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New York Knicks Betting and Team Guide

If you like betting on the NBA, you most likely will be betting on the New York Knicks at some point. Most people end up losing money from that because they aren’t armed with sufficient knowledge and haven’t made use of their resources for research.

The goal of this Knicks team guide is to help you avoid such a fate. This is why we explore the history and various key facts about the franchise but also share regular updates about the current Knicks roster and staff.

New York Knicks Betting in 2019-20

Let’s begin with the New York Knicks betting options for the 2019-20 NBA season.

Latest New York Knicks Odds for 2019-20

New York Knicks to Win the 2020 NBA Championship +100000
New York Knicks to Win the 2020 NBA Eastern Conference +25000
New York Knicks to Win the 2020 NBA Atlantic Division N/A

New York Knicks Predictions for 2019-20

  • Current Prediction: 21-25 wins
  • Current Pick: No recommended bet
  • Last Updated: February 28th

The good news is New York is on its way toward increasing its win total from last year. The bad news is if I had to predict who will end the 2020 regular season with the worst record in the Eastern Conference, my money would go down on the Knicks.

NY is sitting more than 25 games behind the Raptors in the Atlantic Division and the month of March hasn’t even arrived. That should clue you in on just how disappointing of a year it has been for basketball fans in the Big Apple.

Previous New York Knicks Predictions

January 16th

  • Prediction: 20-23 wins
  • Pick: No recommended bet

The good news is the Knicks should wind up improving upon their 17 wins from last season. The bad news is that New York is in a race with the Cavaliers and the Hawks for the worst record in the Eastern Conference.

After hoping that 2019/2020 would bring fortune to the Knicks fanbase, it’s looking like Steve Mills and Scott Perry are headed right back to the drawing board over the summer. At least they’re likely to be drafting early in the lottery in the 2020 Draft.

December 6th

  • Prediction: 15-18 wins
  • Pick: No recommended bet

My only prediction regarding the Knicks at this point would be that they’re likely to finish the season with the worst record in the Eastern Conference – again. New York failed to lure in any big names over the summer, and it’s going to be a while (if at all) until RJ Barrett turns into a capable #1 option.

October 8th

  • Prediction: Around 25 wins and no chance for the playoffs
  • Pick: No recommended bet

I believe that the bookmakers got the line right for the Knicks and the number of wins they will achieve during the regular season. Most of them offer a line of 25-26 or so, which is exactly where I expect the team to be in the spring. That’s the reason I don’t see any value in the current odds.

Season Preview

The New York Knicks were one of the teams expected to gain the most during the NBA offseason, but that’s not exactly how things turned out. The franchise had the cap space to sign two max free agents, and many believed Durand and Kyrie Irving might join, but that wasn’t the case.

Instead, the organization signed Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, Marcus Morris, and Reggie Bullock, among others. They are not exactly bad players — quite the opposite — but the Knicks needed so much more than that to be even remotely competitive in the 2019-20 NBA season.

As it stands, the team most likely won’t be in contention for a playoff place, which says a lot, considering how weak the Eastern Conference is right now.

New York Knicks News and Updates

February 28th, by Michael Wynn

RJ Barrett’s 13.7 ppg might look decent on paper, but when you lift up the hood and see he’s shooting under 39% from the field and under 31% from beyond the arc, you begin to uncover the facts.

Hopefully New York can find a way to beat the Bulls at MSG on Saturday – because the Knicks haven’t tasted a victory of any kind since back on February 8th.

Previous News and Updates

January 16th, by Michael Wynn

Marcus Morris should be back any day now after missing New York’s previous five games. Not only have the Knicks missed his team-leading 19.1ppg, but they have severely missed his deft touch from the outside. Morris’ 46.9% clip from three-point land ranks second in the NBA.

Kenny Wooten signed a two-way contract with the Knicks on January 13th. The high-flying power forward went undrafted out of the University of Oregon, but his freakish athleticism could bring a boost to the roster. In a corresponding move, New York waived Ivan Rabb.

December 6th, by Michael Wynn

New York fired David Fizdale on December 6th. Quite frankly, I’m not sure Steve Mills and the Knicks front office really had much choice. After losing to the Bucks by 42, the Nuggets trounced New York by 37 at Madison Square Garden. In doing so, the Knicks became just the second team in NBA history to lose consecutive games by 35+ points.

October 8, by Jerry Summer

The New York Knicks started their preseason with a win against the Washington Wizards. While we can’t draw too many conclusions from such games, there were some positive signs.

In the duel of the rookies, RJ Barret outplayed Rui Hachimura and scored 17 points. The other guys that impressed were Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, and Marcus Morris. The trio will be expected to contribute a lot in the regular season, so the fans have something to give them hope for now.

July 17, by Jerry Summer

The Knicks did sign more players, as many expected, but the magnitude of the new arrivals is not exactly what the fans hoped for. Marcus Morris and Reggie Bullock are now part of the team. While both are solid players, they are nowhere near what the team needs.

July 7, by Jerry Summer

It’s safe to say that the New York Knicks are the big losers from this summer. At some point during last season, it seemed like the franchise would get KD and Kyrie Irving, but they went to the Nets instead. The bigger New York franchise failed to attract the highest level of talent available.

The team did sign Julius Randle, who’s been excellent in the past two seasons, but he’s not the superstar the fans were waiting for.

More New York Knicks and NBA Betting for 2019-20

This team guide is focused on the New York Knicks, but we have a couple of other NBA pages that will certainly help you if you decide to bet on the league.

Our blog will also help you improve your betting results, so make sure to take a look every now and then. The NBA is one of the leagues we cover extensively with picks, predictions, news, and updates. Here are the latest entries.

The New York Knicks in 2019-20

New York Knicks Roster in 2019-20

If you are going to bet on the New York Knicks in the 2019-20 season, you need to get to know the roster. Let’s start with a full list of the players and then dig a bit deeper.

  • Dennis Smith Jr. – Guard
  • Elfrid Payton – Guard
  • Allonzo Trier – Guard
  • Frank Ntilikina – Guard
  • Tony Taylor – Guard
  • V.j. King – Guard
  • Billy Garrett – Guard
  • Amir Hinton – Guard
  • Wayne Ellington – Guard
  • Damyean Dotson – Guard
  • Kadeem Allen – Guard
  • John Jenkins – Guard
  • Kevin Knox – Forward
  • Reggie Bullock – Forward
  • Julius Randle – Forward
  • RJ Barrett – Forward
  • Bobby Portis – Forward
  • Taj Gibson – Forward
  • Marcus Morris – Forward
  • Noah Vonleh – Forward
  • Ignas Brazdeikis – Forward
  • Isaiah Hicks – Forward
  • Mitchell Robinson – Center

Projected Starting Lineup

Naturally, the starting lineup of the New York Knicks will have the most impact on the season, so let’s take a look at the projected formation.

  • Dennis Smith Jr. – Point Guard
  • Reggie Bullock – Shooting Guard
  • R.J. Barrett – Small Forward
  • Julius Randle – Power Forward
  • Mitchell Robinson – Center

The starting backcourt of the Knicks will most likely feature Dennis Smith Jr. and Reggie Bullock. Both provide solid shooting from the outside but are not exactly the best ball handlers. Fortunately, the likes of R.J. Barret and especially Julius Randle will help in this regard.

Both forwards are extremely athletic, can provide some playmaking skills, and are monsters under the rim. They will get a lot of boards too, so the team should be above average when it comes to rebounding.

The same probably applies to the offense too, but there are many concerns with this lineup. The center Mitchell Robinson is not particularly good at anything besides rebounding, there are no strong defenders, and Smith Jr. and Barrett are really raw.

The Knicks will concede a lot of buckets, so don’t expect many wins throughout the season.

Depth and Bench

The Knicks’ starting lineup is hardly impressive, but the bench looks decent. The likes of Marcus Morris, Taj Gibson, Bobby Portis, Elfrid Payton, and Kevin Knox can all contribute for the second unit. They provide a good blend of experience and youth in the different positions.

The good news is that some of the guys will be pushing for a starting spot, and the competition usually works well for the players.

New York Knicks Staff in 2019-20

Betting on the New York Knicks without knowing the staff wouldn’t be a good idea. Let’s look at the most important people that won’t be on the court.

  • Head Coach: David Fizdale
  • Coaching Staff: Keith Smart (Asst. Coach), Jud Buechler (Asst. Coach), Pat Sullivan (Asst. Coach), Royal Ivey (Asst. Coach), Kaleb Canales (Asst. Coach), Roger Hinds (Trainer), Anthony Goenaga (Asst. Trainer)
  • Ownership: James Dolan
  • General Manager: Scott Perry

 David Fizdale is the man expected to lead this team forward, and he is one of the young coaches in the NBA. He was part of the Miami Heat as an assistant for years and received the chance to become the head coach of the Grizzlies in 2016.

After a solid first season, he was fired but found his new home in New York. His first full season at the helm wasn’t exactly successful, but the team’s roster was one of the worst in the NBA, so that’s hardly a surprise.

He will have a somewhat better group of players in 2019-20, but not by much. Developing the young talents like Kevin Knox, R.J. Barrett, and Dennis Smith Jr. is probably Fizdale’s top priority.

New York Knicks Schedule in 2019-20

The NBA schedule is not out yet, but we will add all the games and dates related to the Knicks once everything is official. We will also explore the schedule for potential tough periods that could impact the organization’s results.

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New York Knicks Overview and Key Info

The New York Knicks are tied with the Boston Celtics for being the longest-standing NBA team to have remained in their original home city since the beginning. The Knicks started in 1946 with the BAA and then were part of the NBA merger in 1949.

The Knicks have played in New York City for more than 70 years, making Madison Square Garden their home since 1968. They’ve won five division titles, eight conference titles, and two NBA championships. Both of their championship titles came in the ‘70s under head coach Red Holzman. The Knicks faced the Lakers in three NBA finals and won two, in 1970 and 1973.

In the 2012-13 season, the Knicks, led by Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, won their first division title in 19 years. But since then, they haven’t made a single playoff appearance. Regardless, the New York Knicks franchise is the most valuable in the NBA with a 2018 Forbes estimated value of $3.6 billion.

David Fizdale was hired for the 2018-19 season. Fizdale spent one and a half seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies as their head coach before signing a four-year deal with the Knicks.

NY Knicks – Key Info
Current Team Location
In New York, New York, since 1946
Eastern Conference – Atlantic
Madison Square Garden
G League Team
Westchester Knicks
Team Value (Forbes 2018)
$3.6 billion

New York Knicks History

The New York Knicks, or to be more accurate, the New York Knickerbockers, began play in 1946 as part of the BAA (Basketball Association of America). The team’s founder, Ned Irish, was also one of the BAA originators.


Knickerbocker is a term for descendants of the early New York Dutch settlers and can also be used to describe a native New Yorker. The name, which is commonly abbreviated to “Knicks,” is fitting. The Knicks, along with the Celtics, are the only two surviving franchises of the original 1949 NBA that have stayed in their hometowns since the beginning.

In 1949 when the BAA merged with the NBA, the Knicks were part of the arrangement. They’ve been playing in New York City ever since.

Joe Lapchick

While Neil Cohalan was the Knicks’ first head coach, Joe Lapchick was the first Knicks’ NBA coach. He spent the 1947-56 seasons with the new team and led New York to three consecutive NBA finals in 1950-51, 1951-52, and 1952-53.

In the 1970s, the Knicks won their only two NBA championships. In 1969-70, they beat the Lakers in a 4-3 series. Willis Reed was named MVP, and Red Holzman was at the helm as head coach.

Red Holzman and Championships

Under Holzman, New York went to the finals again facing the Lakers just two years later but was defeated 4-1. The tide turned one more time the next year (1972-73). The NBA finals were once again a Lakers-Knicks matchup, and the Knicks emerged victorious for the second time in a 4-1 series.

The Knicks haven’t been as successful over the past few decades. Their last NBA finals were in 1998-99, losing to the San Antonio Spurs 4-1.

Honored Knicks

Over the years, New York has had some of the biggest names in the NBA on their roster. Hall of Famers like Walt Frazier, Patrick Ewing, Bob McAdoo, Walt Bellamy, Bernard King, Dikembe Mutombo, and Bill Bradley have all suited up for the Knicks.

The franchise has retired eight player numbers since 1979 with Walt Frazier’s #10 to Patrick Ewing’s #33 in 2003. Other former players with retired numbers include Dick Barnett, Earl Monroe, Dick McGuire, Willis Reed, Dave DeBusschere, and Bill Bradley. Coach Red Holzman was also honored in 1990.

Championships and Playoffs

  • 2 NBA Championships: 1973, 1970
  • 8 Conference Titles: 1999, 1994, 1973, 1972, 1970, 1953, 1952, 1951
  • 5 Division Titles: 2013, 1994, 1993, 1989, 1971

Home Court – Madison Square Garden 

  • Inaugurated: 1968
  • Renovated: 1989-91; 2011-13
  • Capacity: 19,812
  • Former Names: n/a

The current Madison Square Garden arena is one of the oldest major sports venues in the New York area. But it’s not the first Madison Square Garden. There were three that came before it, all bearing the same name.

Madison Square Gardens I-III

The first two were built in 1979 and 1890, and they were in the Madison Square area, hence the name. MSG number one was an open-air facility used by P.T. Barnum. It was demolished when number two was completed.

MSG II had the largest main hall in the world, accommodating 8,000 plus a 1,200-seat theatre and 1,500-seat concert hall.

The third was constructed further uptown in 1925. It was a three-level arena that accommodated 18,496 specifically for boxing. It, too, was demolished when the current structure was completed in 1968.

Other Tenants

In addition to the Knicks, Madison Square Garden is the regular home venue for the NHL’s New York Rangers and the NCAA’s St. John’s Red Storm. The schedule is full year-round with concerts and other special events as well.

From 1989 through 2013, the Garden went through multiple renovation projects totaling $1.07 billion. Most of the skyboxes were replaced with balcony seats, and the 9th-floor skyboxes were upgraded to “signature suites.”

  • Venue Address: Madison Square Garden, Four Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001
  • Mailing Address: New York Knicks, c/o Madison Square Garden, Two Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001
  • Phone: 212-465-6471

New York Knicks Head Coaches

There have already been 29 head coaches hired by the Knicks, but a few stand out above the rest. Neil Cohalan had the inaugural position for the 1946-47 season in the BAA.

Cohalan recorded a 33-27 win-loss for .550 as well as a 2-3 playoffs finish. Cohalan will forever be in the record books as the coach that won the first BAA game ever when the Knicks beat the Toronto Huskies 68-66.

Over the 70+ years of franchise history, the Knicks have had four coaches that are in the all-time top ten in NBA history. Lenny Wilkens is the most recent, with one year with the Knicks from 2004-05. Don Nelson also put in one year from 1995-96. Pat Riley coached the Knicks from 1991-1995 with a .680 winning percentage during his tenure and a 223-105 record and 35-28 in playoff games. Riley was also the 1992-93 NBA Coach of the Year.

The fourth “Top 10″ coach is Red Holzman, who had two stints with the Knicks from 1967-77 and 1978-82. Holzman is the only coach in the organization that has had two NBA championship teams (1970 and 1973). For his first ten seasons, he ended up with a 466-317 (.595) regular season and 54-41 (.568) playoffs record.

Other Hall of Fame-inducted coaches include Rick Pitino (1987-89) and Larry Brown (2005-2006).

29 2018-David Fizdale17-65.207X-X
282016-18Jeff Hornacek60-104.366X-X
272016Kurt Rambis9-19.321X-X
262014-16Derek Fisher40-96.294X-X
252012-14Mike Woodson109-79.5807-10.412
242008-12Mike D’Antoni121-167.4200-4.000
232006-08Isiah Thomas56-108.341X-X
222005-06Larry Brown23-59.280X-X
20*2005Herb Williams16-27.372X-X
212004-05Lenny Wilkens40-41.4940-4.000

*Herb Williams also coached one game in 2004 with a 1-0 record

The 29th and current Knicks head coach, David Fizdale, signed a four-year deal starting with the 2018-19 season.

Fizdale brings with him nearly 20 years of coaching experience as well as having held the head coaching spot with the Memphis Grizzlies from 2016-18. He left the Grizzlies with a 50-51 regular-season record (.495) and a third-place finish in the Southwest in 2017, going 2-4 in the playoffs (.333).

His first season with the Knicks finished with a poor 17-65 record, but that’s hardly Fizdale’s fault. The roster of the team simply wasn’t competitive for the league’s standards.

New York Knicks Last Five Seasons

SeasonCoachFinishW-L%PlayoffsPoints Leader (avg/game)
2018-19David Fizdale5th17-65.207Tim Hardaway Jr. (19.1)
2017-18Jeff Hornacek4th29-53.354Kristaps Porzingis (22.7)
2016-17Jeff Hornacek3rd31-51.378Carmelo Anthony (22.4)
2015-16Fisher/Rambis3rd32-50.390Carmelo Anthony (21.8)
2014-15Derek Fisher5th17-65.207Carmelo Anthony (24.2)

New York Knicks All-Time Career Leaders

PointsPatrick Ewing23,6651985-2000
Average Pts/GameBob McAdoo26.671976-1979
AssistsWalt Frazier4,7911967-1977
ReboundsPatrick Ewing10,7591985-2000

Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing has a lot of number ones associated with his name. He was the first overall pick in the first round of the 1985 NBA draft by the Knicks. Ewing had previously played at Georgetown University and was a three-time Consensus First-Team All-American. He was the first and only Knicks player to play 1,000 games. He’s also the number-one all-time New York career leader for points (23,665) and rebounds (10,759).

Ewing spent the majority of his 17-year playing career with the Knicks from 1985-2000. Ewing started out as the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1986 and earned his first of 11 All-Star spots that same season. He was First Team All-NBA in 1990 and All-NBA Second Team for six years. Ewing represented the United States in two Olympic games, 1984 in Los Angeles and 1992 in Barcelona. He retired his playing career at the end of the 2001-02 season with 24,815 points, 11,617 rebounds, and 2,894 blocks.

Patrick had his #33 jersey retired by the Knicks and is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. He’s currently the coach at Georgetown after 15 years as an assistant coach with the Wizards, Rockets, Magic, and Hornets.

Bob McAdoo

Center and forward Bob McAdoo played 14 seasons with seven different NBA teams before heading to teams in Italy. He was drafted as the second overall pick in the first round by the Boston Braves in 1972 out of the University of North Carolina where he was a Consensus First-Team All-American. McAdoo was the NBA’s 1973 Rookie of the Year and was named to the NBA All-Star Team every year from 1974 through 1978. He was the NBA’s MVP in 1975 and three-time NBA scoring champion from 1974-1976.

On the roster for the New York Knicks from 1976-79, McAdoo suffered several injuries. Regardless, he’s still the franchise’s all-time career leader for scoring an average of 26.67 points per game. McAdoo went on to win two NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers (1982 and 1985).

After his final NBA season with the 76ers in 1986, he played in Italy for seven seasons and then became the assistant coach for the Miami Heat from 1995 through 2014. Bob was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a player in 2000. 

Walt Frazier

Walt Frazier was the point guard who helped the New York Knicks win both of their NBA championships in 1970 and 1973. The first-round, fifth overall pick by the Knicks first played basketball at Southern Illinois University, declining other scholarships for football. He was the National Invitation Tournament MVP in 1967 when SIU moved from Division II to Division I and beat Marquette in the NIT finals.

In the NBA, Frazier was All-Rookie First Team in 1968 and All-NBA First Team four times. He was a seven-time NBA All-Star from 1970-76, also voted the 1975 All-Star Game MVP. When Frazier was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1976, he held Knicks franchise records for points (14,617), assists (4,791), field goals attempted (11,669), field goals made (5,736), free throws attempted (4,017), and free throws made (3,145).

While Patrick Ewing eventually broke most of his bests, Frazier’s all-time assists with the Knicks still stands up for the franchise. Walt retired his playing career in Cleveland after the 1980 season. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and his number 10 was retired by the NY Knicks. Frazier is currently an MSG Network color commentator for Knicks games.

Knicks Trivia

NBA championship-winning coach Phil Jackson of the Bulls and Lakers played for the New York Knicks in the 1970s.

In just his ninth game as a New York Knick, Carmelo Anthony scored 31 points in a 110-108 victory against the Grizzlies.

To date, four New York Knicks players (Allan Houston, Marcus Camby, Charlie Ward, and Erick Strickland) have created organizations to help out local NYC children.

The first Knicks logo in 1946 represented “Father Knickerbocker,” a character dribbling a basketball, and was designed by Willard Mullin, a cartoonist at the New York World-Telegram.

In 2011, newly acquired forward Carmelo Anthony sealed the deal on the Knicks’ first winning season in ten years when he scored the game-winning basket and blocked Pacers’ Danny Granger’s shot in the final few seconds.

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