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NFL Comeback Player of the Year Betting Guide With Odds and Predictions

The NFL Comeback Player of the Year rewards the top pro football talent that fights off adversity to enjoy a successful season. They don’t always have to be MVP-worthy, but this award does honor resilience and the ability to overcome difficult odds.

Andrew Luck was the 2018 winner after returning from an entire year away from football, only to pile on 39 touchdowns and lead his Colts to the playoffs. Going into 2019, there are numerous possible candidates, with star players like Jimmy Garoppolo and Le’Veon Bell arguably leading the way.

For the latest information, the most updated NFL Comeback Player of the Year odds, and  expert predictions as to who might win, keep visiting this page.

2019 NFL Comeback Player of the Year Odds

Comeback Player of the Year OddsOFF

Jimmy G enters as the odds-on favorite to claim the 2019 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award, and nobody can knock the logic. The 49ers quarterback projects well in Kyle Shanahan’s potent offensive system, but he wasn’t able to prove himself after missing most of the 2018 season with a torn ACL.

Garoppolo is a fine favorite to lead the way, but there are other options for bettors to consider. Le’Veon Bell (although willingly) missed all of last season, while players like Cam Newton and Carson Wentz took big steps backward due to injury.

Bettors will want to track the latest NFL Comeback Player of the Year odds and also consider Comeback Player of the Year sleepers before finalizing their bets. For expert picks on this betting genre, check out our updated NFL Comeback Player of the Year predictions section.

NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award Predictions

  • Current Prediction (Michael Wynn): Jimmy Garoppolo
  • Last Updated: December 20th

With the Rams fading and the Niners having locked up a spot in the playoffs, I have no choice but to back off of my Cooper Kupp prediction. Kupp has gone six straight weeks without topping 65 receiving yards in a game while Jimmy Garoppolo is closing in on 30 touchdowns passes

If Cooper produces a couple of big games and San Francisco finishes 11-5, then perhaps the Rams WR will be back in the discussion.

  • Current Prediction (Noah Davis): Jimmy Garoppolo
  • Last Updated: December 20th

Cooper Kupp has faded badly and Jimmy G keeps dropping big performances. He also has the 49ers in position to win a division and do a whole lot more. A previously tight race is coming up all Jimmy.

Previous 2019 Comeback Player of the Year Predictions and Analysis

December 5th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook is currently leading the NFL in rushing touchdowns and has already surpassed the 1,000-yard mark. On top of that, the eye test shows me that Dalvin is undoubtedly one of the top 3 or four backs in all of football. If Minnesota wins the NFC North and the Niners end up as the #5 seed, he should vault right ahead of Jimmy Garoppolo in the eye of the voters.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Jimmy Garoppolo

I was open to the Cooper Kupp argument for much of the year, but recent weeks have seen his stock drop significantly. I’m stuck firm on my preseason pick in Jimmy G, who has the 10-2 49ers thinking championship and he’s provided stellar numbers along the way.

November 21st

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Jimmy Garoppolo

I’m finally taking a step away from the Cooper Kupp angle and giving into Jimmy Garoppolo. The fact of the matter is Jimmy is quarterbacking a team that is 9-1. and Cooper is a wideout on a squad that is 6-4. Add it up and Garoppolo has the leg up to win this year’s Comeback POY.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Jimmy Garoppolo

Cooper Kupp is the second-best option here, but quarterback is a tougher position to play and Jimmy G has his 49ers looking like title threats. Kupp has also slowed down in recent weeks, while his Rams may not even make the playoffs. With Garoppolo heating up, a good stretch run could cement the win for him.

November 7th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Cooper Kupp

It’s hard to pick against Jimmy Garoppolo considering San Francisco’s unblemished record, but have you peeked at Cooper Kupp’s stats through the Rams first 8 games?

I’ll fill you in and alert you that Cooper is on pace to catch 116 balls for 1,584 yards and 10 touchdowns. Unless Jimmy wins 14-15 games and the Rams miss the playoffs, I’ll lean toward Kupp to win the Comeback Player of the Year.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Jimmy Garoppolo

Cooper Kupp is a very close number two for me here, but Jimmy G is coming off of a four-touchdown game. His team is also undefeated and he showed off mad game by flirting with Erin Andrews in front of the nation. Jimmy G for the win!

October 17th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Cooper Kupp

Currently 2nd in the NFL with 45 receptions, Cooper Kupp still seems like he’s the obvious choice to win the 2019 Comeback Player of the Year Award. Of course, Jimmy Garoppolo is in the thick of the conversation, but Cooper’s on pace for 120 catches, nearly 1,400 receiving yards, and double-digit touchdowns. I rest my case.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Jimmy Garoppolo

I still like the Cooper Kupp angle, but I’m staying on Team Jimmy now that the 49ers are still undefeated. His numbers aren’t as gaudy as I thought they would be, but he’s steering the ship of a 5-0 team and I do think the stats pop at some point.

October 3rd

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Cooper Kupp

If missing half the 2018 regular season makes Cooper Kupp eligible to win the 2019 Comeback Player of the Year, let’s just go ahead and pencil this dude in. He’s currently 2nd in the NFL in receiving yards (388) and 4th in receptions (32), and he has seen 9 or more targets in each and every game.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Jimmy Garoppolo

Michael sure does make a great case for Cooper Kupp, but it may all be for naught if the Rams don’t start looking a bit more polished. Jimmy G doesn’t have the numbers yet, but as I update this prediction blurb his team is undefeated. If the team wins stay and the stats arrive, Garoppolo will still be the guy worth betting on.

September 19th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Earl Thomas

It’s a shame that Hunter Henry sustained yet another knee injury, but the show must go on. I’m predicting that the Ravens will win the AFC North, and I think Earl Thomas’ play on the back end is going to be a big reason why.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Jimmy Garoppolo

There are actually several NFL Comeback Player of the Year candidates this season, but Jimmy G leads the way for me. His numbers are decent enough and his 49ers are 2-0. If he can keep this up, he’s a lock.

September 5th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Hunter Henry

You can latch onto the Chargers gifted tight end at a pretty attractive price to win the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award, and my suggestion is to book the bet right now. As Philip Rivers’ arm strength diminishes before our eyes, I suspect he’ll be utilizing the services of Hunter Henry early and often.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Jimmy Garoppolo

Much like Andrew Luck the year before him, Jimmy G has the opportunity to return from a major injury and put his team on his back. Assuming Garoppolo can stay healthy, put up solid numbers and help the Niners be relevant again, he’s likely to live up to his billing as the odds on favorite for this award.

July 28th

  • Previous Prediction (Michael Wynn): Jimmy Garoppolo

The Tom Brady disciple missed all but three games in 2018 after tearing his ACL. Deebo Samuel and Dante Pettis give him options on the outside, and Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnon are excellent receiving backs. The 49ers could struggle here and there, but Jimmy GQ should have no problem padding his stats.

  • Previous Prediction (Noah Davis): Jimmy Garoppolo

Cooper Kupp is the only other guy I am seriously considering here (though he’s not even mentioned in the initial odds), especially since Jimmy G carries the weight of San Francisco’s playoff hopes. A healthy return with solid numbers and a playoff appearance would easily make him a lock for this award.

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Previous NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award Winners

  • 2018: Andrew Luck, QB, Indianapolis Colts
  • 2017: Keenan Allen, WR, Los Angeles Chargers
  • 2016: Jordy Nelson, WR, Green Bay Packers
  • 2015: Eric Berry, S, Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2014: Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots
  • 2013: Philip Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers
  • 2012: Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts
  • 2011: Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions
  • 2010: Michael Vick, QB, Philadelphia Eagles
  • 2009: Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots

The list goes on from here, as the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award has been handed out since 1972. Over the last ten years, you can see the quarterback position has dominated with six wins, and that’s been a recurring theme with many of the past winners for this category.

While true, the Comeback Player of the Year award tends to be based more on narrative than position. Exactly how dominant a player ends up being statistically and how much they help their team win the year after being hurt or performing poorly also plays into their chances of winning.

Best Comeback Player of the Year Seasons

It’s one thing to come back from something horrific or bounce back from a down year. It’s another thing altogether to elevate your game to a level so high that it’s honored by the league.

Some players go even beyond that. Andrew Luck’s brilliant 2018 run is a reminder of how crazy things can get. Not only did he put up massive numbers, but he dug the Colts out of an ugly 1-5 start to make the playoffs and even win a game in the postseason.

Luck’s 2018 campaign wasn’t just good enough to earn him a Comeback Player of the Year nod. It was arguably one of his best seasons ever.

Here’s a look back at some of the other amazing Comeback Player of the Year winners who went the extra mile to wow NFL fans via statistics and team successes.

Keenan Allen – 2017

Keenan Allen has always been a productive wide receiver when healthy, but he took it to a whole new level after returning from a major injury in 2017.

Allen was limited to just one game the year prior but came back with a purpose, hauling in a career-high 102 receptions for 1,393 yards and six scores.

Jordy Nelson – 2016

Nelson tore his knee up the year before Allen and had been one of the best receivers in football before going down.

After missing the entire 2015 campaign, Nelson stormed back with 14 touchdowns with 1,257 yards on 97 catches.

Peyton Manning – 2012

Andrew Luck isn’t the only Colts quarterback to complete a legendary comeback a year after missing an entire season of football.

The iconic Peyton Manning did it before him, as he latched on with the Denver Broncos and put up 4,659 yards and 37 touchdowns a year after a neck injury robbed him of an entire season.

Michael Vick – 2010

It’s fair to say there is still a public divide on Michael Vick as both a person and a player. There’s no denying his impressive comeback, however, as he went from a jailed bust to one of the best players in the league again.

The Eagles gave Vick new life after missing two seasons of football, and he responded with 30 total touchdowns and 676 rushing yards.

Tom Brady – 2009

Brady put up insane numbers in 2007, only to have what promised to be another huge season interrupted with a torn ACL in week one the following year.

After sitting out 15 games, Brady came back with a vengeance, putting up 4,398 yards and 28 passing touchdowns and getting the Pats back into the playoffs.

Randy Moss – 2007

This might be the best NFL Comeback Player of the Year from a statistical perspective. Moss had been traded to the Raiders and seemed to hit a major snag in his career, but a trade to New England resurrected him in a big way.

Teaming up with Tom Brady, Moss amassed over 1,400 receiving yards and an NFL record 23 touchdown catches en route to a perfect 16-0 regular season for New England.

Doug Flutie – 1998

A former draft bust and one of the smallest quarterbacks to play the game, Flutie offers one of the greatest NFL comeback narratives. After spending years in the CFL putting up big numbers, Flutie resurfaced in the NFL with the Bills at age 36.

He promptly put up 20 passing touchdowns across just ten starts and helped Buffalo get back to the playoffs.

Randall Cunningham – 1992

Cunningham makes this list because he truly deserved two NFL Comeback Player of the Year awards. Flutie earned the nod over his amazing 34-touchdown run in 1998, though, so fans can at least appreciate his 1992 return from a torn ACL. Cunningham returned to put up 24 total touchdowns and lead the Eagles to a 10-5 record the next season, however.

There are countless contenders for “wow” comeback seasons for an important award that goes back to 1972, but these may be the very best.

These impressive years serve as a testament to the athletic spirit and also show NFL bettors fantastic examples of the type of narrative and stat line a potential NFL Comeback Player of the Year winner probably needs to possess.

NFL Comeback Player Betting Tips

Looking to cash in on some appealing NFL Comeback Player of the Year odds and want to know how to appropriately bet on this specific wager? You’ve come to the right place, as this page will have fresh picks, updated odds, and all of the NFL Comeback Player of the Year advice you can handle.

To get you going in the right direction, consider the staples of a winning NFL Comeback Player of the Year wager.

  • Strong narrative
  • Big stat line
  • Team success
  • Factoring competition
  • Quarterback heavy?
  • Eyeing value

The first thing to consider when betting on the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award is that each realistic candidate needs a good reason to be in the running. To come back in the NFL, there has to be a starting point of success and some type of low point to come back from.

This is usually going to stem from a devastating injury that kept a player out for a full season or had them miss a good chunk of time. In the cases where an injury is not involved, players will have experienced a down year or steep regression or perhaps were even out of the league altogether before they mounted a comeback.

Doug Flutie and Michael Vick had strong statistical returns the seasons they won, but their driving force was their amazing story. Vick was in jail and thought to be done as an impact player, while Flutie was 36 and assumed to be a bust.

That is always going to be very compelling, but injuries are also huge factors. The worse the injury and the longer the time missed, the more likely said player will get recognition.

Whatever the narrative is, stats, team success, and the competition the player faces going into the season will be very important. There are usually at least a handful of viable NFL Comeback Player of the Year candidates every year, so returning to a high level of play, putting up big numbers, and ideally playing a big hand in solid team success can inch a player ahead of the pack.

Historically, quarterbacks tend to dominate this award. Perhaps it’s because they’re more high-profile players or because they tend to get all of the blame and glory, even aside from injury.

That doesn’t mean a quarterback will always win, but quarterbacks winning so often shouldn’t be something bettors ignore.

After you factor in all of the information and start projecting how you think the season will unfold, be sure to consider the actual NFL Comeback Player of the Year odds you see. This means shopping for the very best prices at your favorite NFL betting websites is crucial to finding both the winning bet and the best overall wager for you.

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