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NFL Betting Guide With Strategy, Odds, Predictions, Picks, and More

The National Football League — the NFL — is the biggest American football competition in the sport. Millions of Americans and many people from other countries watch the games, and plenty of them bet on the NFL.

Most lose money in the long run, but there are a few that are profitable. If you want to join that exclusive group, this NFL betting guide can definitely improve your chances. Our football experts share their knowledge of NFL betting and help you apply what you learn.

As well as offering plenty of strategy content here, we also provide the latest NFL odds, predictions, and picks, along with updates on what’s happening in the competition and the effects on the betting markets. There’s a ton of information on the NFL in general, too.

Betting on the 2022 NFL

Here is the place where we share everything about the current NFL season. Let’s start with the latest betting odds and our predictions for each market, which you’ll find on the following pages.

Next up is a combo of news and a betting center. We follow all the important happenings around the league, the teams, and the betting markets. We add our own opinion on each piece of information so that you get an idea of how it affects the different betting options.

A lot of you will be looking for betting picks on the individual NFL games, of course. And we have you covered. Our experts share their predictions and picks for most encounters each week, and also provide power rankings for all teams (updated weekly) to further help you make your betting decisions.

NFL prop bets can be a great way to make money from betting on the NFL. A lot of people view them as “novelty” wagers that are just for fun, though, and largely ignore them. Don’t make that mistake yourself.

We believe there’s often a lot of betting value to be found in NFL props both before and during a season. The page below covers the topic in more detail and features the latest exciting NFL props along with odds and our top picks.

The NFL regular season is one thing, but the playoffs and the Super Bowl are completely different. Pretty much every fan knows that, but you need to understand the differences from a betting perspective.

We have a separate page for the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl, and our team of experienced betting experts works hard to provide everything you need to make money from betting on the postseason.

Our NFL betting guide won’t be complete without sections that are dedicated to the draft and the trade deals. Both are extremely important for the development of each NFL franchise, and they can also offer exciting betting opportunities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting on the NFL

You might have some doubts if the NFL is the best choice for you. That would be reasonable, so we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of betting on the competition.

If you ask us, betting on the NFL is a great choice for most people. That’s why we will start with the advantages of betting on this league.

The main advantages of betting on the NFL

Biggest and Best Professional Football Competition

The truth is that football is mostly popular in the USA. As a result, there aren’t many competitions in the sport outside of the country, and the NFL is by far the biggest one in America. It has been around for decades and is here to stay.

Anyone wanting to bet on professional football simply HAS to consider the NFL as the best option.

Covered by Almost All Bookmakers

Millions of people are interested in betting on the NFL. The sportsbooks, both online and offline, are more than happy to oblige them.

The competition is covered by almost every gambling operator in the world. There are so many online sportsbooks alone that it is easy to find one that suits your needs.

Competitive Odds and Variety of Betting Markets

The high competition between the different NFL bookmakers and betting sites forces them to offer the best possible conditions to the customers. This results in numerous benefits for bettors.

For example, the betting margin for the NFL is significantly better than competitions of a lower profile, which means you will consistently be getting better value for your money. The usual margin is around 7-10%, while the most popular NFL markets are down to 5% or sometimes lower.

Since we mentioned the different betting options, we should say that you will find way more of them for the NFL compared to less popular tournaments. There are many betting markets for NFL individual games, but also futures, outrights, and props.

We share more info about the different opportunities later in this guide.

Lots of Promotions and Bonuses Available

Another huge reason to pick the NFL is the number of promotions available on the internet. Nearly every betting site will give you a sign-up bonus to join, and that sign-up bonus can be used to bet on the NFL.

There are more perks to come for existing customers, too, including reload bonuses, free bets, multiples boosters, enhanced odds, and other special deals.

Huge Amount of Information Online

The preparation process behind each NFL bet should include the analysis of various factors. You need to combine stats with news and other league-related details to get the ultimate betting results. Fortunately, finding the required information for the NFL is a piece of cake.

There is loads of data out there on the web, including updates and news. It doesn’t take that long to find everything that might be required for a successful wager on the NFL.

Opportunities for Live Betting

Not all sports and competitions are available for live betting, but you won’t have issues with the NFL.

Almost every sportsbook on the web has every game from the tournament covered. You can check the updates and odds while watching and, once you find a profitable bet, place it in-play.

Public Betting Can Create Value

Generally speaking, there are two ways to find value in sports betting and make money. The first one is to look for spots where the bookmakers have mispriced markets, and the second is to go against the public.

Just betting against the public all the time is not a great strategy overall, but there are times when it makes sense to go against the most popular option. This can happen a lot in the NFL, primarily because there are millions of recreational and casual bettors who tend to bet with their heart and not their head.

They place wagers based on bias, hunches, or other wrong reasons.

When the majority of people are betting on one thing, the bookmakers react by moving the odds and/or the lines. This can create profitable opportunities for people who are able to analyze the prices and spot the good bets.

Plenty of Television Coverage

Watching the sport and the competition you are betting on is essential. You need to learn more about each team and player. You can check stats and watch video highlights, but observing full games with your own eyes can be far more valuable.

Since the NFL is so popular, you are likely to find TV coverage in most countries around the globe.

High Betting Limits

If you develop a working betting strategy for a lower-profile competition, you will most likely fail to find a bookmaker that offers limits high enough to make serious money. Bookmakers are not stupid, and they don’t accept large bets for minor events that they themselves are not as knowledgeable about.

However, if you create a profitable betting system for the NFL, that can be a jackpot. The betting limits on the competition are huge, especially on the most popular markets.

Now, we want to give you a balanced view of NFL betting. That can’t happen without pointing out the negative sides of wagering on the competition, so let’s take a look at them.

The Bookmakers Rarely Make Mistakes

One of the ways to make money by betting on sports is to beat the bookmakers. Well, that’s highly unlikely when it comes to a competition of such magnitude.

Every betting site knows that there will be millions in wagers for the NFL. Even the slightest mistake the bookmakers make when setting the lines will be severely punished financially. This is why every sportsbook online invests a ton of cash in hiring competent traders and odds compilers.

They use sophisticated algorithms and tools to calculate the price of each betting market. While it’s not impossible for them to make mistakes, it happens so rarely that you simply can’t rely on that.

There’s a Low ROI Cap

The return on investment or ROI is a metric used to describe your profits in relation to how much you’ve invested. Since betting is technically an investment of sorts, ROI is a relevant and useful measure. The amount you win compared to the amount you’ve risked is something worth tracking.

If you bet on minor leagues and have some sources of information that can help you beat the bookmakers, you could achieve an ROI of 20-25%. That would mean that every $1 you place will return $1.20-$1.25 on average.

The realistic percentage you could expect to hit for the NFL is around the 5-10% mark. For the reasons stated in our previous point, you simply can’t expect to find huge value here.

However, the fact that you can scale thanks to the high limits cuts down this problem.

Time Difference Could Be a Problem

While people from the USA and countries that are in similar time zones don’t have this issue, bettors from Europe and Asia could struggle with the time difference. It can make it hard to watch the games or get wagers down at the optimal times.

Is NFL Betting for You?

After going through the best and the worst about NFL betting with real money, it’s probably time to answer a simple question. Should you go for it?

There is no answer that works for every single one of our readers. However, the advantages of the competition are plenty. If you are a football fan and enjoy betting on the sport, there aren’t many viable alternatives.

The Most Popular Ways to Bet on the NFL

Every beginner in NFL betting should first explore the different ways to place a wager on the competition. Below, we explain how the most popular betting markets work and introduce some alternatives too.

NFL Moneyline Betting

The simplest NFL betting market available at any bookmaker is the moneyline. It allows you to pick the winner of each game from the competition, no strings attached.

Simply select the franchise you expect to see victorious at the end. If you are correct, your bet wins. If not, you lose. Since the draw is not an option, the victories achieved in extra time also count towards the NFL moneyline.

The simplicity of this betting option makes it one of the preferred choices for beginners.

NFL Spread Betting

The big issue with moneyline betting is that some NFL games are not balanced well. Sometimes, one of the teams is much better than the other. The odds for the favorite are usually too low for a bet to make sense, while the probability of an upset is almost non-existent, so backing the underdog is pointless too.

Well, the problem is solved by the so-called NFL spreads. This betting market features a starting handicap for the underdog to balance the situation.

Let’s imagine that the Patriots play against the Giants at home. The hosts are much stronger, so the visitors receive a starting advantage of +9.5 points. For the purpose of the spread market, the game doesn’t start at 0-0. It starts at 0-9.5 in favor of the Giants. Here is what that would look like.

Patriots (-9.5) -110
Giants (+9.5) -110

If you back the Patriots, they have to win by 10 points or more for your bet to be successful. In any other scenario, you will lose.

The exact number of points can vary, depending on the difference between the two sides. The logic always stays the same, though.

There is one exception, and it is for round numbers. If the NFL spread in the example above is +9 and the Patriots win by 9 points exactly, all bets on this market are returned.

NFL Totals Betting

Some people don’t like picking a winner. It can be really hard for many of the games, but there are other interesting NFL betting markets. The most popular of them is the under/over points or the totals option.

The bookmaker will provide a line for each game, and you will have to place a wager on whether the total points scored by the two sides will be over or under that line.

Here is an example for a random NFL game.

Over 39.5 Points -110
Under 39.5 Points -110

As you can see, the totals betting line in this scenario is 39.5 points. If you decide to back the over, there must be 40 or more points for you to win and vice versa.

It doesn’t matter which team comes out on top. 40-0 and 21-19 are exactly the same for the purpose of the NFL totals option. A lot of people like this one, as you don’t depend on the winner.

Once again, the round numbers are a bit different. If the line is 40 points, and there are exactly 40 in the game, all bets are void, and you get your stake back.

NFL Futures and Outrights

Another popular way to bet on the NFL would be to back long-term bets called futures and outrights. They allow you to place a wager on major events such as which team will win the NFL Super Bowl or which player will become the MVP.

You can do that before the season has even started or at any other moment.

Many people don’t like waiting for months to see if their bet is a winner, so they ignore the NFL futures and outrights. We urge you to pay some attention to them because you can often find great value for two reasons.

The first one is that there are plenty of different options, and the second is that many people bet for fun. Imagine how many fans simply place a small wager on the team they support and how it affects the odds.

The smart bettors can take full advantage of that by picking spots that provide good long-term expectations.

NFL Prop Bets

There is another large group of NFL bets that is a bit hard to describe. Some of them are similar to the futures and outrights, while others are for individual games. We are talking about the NFL props.

You’ve probably heard of or saw at least some of them along the way. They can be related to any team, franchise, game, or event tied to the NFL. It’s hard to provide an accurate description because of the sheer variety of props available, so we will have to go for examples instead.

A typical prop would be to bet on any franchise to achieve a certain number of victories during the regular season. You could also place a wager on a certain player’s performance in any game. How many touchdowns he will score and how many tackles or interceptions he will make are some examples of what sportsbooks sometimes offer.

On top of the traditional props, there are some outright crazy options as well. For example, you’ll often see Super Bowl props related to the half-time performance or the commercials.

To sum it up, tons of NFL betting markets are related to various events surrounding the competition. Most people don’t take props too seriously, but they do provide some unusual ways to make a profit when betting on the NFL.

NFL Live Betting

If you intend to regularly watch NFL games, you should most certainly consider live betting. It allows you to place a wager while the game is being played. You can pick between traditional markets like moneylines, spreads, and totals but also plenty of unique options.

There are some risks for the inexperienced players because of the dynamics of NFL live betting. Once you get a hold of it, though, live betting can be a constant source of profitable bets. You will be able to use your knowledge of the game to spot various trends early and make some money in the process.

Complete NFL Betting Guide for Beginners

The information so far briefly covers the basics of NFL betting. It’s enough to give you an idea of what to expect, but the beginners among you should probably spend some more time learning the fundamentals of betting on the NFL.

We have a page that was designed for this purpose. You will be able to find more information on everything we’ve covered so far and then some. If you are interested, check it out.

How to Make Money by Betting on the NFL

Most of you probably know the different NFL betting markets and how they work. You also know that’s far from enough to make money by betting on the competition. Giving you the knowledge and the tools to make profitable wagers is the purpose of this NFL betting guide.

We want to start with some general rules that are behind the success of almost every bettor that has been consistently profitable. They are all available on the page we linked to in the last section, but let’s cover them here, too, so that you know what to expect.

Top tips for making money from betting on the NFL

Bet for Value

If there is a single concept that is the key to success in sports betting, it’s that you have to learn to evaluate every single market and make your decisions based on that. Instead, most people are simply trying to guess what will happen in a certain NFL game.

Your Average Joe, who’s losing money in the long run, would do the latter. He will take a look at a certain market and place his wager based on what he thinks will be the outcome of the game.

Any profitable bettor would take a look at the same price for the same match. He will understand what the implied probability of the odds is, compare it to the probability he believes that is true, and only bet if he is certain that he has positive expected value.

You can very easily guess correctly most of the time and still lose money. But if you can evaluate the probabilities with precision more often than not, you will be making money.

Bet Online

It really depends on your country of residence, but most people have a couple of different options when it comes to betting. They can place their wagers on the internet or visit a land-based gambling establishment.

In our experience, it’s almost always better to bet on the NFL online. The odds are higher, the variety of markets is better, and there are loads of bonuses and promotions. You get so much more for your money, especially if you add the time you save.

If you want to find the best NFL betting sites on the web and learn how we picked them, we’d encourage you to visit the page below.

Use More Than One Betting Site

If you want to truly get the best out of the leading NFL betting sites, you should join more than one of them. Such an approach opens the door to multiple ways to increase the value you get.

For a start, you can shop for better lines and odds. Both are close in most online sportsbooks, but close doesn’t mean identical. Even the slightest improvements will accumulate over time and affect your long-term betting results.

If you add the value you could get from bonuses and promotions, it becomes clear why most of the successful bettors out there are using multiple NFL bookmakers online.

Analyze Statistics

The development of professional sports in the past couple of decades, especially in the USA, has shown us how important stats are. The NFL franchises and the bookmakers are paying crazy money to people who constantly work with the numbers.

Lots of data is at the disposal of the wide public as well, and it would be a mistake to miss out on the opportunity to incorporate stats into your football betting strategy, especially since just a couple of clicks online can open the door to massive amounts of relevant information for each team and player.

Take Advantage of Promotions

We already talked about the importance of bonuses and promotions, so we will keep this one brief. You need to regularly check out the available NFL betting deals and get the best out of them.

You don’t have to force things and place bets purely because of some promo, but you will often find ways to earn more thanks to the offers of the best NFL betting sites.

Manage Your Bankroll Properly

The majority of the tips so far are targeting various aspects of your betting strategy. They show you ways to improve your results, but this one is different. Even if you manage to create a profitable strategy, you will hit some bad streaks.

Everyone suffers the effects of variance and luck, so you should be prepared for some tough stretches. You will often lose a couple of bets in a row, no matter how good you are.

Make sure you manage your bankroll properly in order to survive these moments.

So, what next? Well, what we covered in the last two sections of our NFL betting guide is essentially the starting pack for beginners. You can’t, or at least shouldn’t, start betting on the NFL without the information we’ve provided, but it’s not enough by itself to make you a consistent winner.

You need to dig deeper and explore more specific aspects of the NFL to win consistently. The next section is about that, so read it carefully.

NFL Betting Strategy

We can’t give a universal recipe for building a successful NFL betting strategy. The process requires knowledge, time, and some experiments on your part. However, we can provide a lot of the knowledge required to help you craft your own betting system.

We have a special page that’s dedicated solely to NFL betting strategy and digs really deep into the various aspects of the preparation and execution of any profitable system. Let’s take a look at each of them.

If you like what you see here, we will provide a link so that you can check out our comprehensive strategy page too.

Preparing for the NFL Regular Season

Many people ignore the pre-season and don’t spend any time preparing for the new NFL campaign. That’s a lazy approach that usually costs you money. A lot of the trends and changes in the competition can be predicted if you do your research ahead of time.

You need to closely follow the roster of each franchise as well as the atmosphere around it. Check the new deals, see how the players do in the pre-season, and follow all the important news around the NFL.

Of course, do that on top of your impressions from the previous season. It should always be your starting point. Even if a team is completely different for the new campaign, the signs might be there way earlier.

You shouldn’t focus solely on the NFL, though. Make sure to analyze your betting strategy for the past season. Try to figure out what worked well and what didn’t. Adjust your approach so that you can have better results in the year to come.

Betting on Individual NFL Games

We expect that the vast majority of our readers will be looking to place wagers on the individual NFL games. It’s the most consistent and rewarding approach if you can get it right.

However, it’s not easy to regularly find valuable NFL betting opportunities. It requires a lot of patience and hard work on your side. You need to learn how to evaluate the strength of each team and the individual players.

Add to that the competence of the coach and his ability to influence the performance of the whole roster. Throw in some team news, the schedule, and various other aspects that might affect the outcome of each NFL game.

Your analysis should be complex and detailed. On our NFL betting strategy page, we pay special attention to all the general steps of your preparation but also dig deep on the specifics related to the main betting markets.

NFL Futures and Outrights Betting

In our opinion, plenty of season-long NFL bets are worth your attention. You could get great odds on certain franchises to win the Super Bowl or players to become the Rookie of the Year, for example.

Hitting a huge winner at a juicy price can be extremely satisfying, even if it takes months to get there. If you are of the same opinion, our NFL strategy page has got you covered.

We take a closer look at the strategies that work for NFL futures and outrights. They include a deep analysis that is more about consistency and long-term potential than current form and circumstances.

Analyzing the depth of the roster and the potential of each athlete and organization is essential. Other factors include the previous results and taking into account the nature of the markets.

For example, the odds for futures are usually high enough for you to cover a couple of teams or players for the same outcome and still win big.

Betting on the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl

The NFL regular season is exciting enough for any football fan, but the playoffs and the Super Bowl are another story. They provide the ultimate entertainment as the pressure rises. One loss, and you’re out.

The whole world is watching, and every mistake could forever remain in the memory of the fans and players. But these are also the times when heroes are born and legends are crafted.

If you want to bet on the playoffs and the Super Bowl, you need to adjust your NFL strategy. Learn how the mentality of the teams and the whole atmosphere changes. The differences from the regular season could sink the unprepared bettors, but they could also boost your results if you’ve put in the necessary research to understand how betting on the NFL playoffs differs from betting on the regular season.

How Do Public Bets Affect the NFL Odds?

We certainly believe that the millions of dollars that are placed on most NFL games are why you can often find value. The money of the recreational players moves the odds up and down, so the experienced gamblers can benefit greatly from the line shifts.

This is a topic that we explore in multiple spots on our NFL strategy page, as it affects most betting markets on the competition.

You need to learn how to utilize the movement of the lines and the odds. Once you have this ability, you will be able to place your bets at the right time and get better value for your money.

NFL Live Betting Strategy

One of the ways to make money on the NFL is to bet live. This strategy opens the door to new markets and opportunities, but it can be risky.

The odds and the lines change all the time, so beginners might struggle to find the best spots to place a wager. Also, it’s easy to lose a lot of money fast and get frustrated. You need to understand the nature of live betting and keep calm.

Furthermore, you have to learn how to combine the eye test and objective analysis. Watch the games to utilize your understanding of the sport, but also follow the data to spot trends that you might have otherwise missed.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to bet on the NFL and have a specific system in mind, we most probably can help you build and improve it. Follow the link below to our comprehensive NFL betting strategy section that covers all the topics above and many more.

NFL Strategies in Our Betting Lab

We have another suggestion for a section that can help you develop a profitable NFL betting strategy. In our Betting Lab, we highlight the whole process of turning interesting ideas into complete strategies. We also show you how to test and improve them.

Not all of our experiments are successful in terms of results, but that’s not the point of the Lab. The idea is to help you generate your own theories and develop them.

NFL Format and Structure

We don’t think that you can bet on a certain competition successfully without understanding the rules and the format. You will find all the details you need to know here.

NFL Structure Explained

Let’s start with the whole structure of the NFL. Since there are 32 teams spread all over the USA, the league features two conferences.

The first one is the American Football Conference or AFC. A total of 16 teams play there, and they are further split into four different divisions, each consisting of four teams: AFC North, AFC South, AFC East, and AFC West.

The other conference is called the National Football Conference or NFC. It has an identical structure of four divisions with four teams each. They are called NFC North, NFC South, NFC East, and NFC West.

How the conferences and divisions are structured in the NFL

NFL Regular Season Schedule Explained

The first major part of the NFL campaign is the regular season. Each franchise plays a total of 16 games spread across 17 weeks, including one week for a rest. The distribution of the games is as follows.

  • Two games, one away and one at home, against each of the other three teams in the division for a total of six games
  • One game against four teams from another division from the same conference for a total of four games, two at home and two away. The divisions rotate each year
  • One game against four teams from a division from the other conference for a total of four games, two at home and two away. The divisions rotate each year
  • Two total games, one away and one at home, against teams from the same conference but other divisions that finished in the same position in the previous NFL regular season

When the regular season is over, it’s time for the NFL playoff phase. The winners of each division and the two teams with the best records that haven’t won their division in each conference earn a place in the playoffs. The two additional teams are called wild cards.

NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl

The goal of the NFL playoffs is to determine a champion of both conferences. The two of them meet in the Super Bowl, and the winner becomes the NFL champion.

Here’s how it all starts. The four division winners in the AFC and NFC are seeded 1 to 4, based on their regular season record. The two teams that have qualified for the playoffs without winning their division are given seeds 5 and 6, even if they have a better record than the division winners.

The top two seeds in each conference receive a bye for the first round of the NFL playoffs that is called the wild card. The third and fourth seeds host the fifth and sixth seed respectively. The winners of the games progress to the next round.

The second stage is called the Divisional. The top seed in each NFL conference then plays the lowest-ranked seed at home. The second seed plays the other team that reached this phase. The two franchises that earn the victory face each other in the conference finals.

The team with the better seed hosts the game, and the winner is crowned champion of the conference. More importantly, it earns a place in the Super Bowl.

The grand finale of the NFL season is played in a pre-determined location. The organization that wins the Super Bowl becomes the NFL champion.

How the NFL playoffs are structured

NFL Team Guides

With so many teams in the NFL, it can be hard to keep track of all of them. We decided to save you some time and energy by creating a guide for each franchise. Each features crucial information about the history of the organization but also the current roster and other important facts.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the weak and the strong sides of each NFL team that will help you make the best decisions. Click on the franchise you are interested in to see more about it.

Team Division Team Division
Buffalo Bills AFC East Miami Dolphins AFC East
New England Patriots AFC East New York Jets AFC East
Baltimore Ravens AFC North Cincinnati Bengals AFC North
Cleveland Browns AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers AFC North
Houston Texans AFC South Indianapolis Colts AFC South
Jacksonville Jaguars AFC South Tennessee Titans AFC South
Denver Broncos AFC West Kansas City Chiefs AFC West
Los Angeles Chargers AFC West Oakland Raiders AFC West
Dallas Cowboys NFC East New York Giants NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles NFC East Washington Redskins NFC East
Chicago Bears NFC North Detroit Lions NFC North
Green Bay Packers NFC North Minnesota Vikings NFC North
Atlanta Falcons NFC South Carolina Panthers NFC South
New Orleans Saints NFC South Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC South
Arizona Cardinals NFC West Los Angeles Rams NFC West
San Francisco 49ers NFC West Seattle Seahawks NFC West

Additional NFL Rules

The American sports leagues are usually way more competitive than the big tournaments from the rest of the world. The reason behind that is some additional rules that balance the teams by not allowing bigger franchises to use their financial power to gain an advantage.

The main reason for that is the NFL salary cap. The whole format is complicated, but the idea is simple. Each organization has the same limited budget for player salaries. The distribution is decided by the franchise, and there are some additional rules, but the main concept is that each team has roughly the same resources to build a roster.

Another guideline that works towards equality is the draft lottery. Each year, the worst NFL teams have the chance to pick the brightest upcoming talents by receiving the right to choose before the franchises that did better in the previous season.

NFL History

The roots of football can be traced back to rugby and soccer. The sport became professional in the USA in the 1890s, but most of the competitions were small, and none had nation-wide coverage in the early years of the game.

The first ideas about a league that would feature teams from all over the USA were born in the late 1910s because of some issues with the costs and the player distribution.

Various teams from the country held talks, and a new organization was born in 1920. It was initially called the American Professional Football Conference but was renamed as the American Professional Football Association only a month later.

The early stages included only teams from Ohio, but soon other clubs like Buffalo, Detroit, and Rochester joined. The first season was mixed, as the league didn’t receive much recognition, and some teams were unable to complete the campaign.

Despite a rise in the number of teams to 22 in 1921, the tournament struggled during the 1920s. The name was changed to National Football League in 1922, and it has stuck ever since.

In the early years of the competition, the team with the best record was awarded the Championship. The structure was a bit messy, as franchises were in and out all the time.

The NFL was restructured in 1933 when the teams were divided into a Western and Eastern Division. The winners of each faced each other in the NFL Championship game for the first time.

The 1930s featured other important events too, including the first NFL draft in 1936 and the first televised game in 1939.

A shameful part of the league’s history happened during that period as well. The black players were segregated in 1933, only to return after World War II.

At this time, college football was way more popular than the NFL, but things slowly started to change. The league improved in the 1940s and 1950s, becoming the leading football competition in the USA.

One of the key moments during the time was the rivalry with the American Football League or AFL. The competition between the two tournaments affected both of them negatively, raising the player salaries and tearing the audience.

The governing bodies and the franchise owners decided to merge the two leagues in 1966, which was a pivotal moment in NFL history. It was the beginning of the NFL and AFL conferences era. The winners of both would meet each other in a Championship final, which later became the Super Bowl.

The deal between the two organizations marked the beginning of NFL dominance. The competition established itself as one of the most popular in the USA. A couple of other football leagues tried to fight the NFL throughout the years but failed miserably.

The Greatest NFL Players

There have been plenty of legendary players throughout the history of the NFL. Some of them left a mark with their appetite for winning and clutch plays, while others were simply exceptional. We have a page that’s dedicated to the best players from the past and the present of the NFL.

It features names like Joe Montana, Tom Brady, and many more. We cover every position on the field, so you will find the leading athletes on both defense and offense.

Feel free to take a closer look.

NBA Coaches Records

We all know that the NFL coaches are the masterminds behind the team’s success. It’s time to pay tribute to some of the greatest among them.

Most Successful NFL Coaches
Paul Brown 7
Bill Belichick 6
George Halas 6
Curly Lambeau 6
Vince Lombardi 5
Chuck Noll 4
Guy Chamberlain 4
Joe Gibbs 3
Bill Walsh 3
Weeb Ewbank 3

Data was accurate following the 2018/2019 NFL Season

NFL Team With the Most Championships

It’s time to check the most successful NFL franchises, too.

Most NFL Championships
Green Bay Packers 13
Chicago Bears 9
New York Giants 8
New England Patriots 6
Pittsburgh Steelers 6
Washington Redskins 5
Dallas Cowboys 5
San Francisco 49ers 5
Cleveland Browns 4
Baltimore Colts 4
Philadelphia Eagles 4
Detroit Lions 4

Data was accurate following the 2018/2019 NFL Season

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The NFL betting guide features plenty of useful information that should improve your performance. We have other pages that could be helpful too, and we hope you’ll check them out.

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