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NFL Coach of the Year Betting Guide With Odds and Predictions

John Harbaugh+125
Sean McDermott+200
Kyle Shanahan+500
Mike Tomlin+900
Matt LaFleur+1400
Pete Carroll+1400
Andy Reid+2000
Sean Payton+2000
Bill Belichick+3300

Players aren’t the only people rewarded for their efforts in pro football. The top head coaches also compete for the honor to be dubbed NFL Coach of the Year each season.

Teams enjoying historic seasons or massive jumps (loser to winner) are the frontrunners, making this a relatively difficult to predict award.

To help bettors in their plight to correctly gauge the winner, come back to this page routinely for updated NFL Coach of the Year odds, predictions, and strategy.

Latest NFL Coach of the Year Odds

NFL Coach of the Year OddsOFF

Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens opens the 2019 NFL season as the favorite to win NFL Coach of the Year. That isn’t crazy, either, considering the Browns have made a rash of impressive moves and have Super Bowl hype building around them.

This award historically goes to the coach who leads a surprise team to the playoffs, so Kitchens makes good sense. Bettors will still want to consider the latest NFL Coach of the Year odds, expert picks, sleepers, and so much more before finalizing their 2019 wagers.

2019 NFL Coach of the Year Award Predictions

  • Current Prediction (Michael Wynn): John Harbaugh
  • Last Updated: December 20th

The job that Sean McDermott has done in Buffalo needs to be commended, and Mike Tomlin and Kyle Shanahan should also receive praise. But the fact of the matter is the Ravens could wind up with 14-2 record, and a large part of that is thanks to John Harbaugh being willing to completely overhaul his offense in order to fit with Lamar Jackson’s unique skill set. The NFL is about winning football games, and nobody has done a better job of that thus far than the Ravens head honcho.

  • Current Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyle Shanahan
  • Last Updated: December 20th

I hopped off of my Matt LaFleur a few weeks ago, just in time to watch Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers trounce the Packers and later outlast the Saints in New Orleans. There is actually an absurd amount of truly viable Coach of the Year candidates this year, but Shanny leads the way.

Previous 2019 NFL Coach of the Year Predictions and Analysis

December 5th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Kyle Shanahan

Mike Tomlin is going to receive some votes, and if the Steelers clinch a spot in the Playoffs, he’s a very legitimate candidate. However, San Francisco won just 4 games in 2018, and Kyle Shanahan has transformed this squad into a viable Super Bowl threat.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyle Shanahan

I picked Matt LaFleur before the season started and love his chances, but he lost a head-to-head with Kyle Shanahan, who has his 10-2 49ers in contention for some amazing things. Shanny’s squad has made quite the one-year transformation, while their two losses have come against the Seahawks and Ravens (a combined 20-4) and have come by a grand total of six points. This is a weird year where 5-6 coaches have a legit case, but nobody has a better argument than Shanahan.

November 21st

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Matt LaFleur

What do you know? As Noah finally switches his pick from Matt LaFleur to Kyle Shanahan, I’m here to do the exact opposite. I referenced San Fran’s brutal upcoming schedule, as I predict the 49ers will wind up playing a road game during Wild Card weekend. On the other hand, the Packers have been banged up on offense all year long yet still have found ways to produce an 8-2 record. Should Green Bay manage to beat San Francisco on the road this Sunday, LaFleur can start clearing out some space on his mantle for a nice piece of hardware.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyle Shanahan

Matt LaFleur was my pick all year long, but I don’t know if he can withstand Kyle Shanahan. The week 12 SNF clash may decide this race, but it’s worth noting that this is a very odd year whereas many as five head coaches have a real shot at this award. It’s all about the best season that is the most shocking, though. I think right now that goes the Shanny and his Niners.

November 7th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Kyle Shanahan

Even though I am projecting the Niners will fall off this pedestal of greatness they’re currently sitting on, I still think Kyle Shanahan will have done enough by season’s end to capture this award. Matt LaFleur will be in the running and don’t count John Harbaugh out either. Baltimore looks like they are about to run away and hide in the AFC North, and a 12-win season in Charm City could very well be enough to take home the cake.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Matt LaFleur

Kyle Shanahan is presently looking like the better pick for NFL Coach of the Year, but LaFleur has done a masterful job in Green Bay. I’ll reserve the right to change this prediction after these two face later in the year. For now, I’ll stick with my original pick.

October 17th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Kyle Shanahan

As much as I like both of the “Matt’s” in the NFC North (LaFleur and Patricia), Kyle Shanahan is the most deserving of this award through the first six weeks. The 49ers are playing incredibly stout defense, and they lead the NFC in rushing yards per game. Did I mention that they haven’t lost a game?

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Matt LaFleur

There hasn’t been any reason to get off of my preseason NFL Coach of the Year pick. Matt LaFleur’s offense has admittedly been touch and go, but it does offer upside and it’s still playing a hand in a lot of wins. If the Packers stay at the top of their division, this is LaFleur’s award to lose. Kyle Shanahan is the next guy to monitor, though.

October 3rd

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Matt Patricia

The former Bill Belichick disciple is finally coming into his own in Detroit, and he’s got the Lions in a position to make some noise in the NFC North. The bye week came at the perfect time so guys like Darius Slay, T.J. Hockenson, and Danny Amendola can heal up, and I really like what I have seen thus far out of Matthew Stafford.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Matt LaFleur

I love the Patricia nod for sure, but I’ll stick with LaFleur, who has the green and gold sitting pretty at 3-1. He’s done a better than advertised job of leading this team and his offense flashes serious life in a tough home loss in week four. If he can find a way to edge out Dallas in week five, LaFleur could be well on his way to cementing his name into this award.

September 19th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Sean McDermott

After a 2-0 start and a pair of road wins, it’d be silly to sway from my earlier pick now. Matt LaFleur is going to make a strong case if the Packers win 10+ games, but the Bill making the playoffs would be a bigger story in my mind.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Matt LaFleur

Kyle Shanahan again gets a cursory glance from me and there are a couple of other worthy mentions, but I won’t be budging from LaFleur just yet. His offense needs work, but his Packers are 2-0 under his watch. He’s certainly looking like a fine bet for NFL Coach of the Year at the moment.

September 5th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Sean McDermott

It’s true that if Buffalo doesn’t produce in 2019, Sean McDermott will undoubtedly be on the hot seat. On the other hand, imagine if the Bills win 9 or 10 games and squeak into the Playoffs.

I see something closer to the latter taking place, which is why a flier on Sean McDermott at +3300 seems like it’s worth my time.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Matt LaFleur

I was originally on Kyle Shanahan and I do like him for this wager, but I’ve soured on the 49ers a bit. I’ll double-down on the Packers and say LaFleur’s system works so well in year one that Green Bay gets back to the playoffs. If that happens, it’ll be hard not to hand him the award.

July 28th

  • Prediction (Michael Wynn): Matt LaFleur

The tension between Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy was so thick that it needed to be cut with a knife. Firing McCarthy and hiring a capable individual was essential. Coming off a six-win season and with only one direction to go, I envision Matt LaFleur rallying the Packers locker room and making plenty of noise in the NFC North.

  • Prediction (Noah Davis): Kyle Shanahan

This award either goes to the guy who leads a team with an amazing record or brings them up from the ashes. Shanny hasn’t enjoyed much success yet with the Niners, but he’s surely built a winner. I think San Francisco finally gets it done this year, and if they’re good enough, he feels like a fun pick to get the nod.

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Previous NFL Coach of the Year Award Winners

  • 2018: Matt Nagy – Chicago Bears
  • 2017: Sean McVay – Los Angeles Rams
  • 2016: Jason Garrett – Dallas Cowboys
  • 2015: Ron Rivera – Carolina Panthers
  • 2014: Bruce Arians – Arizona Cardinals
  • 2013: Ron Rivera – Carolina Panthers
  • 2012: Bruce Arians – Indianapolis Colts
  • 2011: Jim Harbaugh – San Francisco 49ers
  • 2010: Bill Belichick – New England Patriots
  • 2009: Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals

Matt Nagy claimed NFL Coach of the Year honors in 2018 after leading the previously inept Bears to the NFC North title and a playoff appearance. Nagy’s innovative offense and Chicago’s key offseason moves made him a very deserving winner.

History suggests Coach of the Year winners usually come out of nowhere, with their teams struggling immensely prior to winning the award.

Experienced and successful coaches can still win — as Bill Belichick has shown in the past — but the Associated Press tends to put more stock in a coach playing a key hand in raising a team from the bottom to the top.

NFL Coach of the Year Betting Strategy

The strategy to predicting the NFL Coach of the Year each season is simple; figure out which team is headed for the biggest jump in any respective season.

That alone won’t always land you the winner, of course. There are still going to be experienced coaches that guide established playoff contenders to impressive seasons, and there also may be more than one team that enjoys a meteoric rise.

However, in recent memory, this award has been handed to the one team that enjoys the biggest overall jump. The 2018 season is a great example, as Bill Belichick won the Super Bowl, Frank Reich led his team back from a 1-5 start to make the playoffs, and Andy Reid fielded possibly the best offense in football.

None of those coaches won. Instead, it was Matt Nagy, who took a 5-11 Bears team that hadn’t made the playoffs since 2010 and turned them into a 12-4 NFC North division champion.

Nagy could win again in the near future, but for that to happen, it’s arguable Chicago would need to enjoy a historic run, or they’d need to struggle before succeeding at a high level again.

For the most part, bettors need to look for the following criteria when betting on NFL Coach of the Year candidates.

  • First-year coaches
  • Teams on the brink of rising
  • Teams with terrible records
  • Teams capable of elite seasons
  • Eyeing NFL Coach of the Year odds

Whether a coach is jumping into his first-ever season as the main man calling the shots or is just taking over a new team, this is a good place to start. This suggests a big change is coming, and for struggling franchises, change in any capacity can often make for the jumpstart they need to be successful.

That plays into NFL teams that could be on the verge of a playoff run. Teams do not need to be 3-13 or worse to produce NFL Coach of the Year candidates. If they’ve been fringe playoff threats and someone comes in and pushes them over the hump, they’re going to be in the mix.

Anyone betting on NFL Coach of the Year will still want to consider teams with bad records that could be primed for a huge jump, though. This has been a huge factor in winners in the past, and depending on how big the rises are for respective teams, it certainly should continue to be part of the NFL Coach of the Year betting equation.

The potential for elite seasons also can’t be understated. The Associated Press clearly values coaches that can take over a bad team and turn them into a contender, but any coach that drives their team to a remarkable season (13-3 or better) needs to be considered seriously.

Bettors will want to think of that, and they will also want to note the difference in NFL Coach of the Year odds. This pertains to each option provided at respective pro football betting sites but also specifically what the odds are for each coach you have the ability to wager on.

Value is key for all forms of NFL betting, and it shouldn’t stop at NFL Coach of the Year betting. Ideally, bettors can package all of these criteria into the perfect, winning wager.

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