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NFC South Division Odds and Predictions

The NFC South has been known for elite production on a yearly basis, with the division giving way to a dangerous offensive juggernaut seemingly every year. Despite that, the division has had a repeat champion just twice in its history.

The New Orleans Saints managed to answer the call in 2018, registering as one of two teams to notch that achievement. Anyone betting on the NFC South this season will have to wonder if they can make it three in a row. If not, perhaps the latest 2019 NFC South odds can shed some light on which other team can take the division.

For constant updates, the latest NFC South odds, and predictions for how the season will unfold, keep coming back to this page all year long.

Latest NFC South Odds

New Orleans Saints Have the Clinched DivisionOFF

NFC South Predictions

  • New Orleans Saints Have Clinched the Division
  • Last Updated: December 20th
Previous NFC South Predictions and Analysis

December 5th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): New Orleans Saints

The reason you can’t bet on the Saints to win the NFC South anymore is because they’ve already been handed this division. Their 10-2 record is impressive – don’t get me wrong – but it helps when everyone else is the division is under .500.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): New Orleans Saints

The Saints are my pick to represent the NFC in Super Bowl 54 and the fact that they’ve literally already locked up the NFC South aids their plight. You shouldn’t be able to bet on this wager anymore, but hopefully you were on board with my prediction before the season started and were able to cash in.

November 21st

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): New Orleans Saints

Losing the last two games essentially closes the door on the Panthers hope for a division title. The only question that remains for the Saints is what seed they’ll wind up with when the regular season wraps up.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees and co. are coasting to another NFC South title. The 5-5 Panthers are all that stands in the way of the Saints. To put it lightly, that ain’t a whole lot.

November 7th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): New Orleans Saints

Atlanta and Tampa Bay have a combined 3-13 record, and the Panthers have ruled Cam Newton out for the remainder of the year. I like what Kyle Allen brings to the table in Carolina, but thinking he’ll lead the Panthers past the Saints in the NFC South isn’t even ambitious.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): New Orleans Saints

I’ve said enough good things about the Saints. Outside of being my pick to represent the NFC in Super Bowl 54, they also hail from a crumbling division. The Cam Newton-less Panthers are all that stands between them and a division crown. So, yeah, they’re winning the NFC South.

October 17th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): New Orleans Saints

Carolina is trying to make things interesting, but I envision the Panthers will ultimately come up short in their attempt to catch the Saints. New Orleans has proven they can win games in a variety of ways, and it’s only a matter of weeks until the NFL’s all-time most accurate passer rejoins the starting lineup.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): New Orleans Saints

One 55-point barrage by the Buccaneers and I get all giddy. Well, let’s start over. I have been high on the Saints all year and one injury deterred me for a couple of weeks. I’m back on New Orleans as the best team in the NFC and you better believe they’re again my favorite to claim the NFC South title.

October 3rd

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): New Orleans Saints

I’m close to believing that Carolina can pull this off with Kyle Allen, but I’m not quite there yet. Teddy Bridgewater has helped rescue the Saints, and Drew Brees is going to be back in plenty of time to make a push toward the playoffs.

I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t commend the Bucs for lighting up the Rams, but I’ll pump the brake on any “Tampa Bay is going to the postseason” talks – at least for now.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It looks like my Buccaneers prediction looks smart for at least another week. Jameis Winston and co. hung an insane 55 points on the Rams and have looked as explosive as anyone over the past two weeks. I still think the Saints are the best team in this division, but that doesn’t mean Tampa Bay can’t claim the NFC South and make New Orleans work for their playoff spot.

September 19th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): New Orleans Saints

Noah is right, this thing is completely up for grabs in the wake of Drew Bree’s thumb injury. With that being said, he’s aiming to be back in about 6 weeks, and New Orleans has games vs. Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and Arizona during that stretch. So long as Teddy Bridgewater can at least hold the fort down and win a couple of games, the Saints can rally and still get to 10 wins.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I loved the Saints, but if Drew Brees is sidelined for six weeks, they’re in serious trouble. This division is suddenly a toss-up, so I’ll aim high. Maybe the brilliance of Bruce Arians can finally turn Jameis Winston into an elite quarterback. If so, the Bucs look like an amazing sleeper.

September 5th

  • Current Prediction (Michael Wynn): New Orleans Saints

I am on the verge of picking Carolina to win this division, but too much has to go right for Ron Rivera and company for me to pull the trigger. Instead, I’ll side with the team that has surrounded the most accurate QB in NFL history with playmakers like Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas.

  • Current Prediction (Noah Davis): New Orleans Saints

I am extremely worried about the Buccaneers this year and this entire division is just so stacked. That being said, the Saints remain the most talented team from top to bottom in the NFC South. They also happen to have some seriously unfinished business.

July 28th

  • Previous Prediction (Michael Wynn): New Orleans Saints

I don’t suspect New Orleans will run away from the rest of the NFC South like they did in 2018 when they won the division by six games. However, Drew Brees hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, and the defense keeps getting better.

  • Previous Prediction (Noah Davis): New Orleans Saints

The Falcons are soft, Carolina can’t survive a Cam Newton injury, and Jameis Winston is still a thing in Tampa Bay. New Orleans runs it back and beats everyone in this division like they owe them money.

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Early 2019 NFC South Analysis (Noah Davis)

The New Orleans Saints will set out to win the division for a third straight season — something that only the Carolina Panthers have done before in the NFC South. Considering the Saints are the only other multi-win division champ, however, bettors shouldn’t doubt them.

Vegas agrees, as the Saints appear hell-bent to again make up for a playoff collapse as they try to cap Drew Brees’ illustrious career with another title. It won’t be easy to make that happen, of course, as merely escaping this division alive isn’t a guarantee.

The Falcons enter as New Orleans’ most likely threat in the NFC South, but the Panthers are just as deadly, and the Buccaneers could be a problem under a new regime.

No matter where your NFC South betting loyalties currently lie, consider our NFC South predictions and team-by-team breakdowns before placing your bet.

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees completed a staggering 74% of his passes in a season of dominance in 2018. In fact, had it not been for Patrick Mahomes going off to the tune of 50 passing touchdowns, Brees may have won his first-ever NFL MVP award.

That didn’t happen, but Brees teamed up with Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas to offer an extremely efficient and explosive offense. Mark Ingram departed in the offseason, but the Saints are otherwise better than ever, as veteran tight end Jared Cook joins their ranks and a breakout is expected for deep threat Tre’Quan Smith.

Defensively, the Saints just keep getting better. Should Brees stave off a steep regression for one more year despite turning 40, New Orleans may have the perfect recipe to chase this division — if not much more.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have basically been reeling for two whole seasons, as they were amazing in 2016 during their Super Bowl run, but ever since their infamous 28-3 collapse, they’ve been erratic.

Part of that has to do with the departure of brilliant offensive mind Kyle Shanahan, while last season specifically the Falcons endured an endless pile of injuries. Star running back Devonta Freeman is back to balance out the offense, however, while a now healthy defense should be equipped to get back to being the aggressive unit that made this team so dangerous.

The duo of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones gives the Falcons a potent offense that can match wits with anyone. Whether or not they can finish games and actually defend may tell us whether their NFC South odds are worth betting on, however.

Carolina Panthers

If you weren’t sure if the NFC South was deep, just note that the Panthers are priced like a borderline longshot, and they absolutely have the tools to make a go of it.

It’s quite possible that would have happened last year, but a shoulder injury to Cam Newton derailed a hot 4-1 start, and Carolina was never really the same. The Panthers can run the ball with the best of them and have the speed to take shots down the field, while their defense is also theoretically a positive.

Unfortunately, Newton’s injury kept us from knowing just how good this offense could be last year, and the defense took a step in the wrong direction. If Newton is healthy and back to his old dual-threat ways and the defense isn’t a negative, Carolina could be a team worth backing in this division.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston has done a lot of things that make him pretty unlikable, and after another shaky season, it’s worth wondering if he’s worth the hassle. The good news is the Bucs are slated to finally find out, as they lured offensive guru Bruce Arians out of retirement.

There’s no guarantee Arians arriving in Florida will cure all that ails the Bucs, but based on all of his previous stops, scoring the ball shouldn’t be a problem. Tampa Bay does have a very explosive passing game already, while the expected emergence of second-year tailback Ronald Jones II has this offense busting with confidence.

The Bucs could already put up points, though. The kicker will be a bad defense turning the corner and being less than a hindrance. If that happens, Tampa Bay could finally live up to that sleeper billing.

Initial NFC South Pick

The moral of the story in the NFC South, per usual, is that it’s pretty wide open. That is, of course, after you get past the Saints.

New Orleans is a team perpetually on a mission, and Vegas is pricing them as the clear favorite for a reason. They’re unbeatable at home for the most part, can score against anyone, are well-coached, and have unfinished business.

That is not a team to be messed with, while the Falcons still have yet to prove they’re fully recovered from their Super Bowl meltdown, Carolina feels like a one-man show, and the Bucs deserve zero benefit of the doubt.

New Orleans is the most complete team in this division by a good margin. This division does have three varying levels of danger coming at the Saints, but the consensus is probably spot on that this is New Orleans’ division to lose.

  • New Orleans Saints

Previous NFC South Winners

The NFC South has a surprisingly rich history despite only banding these four teams together since the league’s realignment in 2002. It’s been largely unpredictable, especially in its early stages when there wasn’t a repeat champion through the first 12 seasons.

Things changed in 2014, however, as Carolina was in the midst of a three-year run of dominance that helped position the franchise atop the division in terms of division titles.

Here’s how all four teams stack up in regards to their past NFC South championships.

  • Carolina Panthers – 5
  • New Orleans Saints – 5
  • Atlanta Falcons – 4
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 3

As you can see, no team has fully separated itself from the pack. The Panthers and Saints tie for the most NFC South titles, but the Falcons and Buccaneers aren’t far behind.

Needless to say, this has largely been a very competitive division, and most years, nobody knows what to expect. Over the past ten years, however, it’s been mostly the Panthers and Saints taking care of business.

Here’s how things have played out each year over that span.

  • 2018: New Orleans Saints 13-3
  • 2017: New Orleans Saints 11-5
  • 2016: Atlanta Falcons 11-5
  • 2015: Carolina Panthers 15-1
  • 2014: Carolina Panthers 7-8-1
  • 2013: Carolina Panthers 12-4
  • 2012: Atlanta Falcons 13-3
  • 2011: New Orleans Saints 13-3
  • 2010: Atlanta Falcons 13-3
  • 2009: New Orleans Saints 13-3

An obvious trend is that the team emerging out of the NFC South division has typically enjoyed a fantastic year. Of the last ten champs, a whopping nine have enjoyed a season with 11 wins or far more.

This may show that the competitiveness inside the division can wane from year to year. This is largely due to injuries when you look at the Falcons and Panthers in specific seasons (2018 is a great example), while Tampa Bay simply hasn’t been known for their winning ways.

While the NFC South has often produced a stellar playoff team, it hasn’t exactly led to elite results. This division has given way to a Super Bowl run five times, but it’s only produced two Lombardi Trophies. Just one of those came within the past decade, too.

That isn’t to say the NFC South can’t be competitive and produce multiple playoff teams, or even an eventual title winner. The fact that the Saints have been inching closer to a Super Bowl run is a big reason why they’re favored to win the NFC South in 2019 and likely why they’re deserving of wagers.

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