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NBA Finals Betting – Odds, Predictions, and Updates

The whole NBA season is exciting, but nothing beats the Finals of the competition. The last series of the playoff features the Eastern and Western conference champions facing each other in an epic showdown.

Legends are born and greatness is earned in the finale of the best basketball league in the world. The mere mortals can watch, enjoy, and — potentially — bet on the NBA Finals.

If you are interested in that last part, you’ve certainly come to the right place. On this page, we will share all the important updates, betting odds, and predictions about the NBA Finals.

Our experts will be monitoring the series closely and releasing their best picks on a regular basis.

Latest NBA Finals Odds for 2022

Odds will appear here once they are released for the 2022 NBA Finals.

How to Prepare for Betting on the NBA Finals

The NBA regular season features 82 games for each franchise. The teams that reach the playoffs usually play another 6-7 games per round. If an organization wins its conference and earns a place in the NBA Finals, it will have played approximately 100 games in total.

That’s an impressive number, but none of those games will be quite like the deciding series. The pressure and the expectations are simply devastating. If you are going to bet on the NBA Finals, you should be aware of some of the factors that are in play.

Let’s focus on some of the important aspects surrounding the NBA Finals. They will help you understand the context of the series better, which is crucial for your bets.

The Pressure Is Insane

Every single NBA player dreams of reaching the finals and fighting for a ring. There are many superstars from the past that never had that chance. It’s an opportunity to leave a long-lasting legacy and potentially elevate your status to supreme heights.

It’s about success and glory, and everybody wants it. On top of that, the whole world is watching. In a media-driven environment like ours, every mistake is scrutinized relentlessly.

The pressure to perform could hardly be higher. The NBA Finals are the ultimate test of the mental strength of each player.

The Referees Are Strict

You’ll often see traveling violations get a pass in the NBA regular season and sometimes even in the early stages of the playoffs. That’s not the case in the Finals, where the referees are applying the rules strictly.

If a player travels or makes another mistake, it will most likely be called. You will often see replays, and most offenses get punished.

Experience Is Key

Winning an NBA championship elevates many players. The confidence that comes with such a triumph can often make a huge difference in their level of play, especially if the make the Finals again subsequently.

Players that have been there and done it will typically have an advantage over players who have never won a ring. They’re unlikely to feel quite the same levels of crushing pressure that can suffocate players in the highest-profile games.

If a team in the Finals has more winning experience in their side than their opponents, then that will give them an edge. They’re not guaranteed to win, of course, but this is definitely a factor to consider.

Fatigue Kicks In

We already mentioned that any organization that reaches the NBA Finals plays approximately 100 games of basketball. If you add the fact that the encounters in the playoffs are usually harder both mentally and physically, it’s easy to see why some players are tired once the Finals arrive.

Teams with a deeper roster that spread the minutes will have the upper hand. Their stars are usually fresher and play with more energy in crunch times. Be sure to check the depth of the rosters when planning your NBA Finals bets and pay close attention to whether any players may be suffering from fatigue.

Having a Good Coach Is Huge

We all know how important coaching is in the NBA. We’ve seen rosters that are strong on paper but can’t do much on the court and teams that don’t include that much talent but perform well in the league.

In both cases, the most common reason for the difference between expectations and reality is the head coach. An experienced guy at the helm can build a solid system around the pieces he has. On top of that, the best NBA coaches are very good at finding and using any edge possible against any specific team.

In close battles such as the NBA Finals, that last part is especially crucial. A team can gain a real advantage if their coach has studied the finer details of how their opponent plays and devised ways to combat their strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

Everybody and Their Dog Is Betting on the NBA Finals

Most people watching the NBA prefer to place a wager or two on the Finals. Even casual fans that don’t usually bet try their luck. As a result, the series see some insane betting volumes, and the hype is enormous.

You should always try to avoid the influence of various people who don’t know much about NBA betting. Even if someone understands the sport and the league, that doesn’t automatically make them a potential winner from a betting point of view.

A lot of people can’t translate their knowledge of the competition into success with the bookmakers, so try to stay objective when selecting which sources you pull information from.

Sure, talk to other people and carefully explore what various pundits and former players say on TV. It might help you discover an angle you might have missed. What you shouldn’t do is follow the advice of other people blindly. That also applies to our team of writers, by the way.

Stay skeptical and conduct your own research for every NBA game.

NBA Finals Betting Strategy

We highlighted the main aspects of the NBA Finals, so it’s time to dig deeper and share some specific advice on how to prepare for betting on them. The list below features all the things you need to do before the series actually starts.

Analyze the Difference Between the Regular Season and the Playoffs

The NBA regular season provides a solid platform of stats that can highlight the strong and weak sides of every single franchise. You can see how many points are scored on average, who the best players are, and how the defense is.

However, the playoffs are often a different animal. Some teams and players tend to fade when they arrive, while others flourish under pressure. You want to understand if that’s the case, as the same trends usually continue in the NBA Finals.

Compare the performances in the regular season and the playoffs, and you should know what’s going on.

Head-to-Head Scores

The two teams in the NBA Finals are from the West and the East, so they will have played each other twice during the regular season. While this is not enough to draw big conclusions, you should not overlook the two previous meetings.

Check the games carefully and try to find any specific interactions. Did one of the teams find an unexpected advantage? Which team won and why? It’s something small to start with, but you can usually spot useful information.

Check Games Against Similar Opposition

Every NBA franchise is unique, but some of them share similar traits. It would be useful to make a list of teams that have similar weaknesses and strengths to the two sides in the NBA Finals.

For example, if one of them relies on a strong center that often receives the ball in the post, try to find other teams with a similar player. Check out how the other organization in the NBA Finals did against them.

That’s only one simple example, but you should do the same with other aspects of both teams. It will help you understand what the possible scenarios are and stay prepared.

The Star Players

The NBA is a star-driven league. The best players on each team usually contribute disproportionately, and once the NBA Finals arrive, they are the ones who take control.

They handle the ball, shoot in volume, and are expected to lead the rest of the roster to success. It’s a part of the sport and the competition that you can’t simply ignore. Sure, it’s a team game, but almost every NBA champion has had at least one or two star players that clearly carried most of the weight.

You should always analyze the stars and see how good they are. Some might be strong individuals with great stats, but others are natural leaders with an unmatched desire to win. The former shine bright and break records, but the latter make everyone on the team better and win more rings.

Role Players That Might Explode

After checking out the best players, it’s a good idea to pay some attention to the so-called X factor athletes from each roster. Those are usually veterans or youngsters that are rather inconsistent, and you don’t really know what to expect from them.

They might explode in a couple of games in the NBA Finals and push their teams over the line. Or they could fail to help the stars and sink the franchise.

Players like these usually have some impact on how a series plays out. So it’s important to assess these players and try to predict whether that impact will be positive or negative.

NBA Finals Betting Tips

The fundamentals of your preparation for betting on the NBA Finals were covered in the last section. In this one, we will work on other specific tips that you should follow. They all provide an extra edge one way or another, so make sure to read them carefully.

Don’t Bet for the Sake of It

Our first tip is simple, but we feel obliged to start with it. A lot of people bet on the NBA Finals just for the sake of it. They don’t have a clear idea if the wager they placed truly offers long-term value; they just want to be part of the action.

That’s completely fine if you’re betting for fun and don’t really care what happens with the money. If that’s not the case, we recommend that you be patient.

Be honest with yourself and only take bets that make sense.

Bet on the Internet

If you’re still not betting on the NBA online, you are leaving money on the table.

There are a ton of quality bookmakers that are safe and provide multiple benefits. You get higher odds, more betting markets, and plenty of promotions to pick from.

Use More Than One Bookmaker

To take full advantage of the leading NBA betting sites, you should join a couple of them. Each will provide you with additional bonuses and promotions. The sign-up deals alone will provide an excellent boost to your bankroll.

Furthermore, you will be able to shop for the best lines and odds on the market. Even the smallest differences matter to your bottom line, so don’t hesitate to try a couple of NBA bookmakers for the Finals.

Set Aside a Budget

There’s always a possibility that you will lose money by betting on the NBA Finals. Even if you place good wagers, you might get unlucky. Since you want to stay in control of your potential losses, you should be disciplined with your money right from the start.

Decide on a budget that is reasonable for your personal situation and set the money aside. If you lose it, simply stop playing. It’s important to stay within your limits and not lose more than you can afford.

Take Full Advantage of Exclusive NBA Finals Promotions

We mentioned that betting on the NBA online usually opens the door to many promotions like sign-up bonuses, for example. Well, during the Finals of the biggest basketball tournament in the world, you’ll often see some limited-time specials from the bookmakers.

Keep your eyes open and don’t hesitate to take full advantage of any lucrative offer. Of course, don’t bet just because of the promotions. They should be an addition to your main action, not a reason to place a wager.

Team News Is Crucial

It’s close to impossible to miss any important team news surrounding the NBA Finals, but we still feel obliged to mention this one.

One or two missing players could make all the difference in the world to a team’s overall performance in the Finals, so make sure you are aware of any injuries or suspensions.

Beware of Public Bets

Blindly following public bets is one of the main reasons people lose money in the long run. By public bets, we mean ones where almost everybody believes a wager is going to win and it therefore gets backed heavily.

When this happens, there is usually very little betting value to be had. Sometimes the odds collapse due to the amount of people betting, while sometimes there was no value in the first place as the bookmakers were expecting a lot of action.

While the general public might be on the right track on predicting what might happen, remember that the betting prices matter. You should be looking for bets that have a higher probability of winning than the odds suggest. That’s ultimately the only way to make money.

For an event such as the NBA Finals, there is a LOT of betting interest from the general public. The key to success is looking for the value bets that are hopefully missed by the majority.

If you’d like to explore some more information and advice that could be useful when betting on the NBA Finals, we recommend taking a look at the following pages.

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