Jets Cardinals Dolphins
28 Jaguars Dolphins Jets
29 Giants Giants Lions
30 Dolphins Lions Giants
31 Redskins Redskins Redskins
32 Bengals Bengals Bengals

Make that 10 straight victories for John Harbaugh and the Ravens. Baltimore is not only playing the best and most consistent football in the league, but the squad appears to be surging at the perfect time. With a win on Sunday over the Browns, the Ravens will clinch home-field advantage throughout the Playoffs.

New England and Kansas City picked up wins to continue separating themselves from the pack, although the Bills could certainly make things interesting should they go into Gillette Stadium and upend their division rivals on Saturday.

The race for the top seed in the NFC is entirely up for grabs, with a handful of teams still squarely in the mix. What happens in the Week 16 MNF showdown between the Packers and Vikings should help paint the picture, although it could come down to Week 17 when the Seahawks and 49ers clash in Seattle.

As far as playoff chances go, Chicago and Indianapolis have been eliminated from contention, while the Rams are hanging on by just a thread. And speaking of hanging on, Jason Garrett is feeling the pressure more than ever. All eyes will be in Philadelphia this weekend as the Eagles game versus the Cowboys is a “defacto” playoff game for both teams involved.

All in all, the stage is set for a drama-filled weekend in the NFL.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 15 (Updated 12/10)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Ravens Ravens Ravens
2 49ers 49ers 49ers
3 Saints Chiefs Saints
4 Patriots Patriots Chiefs
5 Chiefs Saints Seahawks
6 Seahawks Packers Patriots
7 Packers Bills Vikings
8 Vikings Seahawks Packers
9 Bills Vikings Bills
10 Rams Rams Texans
11 Texans Titans Titans
12 Titans Texans Rams
13 Steelers Steelers Steelers
14 Bears Bears Bears
15 Cowboys Buccaneers Cowboys
16 Colts Cowboys Buccaneers
17 Eagles Colts Colts
18 Browns Eagles Chargers
19 Buccaneers Browns Eagles
20 Raiders Broncos Browns
21 Chargers Raiders Broncos
22 Panthers Chargers Falcons
23 Broncos Panthers Raiders
24 Falcons Jets Panthers
25 Lions Falcons Jets
26 Cardinals Jaguars Dolphins
27 Jets Lions Jaguars
28 Jaguars Dolphins Lions
29 Dolphins Cardinals Cardinals
30 Redskins Redskins Giants
31 Giants Giants Redskins
32 Bengals Bengals Bengals

As we enter Week 15, it’s quite clear that a couple of teams have separated themselves from the pack. Baltimore and San Francisco are sitting with 11 wins apiece and each control their own destiny toward gaining home-field advantage in their respective conferences.

Kansas City picked up a huge win in New England – snapping the Patriots 21-game winning streak at Gillette Stadium in the process. It has become obvious that the Pats have a serious chink in their armor, although it’s still a bit early to count out a squad that is led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

The NFC North is still up for grabs, and the race to the top of the NFC East is likely to go all the way down to the wire. Tennessee can stake their claim as the best team in AFC South should they defeat the Texans on Sunday, while the Rams must continue winning in order to keep their postseason dreams alive.

Unfortunately for teams like the Bengals and the Giants, the only race they’ll be involved in is the one to see who winds up with the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 14 (Updated 12/03)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Ravens Ravens Ravens
2 49ers Patriots 49ers
3 Seahawks Saints Saints
4 Patriots Chiefs Seahawks
5 Saints Seahawks Patriots
6 Packers 49ers Packers
7 Chiefs Bills Chiefs
8 Vikings Packers Bills
9 Texans Texans Texans
10 Bills Vikings Vikings
11 Rams Rams Titans
12 Titans Titans Rams
13 Steelers Steelers Cowboys
14 Cowboys Colts Bears
15 Colts Cowboys Colts
16 Eagles Bears Steelers
17 Raiders Eagles Browns
18 Bears Panthers Buccaneers
19 Browns Buccaneers Raiders
20 Panthers Browns Eagles
21 Chargers Raiders Panthers
22 Buccaneers Broncos Chargers
23 Broncos Jaguars Broncos
24 Lions Chargers Falcons
25 Cardinals Lions Dolphins
26 Jaguars Dolphins Jaguars
27 Falcons Falcons Jets
28 Jets Jets Lions
29 Dolphins Cardinals Cardinals
30 Redskins Redskins Giants
31 Giants Giants Redskins
32 Bengals Bengals Bengals

Through 13 weeks, it’s clear that the Ravens are playing the best football among any team in the NFL. On the heels of winning eight straight games, Baltimore has vaulted to the top spot in all three editions of our power rankings. New England and Kansas City are still in the conversation when it comes to AFC Championship contenders, and I can assure you that no one is taking Buffalo lightly.

Over in the NFC, the playoff picture is completely muddled. Other than New Orleans ripping through the NFC South, the other three divisions are still completely up for grabs. The Rams torched the Cardinals and are fighting for a wild card slot, although they’ll need to beat Seattle on Sunday night to keep their postseason hopes alive.

Speaking of the Rams vs. Seahawks battle on SNF, there are several Week 14 matchups worth keeping an eye on. MAX, Michael, and Noah have already made their picks, which you can access by clicking this link.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 13 (Updated 11/26)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots 49ers
2 Ravens Ravens Ravens
3 49ers 49ers Patriots
4 Seahawks Saints Saints
5 Saints Chiefs Seahawks
6 Vikings Seahawks Packers
7 Packers Vikings Vikings
8 Chiefs Bills Chiefs
9 Cowboys Packers Bills
10 Bills Texans Cowboys
11 Texans Colts Texans
12 Colts Titans Colts
13 Rams Cowboys Titans
14 Titans Eagles Rams
15 Raiders Rams Browns
16 Eagles Panthers Bears
17 Steelers Bears Raiders
18 Panthers Browns Steelers
19 Browns Steelers Eagles
20 Bears Raiders Panthers
21 Chargers Chargers Chargers
22 Cardinals Buccaneers Buccaneers
23 Lions Lions Falcons
24 Jaguars Jaguars Jets
25 Jets Jets Jaguars
26 Falcons Cardinals Lions
27 Buccaneers Falcons Cardinals
28 Broncos Broncos Broncos
29 Giants Giants Giants
30 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins
31 Redskins Redskins Redskins
32 Bengals Bengals Bengals

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense continued to bulldoze their way through the competition Monday night in Los Angeles. All three of our rankings have Baltimore situated in the top 2, as it’s more than evident that this team isn’t going away anytime soon. According to the top NFL betting sites, the Ravens are closing in on the Patriots as the betting favorite for Super Bowl 53.

With Dallas and Philadelphia both losing, the NFC East Division will likely be decided when the Cowboys and Eagles clash in 16 in Philadelphia. Remember, Dallas hosts a surging Bills squad on Thanksgiving and then travels to Soldier Field. Meanwhile, the Eagles play the Dolphins, Giants, and Redskins over the next three weeks.

Dwayne Haskins picked up his first career win when the Redskins fended off the Lions, although Haskins was too busy taking selfies with the fans to be out there for the final snap. Unfortunately, Cincy remains winless after losing a closely-contested game versus Pittsburgh.

Sam Darnold and the Jets won their third straight by blasting the Raiders on Sunday, which is really bad news for Oakland. Jon Gruden now must head to Arrowhead Stadium and face a Chiefs team that is coming off a bye.

The Raiders chances of reaching the postseason are dwindling right before their eyes.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 12 (Updated 11/19)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots Ravens
2 49ers Ravens 49ers
3 Ravens Saints Patriots
4 Seahawks Seahawks Packers
5 Saints Chiefs Seahawks
6 Packers Packers Saints
7 Vikings 49ers Vikings
8 Chiefs Bills Chiefs
9 Cowboys Vikings Cowboys
10 Texans Cowboys Bills
11 Bills Rams Rams
12 Rams Texans Texans
13 Colts Colts Raiders
14 Eagles Eagles Eagles
15 Raiders Raiders Colts
16 Steelers Panthers Titans
17 Panthers Titans Browns
18 Titans Browns Panthers
19 Bears Steelers Steelers
20 Chargers Lions Chargers
21 Browns Chargers Bears
22 Lions Falcons Lions
23 Jaguars Bears Jaguars
24 Cardinals Jaguars Falcons
25 Falcons Cardinals Cardinals
26 Broncos Broncos Buccaneers
27 Buccaneers Buccaneers Jets
28 Jets Jets Broncos
29 Dolphins Giants Giants
30 Giants Dolphins Dolphins
31 Redskins Redskins Redskins
32 Bengals Bengals Bengals

The Ravens continue to look the like the most explosive team in football after they embarrassed the Texans in Week 11. Nothing the Patriots did on offense looked pretty, but at the end of the day, winning a road game at Philadelphia when the Eagles were desperate tells us New England is still the top dog.

Well, at least according to MAX and Michael Wynn that is. Noah Davis is siding with Baltimore as the #1 team in the NFL through 11 weeks.

The Cowboys escaped Detroit with a victory on Sunday and might appear to have a leg up in their division. Then again, Jason Garrett and his men now must head to Gillette Stadium to face an annoyed Tom Brady. All signs are pointing toward Philly and Dallas being on a collision course to meet in Week 16 with the NFC East title up for grabs.

With just six weeks remaining until the end of the regular season, there is a lot to still be decided. The Raiders are making a push in the AFC, although Buffalo remained steady with a blowout win in Miami.

Week 12 kicks off with what should be an intense battle between the Colts and the Texans on Thursday. For a prediction and DFS advice for the TNF matchup, be sure to bookmark our blog page.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 11 (Updated 11/12)

After a thrilling Monday night game in Santa Clara, the 1972 Dolphins can breathe a sigh of relief. The 49ers aren’t going to run the table this season, and quite frankly, they may not even win the NFC West Division.

Seattle surged up the power rankings after notching their 8th victory in impressive fashion, while the Ravens continue to climb their way up the charts. Kansas City and Dallas each fell after losing in Week 10, and how about those Miami Dolphins?

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 49ers Patriots Patriots
2 Patriots Ravens Packers
3 Ravens Saints Seahawks
4 Seahawks Seahawks Saints
5 Saints 49ers 49ers
6 Packers Chiefs Ravens
7 Vikings Packers Vikings
8 Texans Vikings Chiefs
9 Chiefs Texans Bills
10 Cowboys Eagles Texans
11 Eagles Bills Cowboys
12 Bills Cowboys Steelers
13 Rams Panthers Rams
14 Panthers Steelers Panthers
15 Colts Rams Eagles
16 Raiders Colts Raiders
17 Steelers Raiders Colts
18 Titans Titans Titans
19 Chargers Bears Chargers
20 Jaguars Lions Bears
21 Bears Chargers Lions
22 Lions Cardinals Jaguars
23 Cardinals Jaguars Browns
24 Browns Buccaneers Buccaneers
25 Buccaneers Browns Cardinals
26 Broncos Falcons Falcons
27 Falcons Broncos Broncos
28 Dolphins Giants Giants
29 Jets Dolphins Dolphins
30 Giants Jets Jets
31 Redskins Redskins Redskins
32 Bengals Bengals Bengals

All the talk about Brian Flores and the Fins being the laughing stock of the league is beginning to dissipate after Miami won their second straight game. If the organization’s plan is still to tank for the #1 pick in the draft, they aren’t doing a very good job as of late.

Looking ahead, it’ll be interesting to see if the Saints home loss at the hands of the Falcons was just a bump in the road, or was this a cause for concern?

Should Drew Brees and company drop the Week 11 game in Tampa Bay, look for folks in the Big Easy to start hitting the panic button.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 10 (Updated 11/05)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 49ers Patriots Patriots
2 Saints Saints Saints
3 Patriots Chiefs 49ers
4 Ravens 49ers Ravens
5 Seahawks Ravens Packers
6 Packers Texans Chiefs
7 Cowboys Packers Vikings
8 Bills Bills Seahawks
9 Rams Rams Rams
10 Vikings Seahawks Bills
11 Chiefs Cowboys Texans
12 Panthers Colts Cowboys
13 Colts Eagles Panthers
14 Texans Vikings Eagles
15 Eagles Panthers Colts
16 Raiders Chargers Chargers
17 Steelers Steelers Steelers
18 Chargers Raiders Lions
19 Jaguars Lions Raiders
20 Titans Bears Bears
21 Lions Titans Jaguars
22 Bears Cardinals Titans
23 Cardinals Jaguars Buccaneers
24 Broncos Giants Cardinals
25 Browns Buccaneers Broncos
26 Buccaneers Browns Browns
27 Giants Broncos Giants
28 Redskins Falcons Falcons
29 Dolphins Redskins Bengals
30 Falcons Dolphins Redskins
31 Jets Jets Dolphins
32 Bengals Bengals Jets

Finally, somebody exploited the Patriots defense. The Ravens made it clear on Sunday night that they’re a legitimate contender in the AFC, while the 49ers are now the lone undefeated team in football. There should be no surprise that MAX has surged Kyle Shanahan’s bunch to the top of the totem pole.

With that being said, San Fran will be put to the test on Monday Night Football in Week 10 against the Seahawks. It’s worth noting that the Niners have opened as a comfortable 6-point favorite, but Russell Wilson and company might have other ideas.

Dallas and Philadelphia are starting to look like playoff-caliber squads, while the Packers took a step back after getting punked by the Chargers. As we look ahead toward what’s on tap for Sunday, the return of Patrick Mahomes looms for the Chiefs, while the Steelers and Rams clash in Pittsburgh in a game that sets up to be a barnburner.

Perhaps the game of the week is Sunday night at Jerry’s World between the Vikings and the Cowboys, however, Detroit and Chicago a battle in what’s essentially a must-win game for both groups.

Check out our weekly game picks and enjoy your weekend watching football!

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 9 (Updated 10/31)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots Patriots
2 49ers Saints Saints
3 Saints 49ers 49ers
4 Packers Chiefs Packers
5 Vikings Packers Ravens
6 Ravens Colts Vikings
7 Seahawks Vikings Chiefs
8 Colts Ravens Seahawks
9 Rams Seahawks Rams
10 Bills Rams Bills
11 Texans Texans Texans
12 Cowboys Cowboys Colts
13 Panthers Eagles Cowboys
14 Chiefs Bills Panthers
15 Eagles Panthers Bears
16 Jaguars Lions Lions
17 Bears Bears Eagles
18 Lions Titans Chargers
19 Titans Chargers Steelers
20 Raiders Steelers Raiders
21 Chargers Raiders Jaguars
22 Browns Jaguars Titans
23 Steelers Cardinals Browns
24 Cardinals Giants Buccaneers
25 Buccaneers Buccaneers Cardinals
26 Broncos Browns Broncos
27 Giants Falcons Giants
28 Jets Broncos Jets
29 Falcons Jets Falcons
30 Redskins Redskins Bengals
31 Bengals Bengals Redskins
32 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

New England is halfway home to their second 16-0 regular-season campaign. San Francisco thrashed the Panthers and clearly look like the team to beat in the NFC, although the Saints have won six in a row and have now welcomed Drew Brees back into their lineup.

It’s no surprise that this trio of teams is “1-2-3” in each of our expert’s Week 9 power rankings.

As far as what else caught our eye in an action-packed Week 8, the Eagles picked up a much-needed win at the hands of the Bills, while the Bears fell even further behind in the race to win the NFC North.

Now Chicago travels to Philly in a game that we’ve pegged as our upset special of the week.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 8 (Updated 10/22)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots Patriots
2 Saints Saints Saints
3 49ers Chiefs 49ers
4 Packers 49ers Packers
5 Bills Packers Ravens
6 Vikings Colts Seahawks
7 Ravens Bills Chiefs
8 Seahawks Ravens Rams
9 Chiefs Panthers Vikings
10 Rams Seahawks Bills
11 Texans Vikings Cowboys
12 Panthers Texans Panthers
13 Cowboys Rams Texans
14 Colts Cowboys Colts
15 Eagles Bears Bears
16 Bears Eagles Lions
17 Raiders Lions Eagles
18 Lions Titans Titans
19 Titans Steelers Chargers
20 Cardinals Chargers Raiders
21 Jaguars Raiders Jaguars
22 Chargers Jaguars Cardinals
23 Browns Buccaneers Steelers
24 Steelers Cardinals Broncos
25 Buccaneers Giants Browns
26 Broncos Browns Buccaneers
27 Giants Broncos Giants
28 Jets Jets Redskins
29 Falcons Falcons Jets
30 Redskins Redskins Falcons
31 Bengals Bengals Bengals
32 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

The biggest story in Week 7 was the unfortunate knee injury Patrick Mahomes sustained on a quarterback sneak Thursday night in Denver. His timetable to return is a bit murky, but all signs are pointing toward the reigning NFL MVP being back on the field in approximately 3-4 weeks.

Fortunately, Kansas City had no problems mauling over the Denver Broncos and are still in control of the AFC West Division.

The Cowboys got back on track and sent the Eagles spiraling downward even further, while the Ravens picked up an impressive win on the road in Seattle. The 49ers remain unbeaten, as do the Patriots after they completely manhandled the Jets on Monday Night Football.

Looking ahead to Week 8, there are some fantastic matchups on tap.

The Packers are in great shape as they head to Arrowhead Stadium to face a Mahomes-less Chiefs squad, but don’t count KC out just yet. San Francisco gets a true test as the red-hot Panthers stroll into Santa Clara, and Baker Mayfield goes up against Bill Belichick’s torrid defense.

Whatever you do, make sure you set aside plenty of time on Sunday to sit back and soak up the action!

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 7 (Updated 10/15)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots Patriots
2 49ers Saints Saints
3 Saints Chiefs 49ers
4 Seahawks 49ers Packers
5 Packers Seahawks Seahawks
6 Chiefs Bills Chiefs
7 Texans Texans Ravens
8 Ravens Colts Rams
9 Bills Packers Bills
10 Vikings Vikings Bears
11 Rams Eagles Panthers
12 Panthers Bears Texans
13 Cowboys Panthers Vikings
14 Eagles Rams Lions
15 Bears Ravens Eagles
16 Raiders Lions Colts
17 Lions Raiders Cowboys
18 Colts Titans Chargers
19 Chargers Cowboys Raiders
20 Browns Steelers Jaguars
21 Steelers Buccaneers Steelers
22 Titans Jaguars Broncos
23 Jaguars Chargers Browns
24 Buccaneers Broncos Buccaneers
25 Broncos Cardinals Titans
26 Giants Giants Cardinals
27 Cardinals Jets Giants
28 Jets Browns Jets
29 Falcons Falcons Falcons
30 Bengals Bengals Bengals
31 Redskins Redskins Redskins
32 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

Six weeks into the season and the 49ers are still without a loss. Nobody is surprised that the Patriots are sitting pretty at 6-0, but seeing San Francisco dominate the Rams on Sunday tells us that the Niners are absolutely for real.

The Chiefs lost another game at Arrowhead Stadium but are still in control of the AFC West Division, and the Packers caught some serious breaks on MNF to stay out in front in the ultra-competitive NFC North.

As far as the Rams and the Cowboys go, they were feeling great back when they were each 3-0. However, a trio of consecutive losses for both LA and Dallas has their respective fan bases in uproars.

First place is on the line Sunday night at AT&T Stadium when Dallas and Philly clash, while the Colts can jump to the top of the AFC South standings if they can hold off the surging Texans at home. Week 7 will be packed with highlights, and it promises to be full of drama.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 6 (Updated 10/8)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots Patriots
2 Saints Chiefs Saints
3 Packers Saints Chiefs
4 Chiefs Eagles Packers
5 Seahawks Seahawks Rams
6 49ers Rams Eagles
7 Rams Packers Seahawks
8 Cowboys Colts Bills
9 Bills 49ers 49ers
10 Texans Bills Ravens
11 Eagles Lions Cowboys
12 Ravens Panthers Bears
13 Bears Texans Lions
14 Colts Cowboys Panthers
15 Lions Vikings Texans
16 Vikings Raiders Vikings
17 Panthers Bears Chargers
18 Chargers Ravens Colts
19 Browns Titans Raiders
20 Titans Chargers Browns
21 Raiders Jaguars Jaguars
22 Jaguars Buccaneers Buccaneers
23 Buccaneers Steelers Titans
24 Giants Giants Steelers
25 Falcons Browns Broncos
26 Steelers Falcons Giants
27 Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
28 Broncos Broncos Falcons
29 Bengals Bengals Bengals
30 Redskins Redskins Redskins
31 Jets Jets Jets
32 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

The Kansas City Chiefs suffered their first bump in the road in Week 5, but give credit where credit is due. Frank Reich and his men went into Arrowhead Stadium and walked out with a victory, and now the Indianapolis Colts are sitting at 3-2 heading into their bye.

New England continues to roll over their competition, and the undefeated 49ers made the Browns look like a high school team. However, now the Niners get their first stern test with a road game at the Rams. San Francisco has played three straight games against AFC North teams that have a combined 3-12 record, so we’re intrigued to see how they play in a hostile environment.

Unfortunately for Dallas and Chicago, disappointing losses in Week 5 means they’re heading back to the drawing board. The Raiders are suddenly in the playoff picture, and the Panthers are making some serious noise in the NFC South.

The Sunday slate in Week 6 has juicy matchups left and right, but the MNF game between the Lions and Packers could turn out to be the best game of the week.

Latest NFL Power Rankings – Week 5 (Updated 10/1)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots Patriots
2 Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
3 Rams Rams Rams
4 Cowboys Eagles Saints
5 Saints Bears Cowboys
6 Packers Saints Packers
7 Seahawks Cowboys Bears
8 49ers Bills 49ers
9 Bears Packers Ravens
10 Eagles Ravens Eagles
11 Bills 49ers Bills
12 Ravens Lions Lions
13 Texans Chargers Seahawks
14 Lions Colts Chargers
15 Browns Panthers Browns
16 Chargers Titans Jaguars
17 Vikings Seahawks Buccaneers
18 Titans Texans Colts
19 Colts Vikings Titans
20 Panthers Browns Texans
21 Jaguars Buccaneers Vikings
22 Buccaneers Jaguars Panthers
23 Raiders Raiders Steelers
24 Giants Steelers Raiders
25 Falcons Giants Giants
26 Steelers Falcons Falcons
27 Cardinals Bengals Broncos
28 Broncos Cardinals Cardinals
29 Bengals Broncos Bengals
30 Redskins Redskins Redskins
31 Jets Jets Jets
32 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

We’re down to three “unbeatens” left in the NFL, while five teams are still searching for victory #1. New England reigns supreme after surviving a scare in Buffalo, however, it was clear that the Patriots didn’t play their best football. Escaping with a road win in that scenario is another sign of how dependable this squad is.

Kansas City dodged a bullet in Detroit, although the Lions should feel good about where they are as a football team. And despite the Rams, Cowboys, and Packers all losing in Week 4, the NFC Conference is still wide open.

Over in the AFC, we had no choice to elevate the stock of Cleveland and Oakland, while the Colts regressed after laying an egg at home vs. the Raiders. We’re not ready to proclaim the Browns or the Raiders as playoff teams just yet, but they certainly took steps in the right direction.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 4 (Updated 24th September)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots Patriots
2 Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
3 Rams Rams Rams
4 Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
5 Packers Packers Ravens
6 Ravens Colts Packers
7 Saints Ravens Saints
8 49ers Bills Vikings
9 Vikings Bears Bears
10 Bills Vikings Texans
11 Texans Eagles 49ers
12 Seahawks Saints Colts
13 Bears 49ers Eagles
14 Lions Texans Chargers
15 Eagles Lions Seahawks
16 Chargers Chargers Bills
17 Colts Seahawks Lions
18 Falcons Titans Titans
19 Browns Panthers Panthers
20 Titans Falcons Browns
21 Panthers Buccaneers Falcons
22 Jaguars Jaguars Buccaneers
23 Buccaneers Browns Jaguars
24 Steelers Steelers Steelers
25 Cardinals Giants Raiders
26 Raiders Bengals Giants
27 Giants Raiders Cardinals
28 Broncos Cardinals Bengals
29 Bengals Redskins Broncos
30 Redskins Broncos Redskins
31 Jets Jets Jets
32 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

Once again, the Patriots and Chiefs proved they are the class of the NFL in Week 3. With that being said, Dallas is playing tremendous football right now, and let’s not forget that the Bills and 49ers are each 3-0.

In terms of some other NFC contenders, the Rams look like they could be the squad that is best equipped to challenge the Cowboys. However, if Green Bay’s offense can catch up with their defense, the Packers could be looking at making a Super Bowl run.

While everybody was ready to write the Saints off once Drew Brees had surgery on his thumb, Teddy Bridgewater took over and the Saints handled business in Seattle.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins are a catastrophe, the Jets look like a complete mess, and the winless Broncos are still searching for their first team sack.

Week 4 kicks off Thursday night with a dandy between the Eagles and Packers, and TNF football odds and predictions are available by following our blog. The Bills and Lions face stern tests against the top two teams across all three of our rankings, so we’ll find out how legit Buffalo and Detroit really are on Sunday.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 3 (Updated 17th September)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots Patriots
2 Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
3 Rams Rams Rams
4 Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
5 Seahawks Ravens Ravens
6 Ravens Packers Saints
7 Packers Eagles Packers
8 Eagles Chargers Eagles
9 Chargers Seahawks Chargers
10 Saints Saints Vikings
11 Texans Bears Bears
12 Vikings Colts Texans
13 Titans Titans Titans
14 Bears 49ers Seahawks
15 Bills Vikings Colts
16 49ers Bills 49ers
17 Browns Lions Bills
18 Falcons Falcons Panthers
19 Colts Texans Lions
20 Raiders Buccaneers Browns
21 Steelers Panthers Falcons
22 Lions Steelers Buccaneers
23 Broncos Browns Steelers
24 Cardinals Raiders Raiders
25 Buccaneers Bengals Jaguars
26 Panthers Jaguars Cardinals
27 Bengals Cardinals Bengals
28 Redskins Redskins Broncos
29 Giants Giants Redskins
30 Jaguars Broncos Jets
31 Jets Jets Giants
32 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

Talk about separation. The Patriots and the Chiefs look like they are playing in one league while 30 other teams are playing in another. On the opposite end of the spectrum, New York looked so awful on Monday Night Football vs. the Browns that we’re starting to think a game between the Dolphins and Jets might actually be competitive.

The Cowboys appeared sharp in their thrashing of the Redskins, while the Packers are once again climbing the charts. With several intriguing matchups on the slate in Week 3, only time will tell how these NFL power rankings will stack up in Week 4.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 2 (Updated 10th September)

Rank MAX Michael Wynn Noah Davis
1 Patriots Patriots Patriots
2 Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
3 Saints Rams Saints
4 Rams Saints Rams
5 Eagles Eagles Eagles
6 Chargers Cowboys Chargers
7 Ravens Chargers Vikings
8 Cowboys Vikings Cowboys
9 Seahawks Ravens Ravens
10 Packers Packers Packers
11 Vikings Titans Texans
12 Titans Bears Bears
13 Texans Colts Titans
14 Bears Texans Seahawks
15 Browns Panthers Panthers
16 Panthers Seahawks Steelers
17 Steelers Bills Colts
18 Colts Steelers 49ers
19 Bills Falcons Bills
20 Falcons 49ers Lions
21 49ers Raiders Bengals
22 Raiders Bengals Raiders
23 Lions Lions Browns
24 Jets Jaguars Jaguars
25 Broncos Browns Falcons
26 Bengals Buccaneers Cardinals
27 Redskins Redskins Jets
28 Cardinals Giants Redskins
29 Buccaneers Jets Buccaneers
30 Giants Cardinals Broncos
31 Jaguars Broncos Giants
32 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

The rich just keep on getting richer. After news that the Patriots had added Antonio Brown to their roster, New England blasted the Steelers on Sunday Night Football in a game that was nowhere near competitive. Jacksonville was the hardest place to score points at in 2018, yet the Chiefs put up a 40 spot despite not having Tyreek Hill for the majority of the game.

The way we see it, it’s the Patriots and the Chiefs, and then it is everybody else.

The Vikings and Cowboys moved up on the heels of strong performances. However, the Titans’ dismantling of Cleveland on the road has Tennessee inside the top 13 in all three of the rankings. In terms of which teams aside from the Browns went “the other way,” the Bears and the Jaguars certainly didn’t do themselves any favors. 

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