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Washington Wizards Betting and Team Guide

There are many Washington Wizards betting opportunities every year, but you could lose a lot of money if you don’t pick your wagers carefully. This team guide provides a lot of information that can help improve your results. We explore the organization’s history and some key facts, as well as the latest news around. Naturally, we also follow the latest Wizards betting odds and share our predictions.

Washington Wizards Betting in 2019-20

Let’s start with the 2019-20 Washington Wizards betting odds.

Latest Washington Wizards Odds for 2019-20

Washington Wizards to Win the 2020 NBA Championship+50000
Washington Wizards to Win the 2020 NBA Eastern Conference+15000
Washington Wizards to Win the 2020 NBA Southeast Division+25000

Washington Wizards Predictions for 2019-20

  • Current Prediction: 26-29 wins
  • Current Pick: No recommended bet
  • Last Updated: January 16th

John Wall won’t be lacing up his kicks anytime soon, and it’s clear that Bradley Beal can’t win games on his own. Rui Hachimuri is having a nice rookie campaign, but Scott Brooks could do himself a big favor if he can get this organization turned around quickly. Otherwise, he’ll be joining David Fizdale as the next head coach to be “canned.”

Previous Washington Wizards Predictions

December 6th

  • Prediction: 26-30 wins
  • Pick: No recommended bet

John Wall won’t be lacing up his kicks anytime soon, and it’s clear that Bradley Beal can’t win games on his own. Rui Hachimuri is having a nice rookie campaign, but Scott Brooks could do himself a big favor if he can get this organization turned around quickly. Otherwise, he’ll be joining David Fizdale as the next head coach to be “canned.”

October 8th

  • Prediction: Fewer than 25 wins
  • Pick: Under 27.5 Wins -125

The situation with the Wizards seems worse than I thought initially. The team lacks both the talent and the depth to compete in the East. On top of that, I won’t be surprised to see Bradly Beal gone at some point of the 2019-20 season.

The bookies have set the line for the number of wins around the 27-28 mark. I think the Wizards will stay below that, especially if you add the potential tanking later in the campaign. The price you could get is around -120 in most betting sites and it looks like good value.

Season Preivew

With their standings just outside the playoffs in the Eastern Conference last year, there’s no reason to believe anything will change for the Washington Wizards in the 2019-20 season. The core of the team is pretty much the same. While the division is weaker, it’s hard to see where a difference of 10 or so wins would come from, especially since John Wall most likely won’t play until February.

Washington Wizards News and Updates

January 16th, by Michael Wynn

Bradley Beal is back after missing 11 days with a sore right shoulder. Washington isn’t exactly sure when Rui Hachimura’s groin will be fully healed, but the Wizards need to start settling in and narrow down their rotation. Through the team’s first 40 games, 13 players are averaging 20+ minutes per game, although Beal is the only guy who accounts for more than 30 minutes per night.

Previous News and Updates

December 6th, by Michael Wynn

Despite the Wizards not being relevant in the Eastern Conference, it’s worth pointing out that Isaiah Thomas has bounced back nicely after a couple of years dealing with loads of frustration. The 30-year-old point guard is shooting a career-high 41% from beyond the arc and is dishing out more than 5 assists per game.

Perhaps the question to ask is why Coach Brooks is only playing Isaiah 24.9 minutes per game.

October 10, by Jerry Summer

Despite a solid 4th quarter and a late surge, the Wizards started their preseason with a defeat against the Knicks. That tells you everything you need to know about this team and it’s hard to find anything positive so far. Probably the decent performance of Rui Hachimura, but that’s far from enough to be optimistic.

July 29, by Jerry Summer

According to the latest reports, the Washington Wizards have offered Bradley Beal a max deal that would extend his contract by three years. He hasn’t signed the contract yet, and there are multiple NBA teams that are watching the situation closely.

July 22, by Jerry Summer  

The Washington Wizards have announced that Tommy Sheppard is the new General Manager of the team. He’s been with the organization for years and knows how everything works from the inside out. According to most reports, Sheppard is a hard-working guy who’s not too shy to talk to the media or the players.

June 20, by Jerry Summer  

The Washington Wizards used their draft pick to select Rui Hachimura. He’s one of the more mysterious players in 2019 and started playing basketball late. However, the Japanese forward has immense potential and many believe his aptitude is through the roof.

As always, we have to wait for a couple of years to see the true potential of Hachimura, but we feel this might be a better pick than most people think. Still, it shouldn’t affect the upcoming season too much.

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The Washington Wizards in 2019-20

Washington Wizards Roster in 2019-20

It’s always crucial to know the roster of the team you’re betting on, so let’s take a look at the players that will be part of the Washington Wizards in 2019-20.

  • Isaiah Thomas – Guard
  • Chasson Randle – Guard
  • John Wall – Guard
  • Isaac Bonga – Guard
  • Ish Smith – Guard
  • Phil Goss – Guard
  • Jalen Ross – Guard
  • Tarik Phillip – Guard
  • Garrison Mathews – Guard
  • Admiral Schofield – Guard
  • Philip Scrubb – Guard
  • Justin Robinson – Guard
  • Bradley Beal – Guard
  • Jordan McRae – Guard
  • Issuf Sanon – Guard
  • C. J. Miles – Forward
  • Davis Bertans – Forward
  • Sam Dekker – Forward
  • Rui Hachimura – Forward
  • Moritz Wagner – Forward
  • Heng Yifeng – Forward
  • Ajdin Penava – Forward
  • Jemerrio Jones – Forward
  • Thomas Bryant – Center
  • Ian Mahinmi – Center
  • Alan Herndon – Center

Projected Starting Lineup

And here are the players we expect to see in the starting lineup of the Washington Wizards most often.

  • Ish Smith Point – Guard
  • Bradley Beal Shooting – Guard
  • Troy Brown Jr. Small – Forward
  • Rui Hachimura Power – Forward
  • Thomas Bryant – Center

John Wall won’t be returning until February, so we won’t include him here. Instead, Bradley Beal will be paired with Ish Smith in the backcourt. The point guard is a solid playmaker with a reliable jumper, and we know that Beal is an absolute monster on the offense.

The other three members of the team are all youngsters with loads of potential, but it’s hard to expect much from players at such a young age. The main goal is for them to receive enough play time to develop their skills, so we don’t really expect much from the Wizards in 2019-20.

The team will most likely struggle in defense and fail to find enough consistency, Beal aside, on the offense.

Depth and Bench

The bench of the Washington Wizards features a couple of players that could certainly help throughout the season. Davis Bertans was acquired from the Spurs, and he’s one of the best sharpshooters in the league.

On top of that, his defense is better than most people give him credit for and he’s an excellent cutter.

Another interesting name is Isaiah Thomas who will be eager to prove his worth to the world. If he stays fit, the point guard might provide some instant offense from the bench.

The likes of Thomas Bryant, Moritz Wagner, Ian Mahinmi, and CJ Miles will also play regularly, so the Wizards have enough numbers. The bigger question is if the second unit has enough quality. We’re more inclined to say no, at least until John Wall is back.

Washington Wizards Staff in 2019-20

The players are not the only members of the Washington Wizards that play a huge role. Let’s take a look at some of the other key positions.

  • Head Coach: Scott Brooks
  • Coaching Staff: Tony Brown (Asst. Coach), David Adkins (Asst. Coach), Mike Terpstra (Asst. Coach), Robert Pack (Asst. Coach), Maz Trakh (Asst. Coach), Ryan Richman (Asst. Coach)
  • Ownership: Ted Leonsis
  • General Manager: Tommy Sheppard

Current head coach Scott Brooks has been at the position since 2016. He has loads of experience, but the team’s performance has been declining since he joined. Brooks must find a way to get results with the current roster, or he could very well be fired this season.

Washington Wizards Schedule in 2019-20

As always, the schedule for each NBA team will have some bumps. We’ll be waiting for the league to release all the dates. Then, we’ll share our thoughts and see how it might affect their performance.

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Washington Wizards Overview and Key Info

It took six steps to get to the Wizards we know today. The franchise started as the Chicago Packers in 1961. But they moved to Baltimore then Washington DC, taking on a new name with every move and a few name changes in between just for the heck of it.

After spending years on various courts, the Wizards, then known as the Bullets, had their best decade in the 1970s. They made four NBA Finals appearances and won the 1978 championship after defeating the Seattle SuperSonics in a 4-3 series.

The modern-day Washington Wizards have made their home at the Capital One Arena since taking on the Wizards name in 1997. In 2017, they earned their first division title since 1979 under head coach Scott Brooks.

Here are some key facts about the Wizards.

Washington Wizards – Key Info
Current Team Location
In Washington DC since 1973
Eastern Conference – Southeast
Capital One Arena
G League Team
Capital City Go-Go
Team Value (Forbes 2018)
$1.35 billion

Washington Wizards History

The easiest way to understand the Wizards history is to look at their timeline of events that started in Chicago, Illinois.

  • 1961-62: Chicago Packers
  • 1962-63: Chicago Zephyrs
  • 1963-73: Baltimore Bullets
  • 1973-74: Capital Bullets
  • 1974-97: Washington Bullets
  • 1997-present: Washington Wizards


The Chicago Packers had their inaugural season in 1961, playing at the International Amphitheater. Despite their rookie star player, Walt Bellamy, who was an All-Star, Rookie of the Year, and led the NBA in field goal percentage, the Packers finished in last with an 18-62 record.

After just a year, the Packers became the Zephyrs and moved to the Chicago Coliseum but didn’t fare much better, ending the season with a 25-55 win-loss.

Bullets and More Bullets

Those first two years marked the beginning and the end of the Chicago-based Packers and Zephyrs.

The franchise packed their bags and headed to Baltimore in 1963. Baltimore Bullets was taken from a previous Baltimore team, and the “Bullets” stuck, even after ten years when the team made their next move, this time to Washington DC. The Baltimore Bullets became the Capital Bullets, then the Washington Bullets.

The Bullets were rebranded once again in 1997 as the new owner Abe Pollin felt that the name “bullets” was too closely associated with violence. A contest narrowed down choices to Dragons, Express, Sea Dogs, Stallions, and the winning name “Wizards.”

The ‘70s success

In the Wizards franchise’s five decades of play, the ‘70s stand out as the most successful. Not only did the Washington Bullets win their one and only NBA championship to date, beating the Seattle SuperSonics in a 4-3 series, but all four finals appearances were in the ‘70s.

The Baltimore Bullets lost to the Bucks (4-0) in 1971. In 1975, the Washington Bullets were defeated in a 4-0 sweep by the Warriors. The 1978 Bullets’ championship was followed by a SuperSonics rematch the next season, and the Seattle team evened the score. The Bullets lost to the SuperSonics 4-1 in what would be their last finals series for a long time to come.

After a first-place dry spell that had lasted since 1979, the Wizards finally broke the spell and finished first in the Southeast in 2017 with a 49-33 finish followed by a 4-3 loss to the Celtics in the Conference Semifinals.

Team Stand-Outs

The Wizards franchise has retired five numbers over the years, beginning with Earl Monroe (1967-71). Other honorees include Elvin Hayes (1972-81), Gus Johnson (1963-72), Wes Unseld (1968-81), and Phil Chenier (1971-79).

Since their inaugural season in 1961, the team has also had a long list of award winners, all-stars, record holders, and Hall of Famers on the roster.

The following Hall of Famers spent at least one full season with the Bullets or Wizards: Wes Unseld, Earl Monroe, Elvin Hayes, Dave Bing, Walt Bellamy, Bailey Howell, Moses Malone, Michael Jordan, Gus Johnson, Bernard King, Mitch Richmond, Spencer Haywood, and Rod Thorn.

Washington Wizards Championships and Playoffs

  • 1 NBA Championship: 1978
  • 4 Conference Titles: 1979, 1978, 1975, 1971
  • 7 Division Titles: 2017, 1979, 1975, 1974, 1973, 1972, 1971

Home Court – Capital One Arena

  • Inaugurated: 1997
  • Renovated: 2007 (new scoreboard)
  • Capacity: 20,356
  • Former Names: Verizon Center, MCI Center

The Capital One Arena is currently owned by Monumental Sports and Entertainment. The initial construction was funded by private money.

There are a whole host of tenants, aside from the Wizards, who call the arena home. Since 1997, the venue has housed the Washington Capitals NHL team as well as the NCAA’s Georgetown Hoyas. WNBA’s Washington Mystics signed on the next year, and the AFL team, Washington Valor, became the newest tenant in 2017.

Capital One Arena is located in the Chinatown neighborhood, and it’s serviced by the Washington Metro transit operation underground.

  • Venue Address: Capital One Arena, 601 F Street, Washington, DC 20004
  • Mailing Address: Washington Wizards, c/o Capital One Arena, 601 F Street, Washington, DC 20004
  • Phone: 202-661-5100

Washington Wizards Head Coaches

While there have already been 24 head coaches in the Wizards’ franchise history, the story begins with Jim Pollard and centers around Dick Motta.

First Coaches

Jim Pollard was in charge of the inaugural season of the Chicago Packers in 1961-62. He ended his tenure with a disappointing 18-62 record, but not entirely unexpected for a brand-new team. Jack McMahon coached part of the second season. But after only winning 12 out of 38 games, Bobby Leonard stepped up as player-coach.

Leonard stayed on from 1962-64 but ended his reign with a .361 winning percentage and still no playoff appearances.

Winning Coaches

Buddy Jeannette (1964-65) led the then Baltimore Bullets to their first post-season, losing the division finals to the Lakers. But Dick Motta is the organization’s only championship-winning coach to date. Motta was the head coach from 1976 to 1980, and the Washington Bullets made two finals appearances (1978-79), winning the first in a 4-3 series to the SuperSonics but losing in the following-year rematch.

Motta compiled a .564 record with 185 wins and 143 losses. His post-season was 27-24 (.529). He wasn’t one of the NBA Coach of the Year recipients, though. That honor went to Gene Shue in 1969, and then it was awarded to Shue again during his second tenure with the Bullets in 1982. K.C. Jones (1973-76) recorded the highest regular-season winning percentage with .630.

Last 10 Washington Wizards Head Coaches
242016-Scott Brooks124-122 .504 9-10.474
232012-16Randy Wittman178-199.47212-9.571
222009-12Flip Saunders51-130.282X-X
212008-09 (I)Ed Tapscott18-53.254X-X
202003-08Eddie Jordan197-224.4688-18.308
192001-03Doug Collins74-90.451X-X
182000-01Leonard Hamilton19-63.232X-X
172000 (I)Darrell Walker15-23.395X-X
161999-2000Gar Heard14-30.318X-X
151999 (I)Jim Brovelli5-13.278X-X

(I) = Interim position

Scott Brooks

Brooks played for 13 seasons from 1988 through 2001 before taking his first coaching job as an assistant with the Los Angeles Stars from 2000-01. Most recently, he was the head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder from 2008-15 before accepting the position with the Wizards in 2016.

The first two seasons under Brooks were winning ones, with .598 and .524 records, a loss in the conference semifinals in 2017, and a loss in the first round in 2018. However, the team didn’t qualify for the playoffs in 2019.

Washington Wizards Last Five Seasons

SeasonCoachFinishW-L%PlayoffsPoints Leader (avg/game)
2018-19 Scott Brooks 4th 32-50.390 Bradley Beal (25.6)
2017-18Scott Brooks2nd43-39.524Lost First RoundBradley Beal (22.6)
2016-17Scott Brooks1st49-33.598Lost Conf. SemifinalsJohn Wall (23.1)
2015-16Randy Wittman4th41-41.500John Wall (19.9)
2014-15Randy Wittman2nd46-36.561Lost Conf. SemifinalsJohn Wall (17.6)

Washington Wizards All-Time Career Leaders

PointsElvin Hayes15,5511972-1981
Average Pts/GameWalt Bellamy27.581963-1966
AssistsJohn Wall5,2822010-2019
ReboundsWes Unseld13,7691968-1981

Elvin Hayes

Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes is the Wizards’ franchise all-time career scoring leader with 15,551 points from 1972-1981. The power forward/center was drafted by the San Diego Rockets as the first overall pick in the 1968 NBA draft. Elvin was one of the first black American basketball players in the ‘60s and played for the University of Houston’s Cougars as a two-time Consensus First-Team All-American.

He was named the 1968 Player of the Year by the AP, UPI, and Sporting News. After four seasons with the Rockets, he was acquired by the Wizards (then Baltimore Bullets) and spent nine seasons with the team, including a championship in 1978. Hayes was named to the All-Star team every year from 1969-80. He was All-NBA First Team in 1975, ‘77, and ‘79 and the NBA rebounding leader in ’70 and ’74. He’s both a Collegiate and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, and his number 11 was retired by the Wizards.

Walt Bellamy

Walt Bellamy was on the inaugural first team for the Wizards, then known as the Chicago Packers. The center was the first overall pick by the Packers in 1961 out of Indiana University. He was also the starting center for the US team at the 1960 Summer Olympics, earning a gold medal. Bellamy was on the Packers (Zephyrs/Bullets) roster from 1961-1965 and still holds the all-time career leader position in average points per game with 27.58.

He was the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1962 and a four-time NBA All-Star every season from 1962 through 1965. Bellamy also played for the Knicks, Pistons, and Hawks. He retired with the New Orleans Jazz in 1974. Walt is a two-time Hall of Fame inductee, one for his NBA career, and one for the Olympics.

John Wall

Just one year of playing for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, and John Wall was signed to the Washington Wizards as a first overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. Wall is currently a member of the Wizards, and from 2011 through 2017, he was the team leader in average points per game.

In 2011, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team and was the NBA Rookie Challenge MVP that same year. He’s a five consecutive year NBA All-Star and the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Dunker of the Night.

Wes Unseld

Center Wes Unseld was a career “Bullet” on the roster through the name changes from Baltimore to Capital to Washington from 1968-81. After earning NCAA All-American at the University of Louisville, Unseld was selected by the Baltimore Bullets as the second overall pick in 1968. The following year, he was named the NBA Rookie of the Year, All-NBA First Time, and the NBA Most Valuable Player. He also played in his first of five NBA All-Star games in ’69.

Unseld is the Wizards franchise all-time career rebounds leader with 13,769 and was the league’s rebounding leader in ’75. He was on the Bullets’ championship team in 1978 and named NBA Finals MVP. In 1988, Unseld was back in DC, this time as a coach for the Washington Bullets from 1988-1994. Wes has been inducted into both the Naismith Memorial and College Basketball Halls of Fame, and his number 41 has also been retired by the Wizards organization.

Wizards Trivia

The Chicago Packers (Washington Wizards) are the first modern expansion team in NBA history, joining the league in 1961.

In 1969, future Hall of Famer Wes Unseld received both the NBA Rookie of the Year award and the NBA Most Valuable Player designation.

Michael Jordan was the Wizards’ minority owner and President of Basketball Operations in 2000 but gave up his ownership in 2001 to return to playing. He led the Wizards to a 26-21 record before the All-Star break. After the break, an injured Jordan was benched, and the Wizards ended with a 37-45 record.

Gene Shue is the only Wizards coach to date to be named as NBA Coach of the Year, and he received the honor twice, once during each of his two separate head coaching stints.

During the team’s only season known as the Capital Bullets (1973-74), they finished in first place in the Central Division at 47-35.

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